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The FITting Room: 6 Under $60

Abercrombie and FITness is all about the deal. Who doesn’t like a good quality product with out sticker shock??

Today, I’m sharing six of my favorite FITastic products that don’t break the budget. These are all excellent bargains and have a long classic shelf life!  So for all of your online shoppers, you have hit the mother load.  You are one click away from six spectacular steals!

FEETURES socks. The absolute best socks on planet earth. There is none before you. Blister free protection or your money back. Can you even believe it?  FEETURES socks offer a lifetime warranty.  Hello…I told you they are amazing.  Do you know of another sock that is so bad to the bone it comes with a life time warranty?!?!  The fabric is FITastic.  Just hurry up and buy a pair already.

Pressabottle  Hands down the bomb diggity of water bottles.  Not only does it look pretty but it truly breaks up the monotony of chugging bland blah water all the day long.  Infusing with Pressabottle is so much more creative and tasty.  Have it your way…berries, grapefruit, orange, lemon, citrus…the possibilities are endless and straight up delish.  I’m talking hydrate heaven.  Take it to the gym, school, car, games, yoga, airplane, office or the bedroom.  Use promo code: ABERCROMBIEFIT for 10% off!




Nashville Lash and eye lash serum boost.  I wrote a blog post about it Wink Wink ←click here for more info.  I was too afraid, cheap to invest in false eye lashes.  For one I’m terrified of losing what I do have and can’t afford to go down that path.  So I tried Nashville Lash and it WORKS!!  It’s $59 and worth every penny.  Eye lashes for DAZE with this stuff. It’s natural and 3 weeks in you will start reaping the rewards of thicker fuller lashes!

Foaming Exfoliating Cleanser $40.00 and my face counts on this everyday.  If you like a good facial scrub, Remeverse exfoliating cleanser is the jam.  My mom and dad use it.  My hubby shaves with it because it foams and creates a nice lather.  My teenager washes with it to prevent acne.  It’s a family friendly cleanser and best of all no harsh chemicals! It’s a toner, cleanser and exfoliater in one.  Gotta love a three-for!

VINYASA SCARF Lululemon makes one fab scarf. It’s called the Vinyasa and I rave about it often. I love it because it can be worn like 14 different ways. The price point is on the mark at $48 especially considering all of the possibilities.  Do you grin and bear it through cold office meetings or restaurants?  Not any more, the Vinyasa is like a soft blanket.  This special coveted piece  is a travelers must have item.  It’s swanky, stylish and comes in an assortment of colors and materials.  I have a few for winter and a lighter version for Summer. I keep this baby in my purse or tie it around my bag and I never leave home with out!

Want to know what’s better than book club?  Group training workout sessions!!!!   Get your sweat on with a bunch of other like minded ladies in an encouraging friendly environment.  Abercrombie and FITness offers group training classes daily. Morning and afternoon.   Each session is unique.  Custom private training workouts in a group format.  Transform you body and mind for under $44 a week!  Want to get lose weight and get lean but live to far away to get to me?  NO problem.  Technology saves the day.  I also offer a virtual training program for less than $40 a week!!!!  FITogether has numerous success stories.  Transform your health and your body.  Click ⇑⇑⇑ FITogether and get started on your 6 week slim down.

I hope you have enjoyed the 6 under $60.

Love, laugh and lose the  FAT!  

Angi xo


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