Bringing Sweaty Back

The thrilla with Gorilla

My Mr. Chicken Fry wasn’t the the handiest man on the block when we first met.

I don’t mean to imply that he was completely helpless.  It’s just that most things around the house were outside of his rhelm of fixing. Sometimes our fixer upper needed are more than his tinker toy tool cup can manage.

While he has certainly matured in the “Do it Yourself” honey do area, he’s still not the guy for fixing an electrical or plumbing or appliance problem.  Mr. Chicken Fry is more of a call a guy kind of guy.  He’s a find a guy kind of man.  He’s got guys for everything. That’s what he’s best at and I accept it!

When I get tired of waiting on “his guys,” I lace up my boots and put on some gloves and have at it myself. Thank you daddy, uncle Jack and uncle Rex for your fine example of DIY brawn before it was cool!  (these are my crazy uncles who have and will tear down and rebuild anything from an engine to a dishwasher)

Ladies, if you find yourself in a “need a guy” sort of predicament I have the answer. Assuming it’s not as major as an engine or busted pipe,  I have a remedy.   It’s called GORILLA GLUE!

I would actually marry gorilla glue if it asked. I have a high and tight love love relationship with this end all fix all be all problem solver.  In the Abercrombie household Gorilla glue is right under Jesus.

At this very moment I have bathroom fixtures, flip-flops and lamps being held together with Gorilla Glue! I just used it on an appliance yesterday which prompted this post.

The day before that I used it as nail glue because my ring  finger nail started to split and break off.  Girls, I got out the Gorilla Glue and glued it back together like a boss! Look you can’t even tell.

Gorilla Glue is ultra strong, durable and does the job that no other can do! It acts almost like a bonding agent.  It’s a must have for any housewives home tool kit!

For that matter, if you are a married man or a single women you are required to have a hammer, a small set of screw drivers, duct tape and Gorilla Glue. With these few basic items we can save the day like a modern super hero!

The other day our dishwashing machine handle broke away! It was impossible to open and close without this latch piece attached. I didn’t bat an eye! I went to my handy dandy tool drawer in the kitchen and Gorilla glued that baby right on! Worked like a charm.

How to use Gorilla Glue

  • A little dab will do ya. A little goes a long way. Less is more. Gorilla glue expands as it dries and can leave a white puffy residue so use sparingly.
  • Use before receiving a manicure!  If you happen to get a little on your finger or your nails you will carry it with you for a week.  It’s either this or clip a piece of your skin off.
  •  It’s all fun and games until someone mistakes the Gorilla Glue for eye drops! Keep the Gorilla Glue dropper tucked away in a tool drawer and far out of the reach of children. Do not put this on the bathroom counter or in a drawer with toiletries or beauty supplies. This would be very very bad!

This towel holder is being held to the wall with none other than Gorilla Glue! As is the handle to my bathroom sink faucet. It broke off a while back and while I was busy gluing…I added a few squirts to the handle and bam, good as new!  I literally walk through the house with my Gorilla glue dropper like it’s a miracle drug!

I can assure you it will fix broken Christmas decorations, toys, china or whatever may need a little TLC around your house!

It’s the BEST!  My love is ultra big for the Gorilla Glue!

What needs fixing at your house?

Get to your local hardware store or grocery store and stock up on Gorilla glue! If you’re an online shopper buy it here via AMAZON!~!  Santa can’t fix all the broken toys but Gorilla Glue can.

Make a quick sweet through your house. Find all the things that you set aside and never get around to fixing. Do it!  Go bananas with it.  Glue it! It doesn’t take a ton of time and you will feel so productive.

Love, glue…it even works on shoes!


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