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Shut the ____ door!

February has arrived and I have never felt more compelled to share some awesome news.   We are basically in month two of a brand spanking new year.  We are at the tip-top of the month and I’m here to encourage you to shut the _______(fill in the blank) door on life’s leeches sucking your mind, time and energy.  Tis the season to shut the front/back door and while you’re at it, shut the FAT door and ALL the other doors open that are draining you dry.

It’s been said that the year 2017 is in alignment with biblical prophecy for rebirth and great change. Entering into this bright bold new year is a  foretold mind-set of inheritance.  A convergence, if you will, of empowerment and promotion.  We as a people and a nation are shifting from a dull negative narrative to a glossy assignment for alignment.  Don’t you just love that!?!?!  Now,  I wish could take credit for these intoxicating righteous words but I can’t.  We can thank Pastor Troy Brewer from Burleson, TX : Open Door Church for this unbridled message which I have basically plagiarized.  

He goes on to say that 2017 is a year of FOCUS.  Apparently 20 is a number representing expectancy and the number 17 signifies overcoming victory.  So see folks, it truly is the year, YOUR year!   It’s the time for fresh beginnings and a NEW plan!  This year you will close the door on all of the past failed plans and offenses.  You will shut the door on the past and move forward.    Read that again and soak that in to your dry bones.

Some of us are down right bitter, angry and offensive.  We are so stuck in the muck of self-pity or pride that we have become paralyzed and unable to make forward progress.  The would have should have anguish is holding many of our plans hostage.  A refocus is in order and this is the year. Twenty seventeen says so!  Let go of crap without strings and attachment.  Shut the door and lock it. It ‘s over.  O.V.E.R!


But how do I do it?

Step 1:

All of the hurtful junk; the failed job, fizzled marriage, parenting blunders, relationship gone bad, unforgiveness, shame, family squabbles, depression or misguided weight loss attempts….gather it all up and bag it up baby!   Take all of the exacerbated pessimistic emotions such as…feeling fat, looking fat, being fat, eating fat, and dressing fat kind of stuff and shove it out the door.   The, “he/she’s to blame for my current situation, marriage, business, debt, or weight gain.”  The words, “I blew it, I’m screwed, I’m a failure,  why did this happen to me?,  I’ll never be FIT, I can’t, I  won’t” kind of talk.    Tie it up and put it on the curb then slam the door shut.  Half of that self loathing crap is just a lie you have been believing.  It’s a deceptive manipulative scheme from the enemy to keep you down in the dumps.  Delete it from you mind and DUMP IT!

Clean slate, fresh start,  swords up!   You are a warrior.  A solider with a swift sword.  Believe that!  2017 is the year for rebirth and revival. It’s the year that the new plan works.  Sure, it ‘s going to be hard and messy but from the mess will be a powerful message.  Did you catch that…a mess into a message!  Isn’t that fantastic?  

If you have struggled with fad diets and discipline this is the year you make total transformation.  You go to work on the mess.  Clean our your frig and pantry.  Make healthy choices at every meal and exercise.  Your new message will be one of hope, inspiration and motivation. You will lose weight and feel great.

If you are recently divorced this is the year you get back in the game…not in the sack, but back in the dating game.  This is the year of new direction and a career change.  New doors will be opened for brand new opportunities beyond your comprehension.    In 2017 you’re stronger and your sword is sharp.  Don’t get pigeon holed into the “do it yourself” diet or job change.  Use every resource available including  massive amounts of prayer and petition.   Angi are you telling me to ask God for a FIT physique or to bless my new business venture?  YOU dang right I’m.

Step 2:

A plan in sync with God’s heart will result in prayers in sync with HIS plan.  ALL of your plans…your dreams…your marriage, your business, parenting styles, your struggles, your retirement, your job, your education, your healthy and your FITness… and SUBMIT it to the authority of God’s will.  This may be tough to hear but…God’s will is not for you to stuff your face with Cheetos night after night surfing the internet buying stuff.  His will is not for you to be over weight and depressed.  God’s plan is NOT for you to be tired loaded down in debt and drained!  

Step 3- self evaluation /discover your GIFT

His purpose!  God has gifted each person on the planet with UNIQUE qualities.  He has a plan and purpose for those special gifts woven into your spirit.  He will fulfill His plan, (to utilize your talent) only when it aligns with HIS purpose. In essence, God will not fully bless your relationship and take it to the next level if you’re shacking up with your boy/girlfriend.  God will not grow your bank account if you are mismanaging your current finances.  He wants you to trust and fully rely on HIM…not on greasy fatty foods.  You want to lose weight, talk to HIm about patience, moderation and dicipline.

If you have the gift of encouragement and you use it to build people up only to turn around and tear them down with gossip behind their back…you’re blocking blessings.  When we rebel against HIS will but then ask him to accomplish HIS will it’s in contradiction. We must repent and align our new plan with the WORD.   Are you gifted with the ability to teach?  Ask God to place you in a stragetic role of instruction.  If you have the gift of gab, ask God to position you in an aspect of sales.  Are you ready to administer the talents you were built to perform.   It’s time to shine!

Step 4:

Ditch the toxic disturbances and be open to wise counsel.  Would you seek marital advice from someone who’s been married and divorced 7 times?  Highly doubtful, right?  Ask God to direct and guide you to the right place and appropriate folks for your new plan.  Like minded advisors who will delight and share in your success.  Surround yourself with people who are also seeking “kingdom character.”  From a boss, business advisor, marital counselor, partner, or physical trainer…visit with people who center their lives around fundamental biblical principles.

I firmly believe that God’s goodness is going to explode on this monumentus year.  He is going to pour out three times more of HIS blessing and strength on you in 2017.  Did you hear me?  That’s three times the will power to push back the OREOs, margarita, cup cake, pizza or chips and salsa. That’s 3 times more discipline to get into a workout routine or new job routine.  That’s three times the power to strategize and secure a new direction.   That’s three times the ability to study and pass the test!  Lastly, thrice the brawn to shut the blankey blank door!

Jesus in the delivery business.  Present your new plan.  Lay it at his feet.  I promise, better yet guarantee, that HE will pave the way.  He will make a way for you to live a healthy lifestyle, endure a career change, balance the budget, herd the kids, move to a new place,  start a new hobby, serve or give blindly.

May 2017 truly be the best year yet.  For you, for me, our kids, our families and friends and for this great nation.

Love, shut the door, pray and use the filters…why not?





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  1. Wow! Just came over to take a peek from Hi Sugarplum! and I am so glad I did! You have no idea how badly I needed to hear these words today! Thank you! Looking forward to exploring your website!

      1. Hi Amanda in South Africa! WOW wee! how cool. thanks so much for stopping by. I’m here all the time to help you out with any FIT tips or exercises! Have a FITastic day!

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