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Side Lines

Where are all of my “side line warriors?”

Where are all of the moms and dads, parents, grand parent, aunts, uncles or undying fans of an active child or teen?  I’m preaching to the coaches and friends of friends on the side lines.

If you spend countless hours, weekends and week nights cheering or coaching from the side lines this post is for you.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing more miserable than attending a sporting event in the outdoor elements and being ill prepared.  The Texas temps can be brutal and often misleading. More times than not, mother nature has forced me from the field to spectate in the car because I didn’t approrpriately dress for the occasion.

Not this season.

I’m gearing up for a side line season of lacrosee.  You would think after nine years of cheering for the Teen Queen I would have a no frills system down pat.  Unfortuntely I have not figured it out.   However, this year is going to be a different story.  I’m putting a polar bear fool proof plan in place.

In the past, the probem I’ve experienced is misgauging what appears to be a sunny day without factoring in the wind chill.  Also not having enough forethought about the timing of sunset and nose diving tempreatures.  Lastly, every lacrossee field is different.  Some fields are protected from the flipant wind but most are not!  Some fields have side line access and others requrie high bleacher windy seating.  Not to mention, Texas weather is a crap shoot.  March and April can be warm or uber chilly.

Year after year I have missed stellar plays because I wussed out from the fridgid cold. Believe me, I have tried…I have worn a full length mink coat to the games and still been bone chilling cold. It’s not that I even care what I look like, I just can’t get it right. I wear ear muffs for the love of goodness!

My new strategy is quite simple…I’m PACKING A BIG O BAG and plan to keep it in my car for game days/ nights.  I’m thinking a small rolling suit case type of deal.  The contents of the bag will serve as EXTRA as in additional protection against the elements and will not include the clothes already on my body. (which will be plenty)

So what this duffel bag is old? So what if it’s bright pink and not “team theme” spirit wear color approved? It’s bright, roomy and has her name embroidered on the side. This sweet bag needs some time out of the closer! It hasn’t seen the light of day since slumber parties were the thing!

Contents include


Warm /wool socks

UGGS (a common must have)

Blankets – to cover up or sit on (bleachers are hard and cold)

Heavy puffy jacket

Coat (a long coat)

 Sweat shirt

A fleece pull over half zip



I love the gloves from COST CO!  $14  touch screen gloves!

I have this pair as my back up and they are a little thicker than the ones above and are only $16.99  

Hand warmers/toe warmer


This will surely keep me toasty.  Plus maybe this little fool proof polar bear plan will also come in handy for a player who might need an extra layer or two. Just call me mother of the year.    HUH!

Now, if you’re you’re soccer mom and dad days are just getting started do your due diligence and gear up now!  There is a strong chance your side line gig is going to take a while (like years) so trust me…it’s the arctic out there.  Even Mr. Chicken Fry has been known to make runs to the car to heat up.  Get your game face on and pack a bag!  Plan ahead and layer up!  

Love, plan and go fight WIN! 



PS I’m such a “BRING IT ALL” mentality packer.  Why they heck have I not thought of this before?   I would have been a terrible stage mom!

PSS wishing everyone a warm, healthy, safe Spring season of sports and side line  grand standing!







Hand warmers

Sweat shirt


Half zip pull over


Puffy coat


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