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If Only

If only…

These two words are tee ninny in a grammatical sense but ginormous in their tragic implication. “If ONLY” is indicative of things that could have been different.

Girls and boys, “if only” is a dark ugly smelly corner in a cold lonely place.  It’s not a healthy spot or mindset for anyone and we all know,  “nobody puts baby in the corner!”

The “if only” way of thinking causes you to sit isolated with your thoughts and mope in a depressive state.  It makes you in a bad mood because it’s gross, grey and bleak. For instance, if only you had not chosen fast food for the last 2 years then much of your weight gain could have potentially been avoided. The 20 plus some odd pounds of weight gain would not have piled on and you would be in those skinny jeans, but you aren’t… If only.

If you had spent less time scrolling through social media on your lazy bum and more time off the couch moving it, you might be able to comfortably button your shirt, but now you need a larger size.  If only.

I will stop and end with these examples.

Listen honey everyone has regret.  It’s apart of living as a human in a fallen culture.  Deep inside you know that if you had just been a little more diligent or faithful to the diet and exercise your clothes would fit.  You would feel more energized and playful and not sluggish and weighted down to the earth like a magnet.

I get it, you have a rebellious streak.  Join the club, who doesn’t?  The problem is a bad streak can lead to much bigger futile decisions and pant size despite your good intentions. You listened to the FITness guru.  You thought about getting on the treadmill.  Instead, you went back to the corner and rummaging through the pantry for Oreos and scouring the fridge for ice-cream. You poured that third glass of wine knowing full well you would regret it the next morning.  You ordered the queso!  You hid the halloween candy but before you knew it you had eaten the whole bag.  You inhaled the bread and cheese tray.

It stops today and I demand it.  Now you can!  FITness is not as demanding as you might imagine.  It’s discipline and work but what isn’t?  Today you will choose to get out of the corner and live in the  active “now I can!” 

Now, today, you will make a healthy choice.  Now you will go out and power walk or do some form of cardio.  Now you will lay on the floor and do three sets of full sit ups and push ups.  Now you will finally lose weight.  Now you will prepare a balanced healthy meal.  Now you will avoied the fast food drive thru line and make a turkey sandwhich.  Now you will choose grilled chicken and steamed vegtables.  Now you can look forward to TruHealth and shopping for new clothes.  Now you can expect to drop inches.

Now you can and you will!

There may be lost bloated years but that is in the past. Look forward to a lean physically fit and healthy future. It’s time 2016 is coming to a close.  Don’t wait another second.  Drop the old mind-set, toss the Doritos in the trash, dump the candy bowl on your desk in the trash and drop down and give me 10 push ups!  I’m serious.

The mind is a powerful tool.  Leave all of your old junk in the cold sharp corner.  You’re a precious bright baby doll.  It’s time to dance and shine.  Now you can.

Tell me, what are you going to leaving in the corner?  What is your NOW I CAN?  Tell me…I want to hear from you!  I’m dying to hear from somebody!

Love, peace and cut out the grease!  




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