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Today it’s wheels up!

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Another Abercrombie adventure with my main squeeze Mr. Chicken Fry.

We are off to sunny San Diego, California for what I deem a once in a life time opportunity.

Now, please know upfront that I’m a red blooded patirotic nerd so when Mr. Chicken Fry told me that we had been invited to a change of command ceremony on board an aircraft carrior in Coronado, I was foaming at the mouth.

Who gets invited to this kind of stuff?  UHHH My husband does!  Live long enough, make a boat load of friends and don’t burn bridges and you too might get this awesome CIVILLIAN invitation!

Navy investigates sailor who didn't salute national anthem ...

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Mr. Chicken Fry is a living breathing testement to friend-ship.  He is as famous of a human as I ever want to know on a real life basis.  This man blew seven degrees of Kevin Bacon away years ago.

In any case, Chicken Fry has a fraternity brother, Sigma Chi from Texas Tech, who is a retiring US Navy Admiral from the 3rd pacific fleet.  (gosh I hope I said this right)  This amazing gentleman has graciously included us in this incredible ceremony and reception and I’m physched out of my mind!

Will Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer be there too?  lol

I can’t wait to share my experience with you.  Included and coming soon will be where we will be staying, HINT click here… and I promise to share all of the phtotos.

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In honor of the great red white and blue, I have a blue sweater dress picked out for this special occasion and I pre-pinned my 14k gold American Flag pendant on it just before I left.


Unfortunately, my shoes will not be on “Milania Trump” point. I have been “Navy wife warned” about all of the walking and tour of the carrier!  I”m so utterly gateful for the girl to girl intel but also sad…lol  Apparently there are multiple ladders, steep stairs, skinny grated walk ways and who knows what else.  All that being said, my dainty nude Steve Madden stilettos will  not survive nor be making the trip.   I have a good o fashioned girl dilema on my hands.

Girls, do I… pack flat sandals, pack them in my purse/clutch and go for the glory in a pair of nude wedges?  Or do I go against everything in my God given gut and go flats all the way potentially ruining my entire outfit and look?  URGHH!  It’s so hard being a girl!  Girl world problems right!?!?!  

I mean for real…these men and women in the US Navy are protecting all of us and I’m worried about shoes.  Seems ridiculus I know!  I’m fully aware of my ridiculous ignorance.  Blame it on my Texas raising.

Also included in this firework Navy spectacular is a pre-party Thursday evening and a post party Friday night following the ceremony and reception.  Y’all, I plan to squeeze as much “liberty and justice for all” in to every singl solitary moment and celebration.

That being said…I’m totally prepared to be a weeping blubbering to beat the band “All American” idiot upon the second I hear or see anything flag waiving and fantastic.  Cue up the water proof mascara!  If there is music with a patriotic beat I will lose it.  If I see a sailor or a Navy Seal I might accidentally jump ship just to be rescued?!?!  Please just assume that I will have no makeup left to speak of regardless of the circumstances!  I can’t help it.  Fountains of tears rush down my face just thinking of our great NATION and all of those who serve and protect!  It’s awesome!

In any case, I will be posting on my insta stories so follow along at

Also take a look back at my All American Workout Edition!  

Or wait around next week for all of my highlights and precous moments.

Love, slay and thank God for the USA!










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