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Tid Bit Tuesday: Alcohol

I have some news!   I’m entering into a semi new season of life and I’m doing it full force, all in and loving it!  As of last Tuesday, I have given up alcohol until Easter.  I’m typically a champagne and wine snob if you must know.

Now some of you are holding your mouth open wide in shock.  You’re secretly asking yourself, “Why, what happened honey?  Did something happen?”  No, nothing happened, I just decided to make a change.

I’m not Catholic and I have never devoted myself to the practice of Lent.  However, after some diligent research, I realized that this age-old biblical tradition is closely related to the Daniel fast.  I’m referring to the book of Daniel in the Bible.  I figured this was a perfect time to settle in reboot, cleanse and purify.

Yes, I was scared!  Fearful that I will fail or that I would be tormented and not supported by my friends and family.  Then, a very strange thing happened, unbeknownst to me, my Mr. Chicken Fry announced that he was giving up alcohol (Coors Light) for Lent.  I smirked followed by a laugh and said “yeah right.”  I thought he was, as usual, casually poking fun at me and just warming up for his usual harassment. Every time I have been in a season of FITness and give up alcohol he berates me with his mouthy jokes.

Last December, you may recall, I quit drinking alcohol “DURING THE WEEK” for 8 months.  Sunday thru Thursday I was alcohol free and I allowed myself wine or champagne on Friday and Saturday only.  It was an awesome experience and something I did as a FITness goal. I called it my LEAN STREAK!   ←click here to read more about it! 

To my dismay, Chicken Fry was not playing around either.  He was dead serious.  I didn’t bog him down with too many qualifying questions but I gotta tell ya, when my husband sets his mind on something he doesn’t back off or quit.   I love that kind of leadership.  It’s contagious and bold.  Who in their right mind isn’t inspired to follow a strong capable leader, especially when it’s your fine husband?!?!   So, for the better part of 8 days now we have been alcohol free!In all honesty, it’s pretty darn easy to stop drinking when you have a like-minded partner.  


I’m bringing perky back.  The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to seize the day and the night kind of mantra.  Alcohol is actually a depressant.  So for me, when I have a nightly glass or two of wine it basically sent me right into a lethargic groggy tail spin.  I would tank and bottom out super fast after wine and a meal.  I didn’t want to do much of anything.  Now, I can actually stay up until 10:30pm  and accomplish mindless tasks that I would have normally put off. We are both way more frisky and who doesn’t like that!?  Even one glass of wine effected how I slept and made it harder to wake up.  The anticipation of a dull  headache is long gone because I’m replacing the dehydrate with a hydrant and holy catoly it’s refreshing!

Drinking is a giant liquid calorie sucker.  Depending on the alcohol, the sugar intake is where the biggest problem lies.   I have since replaced wine with fruit filled water or sparkling water.  I decorate my water or club soda with everything under the sun such as cucumber, mint, oranges, strawberries, lemon and lime.  I even go as far as to pour it into a wine glass just to make me feel fancy.

Giving up alcohol has helped me push harder and challenge myself in the gym.  I have noticed I can lift a little heavier and run a little faster and longer.  I have overall 15 percent more energy.  I feel like a kid!  It’s like I’m back in my twenties!  My muscles are already popping and it’s only been 8 days!

When I don’t drink at night,  I’m less likely to make stupid idiotic slip ups. I’m no longer finding myself standing with the freezer wide up stabbing into the mint chocolate chip gallon of Blue Bell just before bed time. I don’t crave sweets nearly as bad as I did after a glass of wine.  I’m not searching my hiding spots for skittles I have stashed away for Easter.  Plus no glass of wine taste as good as being FIT feels!!!  

I’m hard as a rock.  Bloat be gone is not a hollywood facade or a product on QVC.  It’s a real thing. It takes about 4-7 days depending on your body type and how much you are accustomed to drinking but girl it really works.  When you drink routinely the body holds retains what it can to hydrate and restore the liver enzymes.   You are not even aware that you are carrying around a 3-6 to 8 pound bloat. Sadly the bloat had become my new normal.  Now, after 7 days…it has literally disappeared.  I’m free and flushed of the toxins.  I have been  replacing the wine with what I love most…WATER!   My arms and abs are hard and more defined which only makes me want to put green and lean foods into my body.  

No temptations  up in here.  I have no wine to drink therefore there I have no temptation.  It’s that simple.  Don’t buy it!  Don’t have it in your house.  If you do, keep it out of sight.  You don’t want to be lured into opening a bottle for a cheat sip or glass.    Clean it out!  

Mr. Chicken Fry is drinking sweet tea by the gallon, lemonade, gatorade, tomato juice, Dr. Pepper and milk.  He tried the non alcoholic brew but  he said it tasted nasty.  

I’m saving money!!  Drinking is expensive.  I’m saving some cash!  Girl who can’t use an additional $100 a week or more?  Every bottle of champagne that I drink at home is about $17 dollars.  Two bottles a week and two on the weekends that’s about 4 bottles a week at about $70 not including if I  go out and order a glass of wine or champagne at a restaurant.  I’m looking at $100 a week or MORE easy!  Not drinking is actually so liberating in a sense. Mr. Chicken Fry’s beer is about $20 a case.  If I factor in an additional $40-60 a week to the home tab plus a bar tab we are talking at least $200 a week easy between the two of us!  Did you hear that…about $800 a month.

Now, I can drive myself anywhere anytime without worry. I’m saving money, getting ripped, sleeping better and have more energy.  Makes me wonder why I drink wine in the first place!?!?

Anything new is a hassle before it’s becomes a habit! ~ Angi Abercrombie

I wonder when exactly I gave myself permission to drink on a daily basis.  It’s unbelievable how habitual and easy it is to fall into the drinking cycle.  I talk to myself and say…you have had a hard day, relax and unwind with a glass of wine.  Maybe a celebration is in order because I had a great day and deserve a glass to celebrate.  Funny how it works both ways.

Now I give myself permission to relax and be present.  I’m not afraid anymore.  I’m day 8 and feeling GREAT!  I got milk, I got God and Mr. Chicken Fry.  

Love, self control and stick with the goal!   



Synopsis on LENT. Christians are encouraged to “fast” from an area, food, guiltless pleasure, attached habit or hobby.  Christians choose an object, food or a pleasurable hobby, and replace or give it up for 44 days in lieu of time spent with God.  Many christians fast from a particular food and others choose a hobby such as tv watching, surfing the internet, social media, cigarettes, or alcohol.This is a commitment between you and God.  The premise of Lent and or faith-based fasting is as one detox or becomes uncomfortable  without their “thing” they pray.  During this process God is sustaining you and growing you deeper in faith and closer to HIM.  It’s a beautiful intimate time.



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