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Out of Place

I can’t be the only person who slightly gags and utterly grosses out at the mere thought of a hair brush laying on top of the kitchen counter. Anybody else feeling my vibe on this one?  How about a pair of tennis shoes or sweaty stinky socks lying on the dining table or counter top?  Do any either of these scenarios make your cringe?  NAH -ASTY!

HEllo, it’s because they are out-of-place!!  These items don’t belong there!   A hairbrush, in my world, has no place around or near the kitchen area.  In my mind there is like a 10 to 12 foot unspoken, invisible radiant barrier that surrounds the kitchen /dining/ food area from certain toiletry items.  This force field is to never to be penetrated by a brush, comb, hair tie, rubber band, head band, hair spray, deodorant or anything that might contaminate the food area.  Also on the no clearance list is any pair of dirty shoes.  Shoes NEVER belong on a place where you actually eat or prepare food.  Shoes and hair brushes have a proper home. They share an area with similar articles in a like-minded space.  THE END!

I do have a one tiny area of leniency.  I do believe that it’s perfectly fine to brush your teeth while roaming around the house multi tasking.  If the need arises to spit and rinse in the kitchen sink, the radiant barrier alarm will not sound.  The toothbrush has a high level clearance and is allowed into various rooms of the home.

The point is…some things just don’t belong.  Have you ever felt out of place?  I know I have.

It seems to me that a big majority of people feel totally out-of-place when it comes to FITness. I can see how it might happen.  The industry is saturated with big box gym advertisements, Orange Theories, Barre classes, zumba, kick boxing and PIYO and HIIT.  You may not even know what any of means or stands for!  You don’t know the difference between a dietary supplement and an energy drink.  What in the hale is KALE?  You have lots of questions…like what in the tarnation is QUINOA and are you allowed to swallow a chia seed?  You don’t know a good fat from baby fat.  You feel like the odd man out but you have a desire to get FIT.  You feel lost, like a hairbrush in a drawer full of kitchen utensils.  

Certain gym environments can freak out the best of us. The big box gyms are massive which can impede an A.D.D. (attention deficient disorder) type of reaction. Your mind is overloaded on the buffet of options and you bail before you begin because it’s over whelming.  After all, what are all of those machines, dumbbells, rows and rows of cardio equipment?

Maybe you know what to do but the gym environment is super swanky and hoity toity.  You feel like the new girl on campus at a big fraternity party.  Everyone is on their own  little world doing their own thing.  They are plugged in with their ear buds or Dr. Dre Beats lifting and glaring in the mirror at their muscular reflection.  It seems more like a popularity contest than a FITness center.  Maybe everyone is dressed a certain way drinking the newest coolest green drink of the week and all you have is a water bottle and a sweat band.

The group training classes such as Pure Bar, Zumba or OT make you feel even more out-of-place.  They throw you in and say…just try it out.  You feel out of sync and 5 steps behind on every movement.  The last time I tried an aerobics class I felt like baby in dirty dancing.  I was so off beat and clumsy.  Just when I finally nailed one 8 count the instructor was moving on to the next exercise.  This can surly leads to frustration and a dipped cone at your local Dairy Queen or McDonald’s.

Where do I FIT in!  

Self awareness.  Be true to yourself.  You know who you are and what you can and can’t tolerate.  If you don’t like hair brushes in the kitchen don’t bring it out of the bathroom.  Stay where you are most comfortable.  If you are a one on one type of girl, hire a trainer for a short time.  A small investment with a trainer is money well spent.  A trainer teaches proper form and can provide instructions on the right weight amount to lift and give guidance on nutrition.

This does not mean you won’t sometimes feel vulnerable.  Any time you enter into a new season or position there is a learning curve.  

Are you more of a people person?  By all means mix and mingle and watch it jiggle.  If you love to dance and pick up on dance steps quickly then Zumba or Jazzercise might be your thing.  If you have a lot of pent-up stress and anger, kick boxing will be your counter punch.  If you lack motivation for cardio, group cardio classes like Orange Theory might be a better place for you.  Honoring who you are will less likely lead to burn out later down the road.

Knowing your limitations plays a big role.  If you know you hate shoes on the table, have a basket or shelf just for the shoes.  If you have limited mobility such as back trouble, neck  pain or bad knees you must own it.  Knowing your body in a physical sense is major important so you don’t over use or injure.   You are limited and can’t do heavy impact exercises therefore light strength training might suit you best.  If you are not looking to lose weight, Yoga or Pilates might be more your speed.


HIIT – High intensity interval training – usually circuit training involving weight training and cardio vascular work.

PIYO – Pilates and yoga

PLYOMECTRICS – using your own body weight as you perform exercises.

ANTI-GRAVITY – Suspension training using silk hammocks and yoga postures

SUPPLEMENTS – vitamins or drinks to supplement an area where your body is lacking.

MEAL REPLACEMENT – a protein shake or a protein bar in lieu of an actual plate of food or hot meal.

ENERGY DRINK – typically canned drinks or powders that contain high amounts of stimulants such as caffeine and chromatin picolanate.

LEAN PROTEINS – eggs, turkey, chicken, fish, beans, pork, steak

GOOD FATS – nuts, avocado, salmon, potatoes,

BAD  FATS – bacon, gravy, pizza, fried foods, cheese,

EARTH FOODS – foods grown or harvested from the earth such as potatoes, fruits, vegetables, also including chickens, pork, nuts, dairy, citrus, kale, quinoa.

PROCESSED FOODS – foods that are not in their original or organic state.  fast food, non deli meats, chips,

ORGANIC – coming from a pure and natural state .  Grown without chemical stimulates  or growth hormones.


You can trust someone who is living the FIT and healthy life day in and day out.   Like me!  Someone who doesn’t seem to fluctuate in their lifestyle choices.  Someone who doesn’t derail, deviate or sway off the course.  NOT all industry professionals are doing it “healthy or right.”  Ask questions…find out the pricinples of a trainer or nutritionists.  My motto is a healthy body is a hungry body…and NOT eating leads to over eating.  



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Be leery of people always pushing the new trendy supplement and fast results.  Watch trainers and or instructors…be sure they are paying attention to their cleints and not on their phones.  You want someone to keep your form in check for the best results.  Be sure not to fall prey to hidden membership fees.

You are looking for guidance from someone who has a consistent FIT life style and balanced life.  Someone who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Lastly, FITness will always take in any and all outsiders. FITness is family and it’s just a matter of finding where you FIT in.  Find your place and your like-minded people.  If you are a knife, look for the other knifes.  If you are a pot or pan…look for the pot drawer.  If you are a comb, find the hairbrush people.  Don’t give up!  Never give up!

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Love,  live and be FIT


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