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Brusha Brusha Brusha: a tooth tell all

Until about three years ago I was in the dark on athletic socks. I was not aware that all  socks were created equal.  That was of course before I was randomly introduced to FEETURES socks which changed my daily life..

One area I generally experienced confidence has been my big bright wide white smile.  I got big teeth and I cannot lie, Mr. Chicken Fry can’t deny.  I have piano key straight teeth if I do say so myself. So sue me!

I brush a lot.  I wash my teeth on an all too frequent basis.

I’m what my dentist would call, an over brusher.  I brush the second I wake up, after my morning coffee fix and every meal in between.  I’m a freak about my teeth.

Which is why until about 15 weeks ago I was in the dark. I was unaware that I was caught in the yellow zone of left over residue.  I didn’t realize that not all brands of toothpaste are created equal.  In fact, I sort of thought of myself as a big spender when it came to toothpaste.  I always sprung for the most expensive brand like AquaFresh or Crest whitening.  I was totally buying into the advertising on the box which promise all the things that a girl could want.  Fresh breath, whiter teeth and don’t forget helps prevent gum disease aka, gingivitis whatever that is. lol

BUT THEN…I was introduced to AP24.  A new toothpaste that surpasses them all.  It’s got an active ingredient that rocks the socks off of any other brand on the market.


FUN FACT: When I was a little girl about 6 or 7 years old I whacked my two front teeth in half.  MY TWO FRONT TEETH!  A minor swimming pool crash that left me jacked up looking all hagalena magalena snaggle tooth.  For the better part of 25 years I had bonding/filler to transform my catty whompus smile.  Occasionally the bonding would require repair for chips but as I got older the trips to the dentist were more and more frequent.  With age, maturity comes discoloration which meant I was treating the bonding more often.  My dentist suggested veneers.  At age 35 I opted for four veneers to compliment my two front teeth.  My four front teeth are bullet proof stain resistant veneers.  I often feel that my canines yellow and it’s hard to keep them matched to the front four.  Therefore I’m constantly brushing and whitening and zooming to keep the bright white smile in tact.  


This was my teeth before AP24.

But this is me after using AP24 for over 12 weeks.

Big different right?!?!  All of my teeth match and are clean as a whistle.

Look at this little ray of sunshine.  This is Maddie Olson the lovely girl who introduced me to AP24.

Maddie is a college student attending Texas University.  She also happens to sell AP25.  Her bright glam smile caught my eye and I forced her to divulge the secret.  I had to have a bottle immediately.  Please note that Maddie is the beneficiary of any sales made from this post.  I’m not making or taking a dime.  Every purchase of this paste will go straight into Maddie’s  pocket.  Don’t you want a smile like this?

I’m just spreading the good shiney news in case you too want to get on the minty flavored whitening action.


Here is the direct link to this stain erasing whitening fluoride toothpaste. It’s $20 a tube but folks it will not let you down. It will do its job and get rid of the left over grime.

This stuff will remove red wine, coffee, soy or any other stain that has caused your teeth to look dingy and tarnished.  Like me you may not even know your teeth are discolored.  This special stuff also has fluoride to build healthy teeth and gums.

My teen queen who currently has clear braces noticed a change within 5 days. It’s that powerful but safe. We can’t wait to watch it work it’s magic once the braces come off. Mr. Chicken Fry is addicted to it.  He doesn’t boast about many beauty products but this by far is his favorite.

What are you waiting for?  Click any of the AP24 links and order a tube.  Use it sparingly, a little goes a long way!   You’re welcome.

Admit it, a bright smile builds confidence.  A pretty grin can make people more relatable.  Go ahead and get that gorgeous healthy glamorous smile.  After all, we are living in the social media tech age of camera phones.  Every where we look people are snapping pictures, blogging, vlogging, video conferencing, or face timing.  Instagram, facebook, snapchat are full of pictures by the minute so get glowing and get your sparkling smile back.

Expose your pearly chops to AP24 and get the bright white smile of your dreams.

Love, brush and buy this stuff

Angi Xo


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