Bringing Sweaty Back

Money matters

Recently, one of Mr. Chicken Fry’s buddies dropped a folded crisp $100 dollar bill in our front yard/ drive way area. The blueish green Ben Franklin was dropped on an old school handshake exchange but neither of the guys realized that the money NEVER made hand to hand contact.

In any case, the next afternoon, I was perplexed when I noticed Chicken Fry strolling in and around our driveway.  He explained what had happened and naturally, I snapped into gear and VOLUNTEERED to help find the missing bill. (finders keepers right) How hard could it be?  He and I, in the Texas heat of the day, made numerous sweeps to locate the missing hundough!  We discussed the drop and the weight of the bill.  We contemplated the waft if in fact it had fallen below the vehicle.  We talked trajectory and water weight from dew and sprinklers.  The two of us went north, south, east, west and high and low combing the yard for that bless- ed BEN FRANKLIN.

We never did find the money but we did find a few lost treasures and trash.  What I gleaned from the money mission was the value in perspective. 

Perspective is everything.

 It helps to come at something from a different vantage point.  The simple act of peering straight down at the ground wasn’t good enough.  It was going to take multiple efforts in crouching and tilting the head, lowering the sunglasses, and getting on the ground.  I even flexed a fresh $100 to toss out and test the landing to see how the color of the bill compared to the color of the ground cover. We took turns looking in different light and finally we asked a third party to look around and weigh in on the missing money.  Would you believe that we took to our exterior home security cameras and watched the hand off?  YEAH WE DID!  It’s amazing what you wll do when money is on the line.

What we hadn’t thought about was all of the opportunity for tampering of the scene. We were so focused on the ground that we had failed to remember other key factors that could have been involved. Such as, who was the last person to leave our house that night?  We hadn’t factored in the teen queen and her friends who came in late from Friday night football. Our perspectives needed to change when we came to our senses and realized the possibilities of mishap.  What we ultimately concluded is that some lucky early morning dog walker must have been ultra happy and the blessed benfactor!    Good for them!

I got to thinking…”what if the pursuit of health and Fitness was as sought after as lost money.  Wouldn’t that be something!?!

Picture everyone lined up for their yearly colonoscopy and physicals!  Ladies working their well women’s visits and mamograms like a boss!  Everyone is hustling for optimal hormone therapy  and life coaching!   We would all eat like it meant something.  What if we all decided to take care of our humans bodies as if… well as if it were lost money?

Money matters so why doesn’t your health matter more???  

We can only make money if we stay healthy enought to work for or earn it right? 

What if you treated your mind and body like missing money?  What do you really want or need from a health and FITness perspective?  Do you want to lose real  weight and keep it off?  Do you want a better overall picture of health?  Do you  desire to be strong and show it off?   Or are you looking for more spiritual and emotional well being?

Does any of my rhetoric make you want to take better care of your body?

How do you see yourself today?  How do you want to see yourself in 6 months or even in a year?

Based on the answers above…you approach health and FITness from what you want out of it not what can it do for you.  If you want total transformation you have to be willing to go the distance.  This is with anything in life!

You have to commit to the full picture.  Just like the money mission you have to check all angles and work it till it becomes second nature.

Buy the clothes, hire a trainer, join a class, invest in a program , hire a therapist,  practice mediation, eat a cleaner diet.  The key point is DO IT!   Check your surroundings.  See that candy in your top drawer?  Toss it.  The hidden ice-cream in the freezer needs to go.  Clean it out and stock up on all the healthy foods.  See and imagine the victory.  See the baggie clothes and the smaller waist that is to come.  See the happier you on the other side of practicing healthy boundaries.

Invision the walks and jogs you will take and all of the water you will guzzle in the process.

As I mentioned in my GOOD GRIEF post, I’m in the midst of a grievous time.  People are kind to reach out and offer support but at the end of the day…I have to deal with it myself.

Your personal health and FITness is up to you.  You have the ability to come at yourself from the inside out to the outside in!  Fix what you don’t like!  It’s that simple.  Chase it like I chased the lost bill.

The next time you find yourself missing money or ready to tackle something new….ask yourself a few questions.  What is the healthiest way, not the quick fix, way to staying on track? Weigh all of the options like what is the best time to schedule a workout or counseling session?  What has or has not worked in the past?  Are you a one one one or loner when it comes to FITness or do you like group classes?   Do you need to dial the diet back or is the gym enough?  Does cardio need to play an active role to get rid of the jelly belly?  Do you need to engage in forgiveness?

Could you use another source to help get you across the goal line?  Are you going to need dietary supplements?  Do you need to schedule a physical or consult with a doctor?

It would be a great misconception to think that true health and FITness happens over night.  Even emotional mental health comes with practice.  But I promise if you work the plan go through the motions, you will feel better…you will lose weight and keep it off.    Perspective.

Will being healthier make all of your problems go away?  No but it might help alleviate stress and anxiety. Come a little closer and listen.  Now what do you see?

You’re health matters!

Look at me… I practice great discipline and patience when it comes to health and FITness.  I get my yearly exams, I take eat healthy and I exercise on a daily basis.  I listen to my body and practice patience when I don’t feel great.


People will see what they want to see!

What do you want to see? What do you want to find?  What do you want your teenagers to see and or your grandchildren to see?

Go after your good health or weight loss or mental health like you would a missing $100. Treat yourself like crisp cash and stop waisting time!  Invest in your health! You’re worth every penny!

Love, perspective and look good naked!



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