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Alcohol part 2 (BUZZED)

Good day friends.  Wow, I just gotta say that I had a shocking overwhelming response to my candid post about giving up alcohol until Easter. I had friends and strangers coming out of the wood work reaching out via email, text and private messaging. This feedback  was a ginormous surprise and blessed with me with a natural buzz! Still high and reeling from the out pouring of affection, I felt compelled to dive a little deeper into the topic.  I want to be totally transparent and share some MORE of my secrets to successful long and or short-term sobriety. Trust me, I’m no expert Earnie!

I would love to take full credit but the truth is, I follow some spectacular well versed bloggers that I consider to be my virtual cheerleaders. Two in particular ladies make me laugh and feel normal.  They both have comprehensive understanding  which champions their unique coaching styles. Suffice it to say, both of these women have been extremely instrumental in my discerning view and roller coaster relationship with alcohol WINE & CHAMPAGNE!

While on my journey a while back, I found Belle.  A blunt blogger who was everything but unpretended. → TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT DRINKING Belle was saying things that just made sense.  She has this sort of dark sharp narrative and angry theme which is basically “F— YOU Wolfie” which translates to silence the dark voice inside your head whispering and pushing you to pour a drink.  I personally don’t care for some of her unnecessary foul language but I get her drift.  What I wish she would say is “screw you satan, God’s running my show.”   That would be more like it.  Belle has a gazillion  semifamous audio clips that are beyond persuasive and thought-provoking. Her brash tactics are defiant but reflective in meaning.  She has a convincing way with words that really fire you up and inspire clear as BELLE thinking!

Through Belle, my friend and accountability partner at the time, stumbled upon Rebecca Weller.  Rebecca is an Aussie and founder of SEXY SOBRIETY and author of the book, “The Happiest Hour.”  She is a gleeful writer punching empowerment and positive affirmations.  She is all kinds of bright and cheerful.  Rebecca’s softer approach is dainty and full of sweet rewards, aka, dessert!  She offers a 100 day sober challenge that is backed by a self soothing mantra.  A 100 day step by step guide to keep you loving on yourself during each phase of the eye-opening journey to living sober.

I had a very strong and guttural reaction to both of their unique approaches to quit drinking.  One of my favorite take aways was so simple.  When all else fails,  go to sleep. Go to bed.  Girlfriend, I love to sleep, NIGHT NIGHT FELICIA!


I know that I may lose some of you here but I must give merit to another, no pun intended,  HUGE influencer which is President Donald J Trump.  For those of you who don’t know, President Trump has NEVER had a drink of alcohol in his entire life.  This the kind of bold powerful leadership that catches wind and spreads like a wild fire.  It’s strong and contagious. I often wonder if this is how at age 70 years old he is wildly energetic and successful?  I’m pretty positive that all of his offspring have followed in his footsteps and never took up social drinking.  Is this why they are all so beautiful?

While I don’t classify myself as anything more than a social drinker who has occasionally been over served, (lol) I wouldn’t say I have a “problem” with alcohol.  I did however, somewhere along the way, wind up a weekly wind down wine-O.  (I’m of course using this term loosely)  I’m your average working mom and wife who started about 10 years ago pouring a glass of wine while preparing dinner.  This might have strayed into a second glass during the meal and later progressed into maybe one more while cleaning up the kitchen.  Which is why last December I decided to give up drinking during the week. I was wanting more from my body.  I wanted a more chiseled look and I wondered what would happen if I stopped drinking during the week.  I have never identified myself as a binge drinker who goes out on raging benders or alcohol induced weekends or week nights that wreck my ability to work or perform my work or parental duties.


I highly recommend doubling up on this journey. Give your best sales pitch and invite a close friend or family member to join you. Put on your pretty please face.  Bat your sweet little eye lashes if you have too. If that doesn’t work say this…”lose weight & save money.” These key phrases usually resonate with the gal pals or a budget conscious spouse.

The accountability partner factor is a huge component to success.  Mr. Chicken Fry is my wing man or so I thought.  Are you kidding me…look what he brought home last night.  I had a small taste and a swig of skim milk, I Drink From The Jug and hit the hay! Nothing wrong with a little sugar buzz!

img_7866Be choosy with your partner selection.  Pick someone who is stable, honest and won’t cheat.  Someone who will dig deep and go the extra mile with you.  Perhaps someone you see on a regular basis.  Someone in your mom friend group or co-worker.  Some you see and socialize with on the weekends.  Someone who you can count on to sip club soda with you at the party.  This is the person who will make eye contact with across the room when Mr. Tipsy gets a little too brash and loud.  Someone who will gladly leave the bar or party when it’s time to go.  Someone who will join you for “happy hour” and  gorge on a big fat cookie cake desert because by gosh you didn’t drink!  This person will be your confidant and help you count down the days.

Engaging in various activities such as bathing the dog or wrapping presents.  Driving the later shift of a sports or church carpool which I hated to do if I had been home and had a single glass of wine.  I’m a stickler when it comes to drinking and driving. I have a new buzz…the love BUZZ!  I now spend time massaging my teenagers tired muscles or braiding her hair.  I spend more quality time with my man!  I don’t have to explain what kind of BUZZ that is!!! YEAH BABY!  I enjoy time on my foam roller while watching the news or catching up on my shows. I do yoga and stretch.  I can easily get strung out on cleaning and or decluttering a drawer.  Taking a hot lush bubble bath and or simply going to bed!



We all make justifications for our drinking habits.  We just do.  It’s human nature.  Check out this post I wrote last year called DAY DRINKING!   ⇐ ⇐

For instance, I have never been one to drink until the party starts.  So many friends would always have a glass of wine while getting dolled up and ready to go out on a Friday or Saturday night.  I know myself way to well so I was never a victim to this particular circumstance.  Two things would be happening here for me.  One, I would either be super sleepy and ready to leave the party way too early for Mr. Chicken Fry. Or, I would come out of the starting gates way to fast which leads to sloppy sluring Angi!  Not a pretty picture.

However, really embarrassing to admit, I had advanced and become the girl who poured a roadie (hello illegal) to sip on the way to an evening out with Mr. Chicken Fry. I rationalized that a small glass of bubbles would loosen me up just a touch.  Make it easier to put on my social butterfly hat, which as a borderline introvert, is sometimes a project mainly in big unfamiliar groups (not at all with close friends).  I would surely follow this up with a glass or two at dinner. This would often lead to a dull headache the next morning that could have so easily been prevented.

If you find yourself at a similar cross-road, now is the perfect time to stop because we are about to SPRING forward.  The days will be longer which is better for you to get out and be active.  Work in the yard, walk the dog, play with the kids, walk the neighborhood, go to the park, or dare to swim and workout.

Although alcohol wasn’t hindering my business, relationships or day-to-day functions it sort of was.  Hello I’m a FITness trainer. I should mimic the epitome of health and wellness right?  My muscles were saturated with unnecessary sugar.  And for love of Pete, I wake up at the crack of dawn. I need to be spot on clear and focused when my first client walks in at 5:45am.  I work 6 days a week and I’m always super sluggish on Saturday and I feel certain it was the champagne effect!   I certainly don’t advertising my drinking habits but I also don’t lie.  I preach to my clients about the slippery slope of nightly/weekly drinking.  My meal plan is highly suggestive of cutting out alcohol especially if weight loss is the ultimate goal.  Alcohol slows down the metabolism and racks up unwanted calories that convert to sugar!  

 It doesn’t matter how or when your love affair or habitual drinking began what matters is learning how to find that natural buzz in the mean time.  


Will I drink again?  I don’t know….possibly…maybe…  I can’t say for sure.  The fear of rejection is gone.  I know I can have fun in any situation sober or drinking a glass of wine.  What I don’t want is to creep back into a ritual habit of drinking every night.  I’m finished with that!  Because after all it does add up and I work way to hard in the gym to screw it up.  I’m on a lean streak now!  

What I do know is today is day 10 and I feel courageous and free.  Clear as a bell and FIT as a fiddle.  I’m in a new normal state and I feel better than tony the tiger grRReat!

Love, stay dry and live a healthy high!






2 thoughts on “Alcohol part 2 (BUZZED)”

  1. Oh, Angi.. what a wonderful time to quit drinking! This may end ALCOHOLIC ANOMYMOUS FOREVER! And forever banish the worries I have of Presley ever drinking!
    Most of your friends have kids who are at the impressionable age & “watch” everything their Parents do & in a nutshell mimic their parents & aspire to be just like them!
    We had about 20 or 25 couples we ran around with from 20 years old .. there are only 2 of us left… the man left is blind, has all kinds of medical problems… I tried drinking “socially”
    Because during the 70’s most ieople thought you had to do that to “get business” the only thing I could drink was vodka & fruit juice
    Because I detested the taste.. Father God just didn’t think it was necessary for me to drink.
    Besides, 2 drinks of anything wrap me up!
    It all tastes like medicine to me- praise God!
    I have one beautiful friend who is 50 something, attends AA every night .. sometimes, she calls me crying saying” I don’t want to drink but my body wants it.. is craving a drink!!!
    All I can add is I was the only one who is still
    Healthy I hope… I quit smoking 30 years ago
    Or I would have something awful..
    just think, you have the God Giving Gift to be an INSPIRATION TO MILLIOMS… your book should be begun as soon as possible.. your generation is not exempt from escaping from the trials that could await all of you.. I’m so sorry that smoked in front if my kids, God forgive me!! I haven’t re read this.. I’m sending it as is… love you, my Darling❤
    only one who didn’t drink in those 24 friends

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