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Tid Bit Tuesday: Calorie Crusher (workout & video)

For the first year I can ever remember, Mr. Chicken Fry and I spent Super Bowl Sunday at a local restaurant and sports bar close to home.   Basically no one wanted to step up to the plate (including myself) and host our rowdy bunch on a school night. Why in the world  isn’t the game on a Saturday?  Thankfully it was a gorgeous day in North Texas so we opted for a patio in old town.  We were joined by a motley crew of close friends and a ton of our teenagers!

The up side to dining out was not having the traditional temptation to graze from the party platter buffet.  There was no special cup cakes smothered in rich icing or cookies to smell.  No bowls of chips or candy to bait and switch me into a tail spin.

What a game and wasn’t that half time performance sensational?  WOW!  Watching the athletes and Lady Gaga perform was invigorating.  I can’t help but think about all of the hours logged working up to the one big moment.  The amount of work that goes into playing the game and or the musical performance is just astounding.  The labor and rehearsal.  The behind the scenes sore muscles and scuffed up turf burns.  The workouts and brawn week after week do pay off.

Folks, FITness isn’t a one time thing.  It’s a non stop practice.  Do you think mid-season Tom Brady says to his coach, “I’m good, I don’t need to run any more plays or lift weights…I got this!”  Negative nelly!  Tom and all of his team mates are in full-blown training mode all the way through the process.  He’s eating like a champion, working out like a champion, studying like a champion, and practicing like a champion.

When you make up your mind to lose weight and get FIT you enter into a process of working out and eating clean.   You might set your sights on a number or a size but once you reach the goal you don’t abandon the process.

Because I believe in you and I desire your success, I put together a FITastic torch it Tuesday.  This workout will crush calories and sculpt nice lean shoulders and melt the mid-section.  It will also tighten up the legs and fire up the heart rate.If you are a beginner, take it slow and work through three rounds.  It’s perfetly acceptable to take small breaks in between each set.  If you are intermediate to advanced, blow through this 6-8 times and use heavier weights with high reps. (20 or more)

Click the links below for the step by step workout video. The pink link is a video workout from my gym.   The orange link shows the same, slightly modified workout from home.  Orange you glad I offer two versions?

⇒tone up – calorie crusher: GYM VERSION ⇐


→tone up -calorie crusher: HOME VERSION←

Crunch press

Foot up on ball  –  push back into a deep lunge

Up right rows rise up onto the tip toes

Deadlift back lunge with a shoulder raise

Kick your butt, high knees or up and down jog on a stair or bench 30 seconds to 2 minutes

****Don’t forget to drink tons of water.  Flush out the toxins and rehydrate your body.  Quench the mucles.  Water is refreshing and will help fight hunger and bloating.

This is your year of transformaiton and renewal.  The year you take back your health and body.  The year you drill down on your nutrition and become friends with the kitchen.  These are the days of living lean to shimmy into your skinny jeans!  

I’m here to help.  Need a modificaiton for one of these exercises?  Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to provide a speedy response.

Love, lift and get FIT.




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