Bringing Sweaty Back, Tid Bit Tuesday

Tid Bit Tuesday: Fireworks


Did you welcome the new year with a bang?  Were you cozied up on the couch in hibernation mode or doing up a big festive party with tons of glitz and glam?

I’m going to admit that I must have been on a heavy dose of sinus medication when I volunteered agreed to host a “low-key” party that included a rowdy bunch of teenagers. One teenager is one too many! lol  Surly I earned a some special spot in the New Year’s Eve hall of fame or at the very least some sort of mom badge??

If I wasn’t in such extraordinary physical shape, I couldn’t have pulled it off.  The prep, the party and the clean up was a booger.  Teenagers are freakishly messy and moody but I love their bones so I tolerate the torture.

Look at these faces…the filthy home wreckers!  lol  I have no regrets except for the 4am bed time.    Wow-wee!

I really thought I had it made and well thought out.  I planned for days but when game time rolls around, nothing can totally prepare you for the combo of confetti, soda and teenagers!   Baby girl had the game room decorated and looking all kinds of cute! We draped and taped till she was smiling and satisfied.

We had a photo booth complete with props and costumes, pac man, donkey cong, frogger, galaga, left right center, party poppers, streamers, sparklers, campfire and smores.  What more could these young monsters want?  Hide and go seek in the dark….but of course, why didn’t I think of that?!?!  Ahh to be youthful again.

Don’t think for a second this was all about the kids.  I had a special adult beverage bubbly area set up for me and my friends!


Have you ever wondered why sparklers are so fun to play with?  In my opinion, it’s because  the hot bursts of fire only last for a short time. The goal is to have as much fun as possible wiggling the sticks around, writing your name, running crazy, making circles with the sparkler until it burns out!  Basically make the most out of the sparkler!   Slay the sparkler!

From this day forward, try to think of your workout, cardio session or physical activity like the sparkler.  The workout is not going to last forever and you’re not going to die.  You begin and fire up.  Yes, you may burst into a sweat, breathe heavy and pant but in the end you’ve burned FAT and calories baby!   The next day you light another fuse and sparkle your way through it.  Think of your sweat as a glistening reminder sparks that you’re fired up. Most people think of sparklers as harmless but there are dangers because in the wrong context they can cause fire and should be used with caution.  Workouts while harmless can also do some damage.  Be careful and exercise precaution when beginning a workout regimen.  

Now, unlike a campfire, fireworks are short big bursts that light up the sky then quickly burn out.  Check out a former post called Blaze of Glory!  When it comes to your diet…you want your body to be operating like a roaring campfire not an explosive roman candle.  Think of a firework stand like a buffet of fad diets and cheesy supplements.  They encice you with the bold colors, promise of substantial quick weight loss and fancy packaging but the end result is almost always wasteful burn out!

In order to maintain weight loss it’s imperative to kick start the metabolism and keep it revved up by feeding your body all day every day.  The old school three meals a day or starving way of thinking leads to failure and burn out.  The body operates like a camp fire and a hungry body is a healthy body.  Keep stacking logs, feeding good healthy FOOD into the body so the fire metabolism stays a blaze!   It’s the very same concept.

Start the year off right.  Stack and position yourself for success.  Clean out the fire pit and get ride of all of the old smelly ash and sut. This of course would be the Dorito’s, Oreo’s, Blue Bell and left over holiday candy and chips.  Load up your fire pit/pantry with whole grains brown rice, nuts and earthy snacks.  Stock the fridge and freezer with lean meats and fresh fruits and veggies.  Set your metabolism in motion and watch it melt the fat away!   A hungry body is a healthy body…feeding your body is fuel for the metabolism to heat up and burn baby burn.

Well wishes my friends!

Love, kiss often, light it up and don’t give up!



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