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Vacation Hicup

Health is huge!  If you are a moderately healthy human being who feels good 95% of the time you are winning big!   Who knew I could be taking my fortunate health for granted?

Y’all, I don’t get sick!  I mean sure, I get the occasional tummy ache from a foreign food or a sinus headache from Texas allergies but for the most part I’m a healthy individual. I cannot even remember the last time I contracted a virus or ran a fever!  But unfortunately, my streak…my good fortune came to a screeching hault while on vacation no less!  🙄
Some how some way we (me and my travel cronies) became violently ill!  Out of no where came sharp nausea coupled with all the things you can imagine and worse. One by one we were dropping like flies!  Each of us quorantined to a different room! This was the full regalia, fever chills, nausea, cramping and many frequent trips to the bathroom.  All of our FUN had suddenly taken a steep turn downward. Fortunately Donna and Carter were about 8 hours behind Mark and me. Somehow this had taken a tight grip on us!  Thankfully Chicken Fry was able to signal a care flight helicopter, I mean make an emergency run to the store for Advil, popcycles, water, and 7-up and Gatorade!

Holy moly somebody help us!  The next morning was ruthless!  What’s even worse was the two teen queens had scheduled surf lessons!  I felt and looked like a living hell!  I don’t know how I managed but I got up, put shorts on, got the girls up and drove them to Rat Beach for PV Surf lessons. I swear I could barley walk. My tummy was rolling like the waves on the beach. I sat under the tent like an old woman. I ached all over. Oh how I wished I could jog, exercise or do something besides sit!  You know it’s bad when I literally couldn’t move. The struggle was super real.

When I arrived back at the house, everyone else was up and looked like zombies from an apocolypse!  We could barley speak but when we did we rated our illness status. I was a hard 3!  Donna was a sure 8, Mark was a 5 and Mr. Chicken Fry was a solid 8!  None of us could phathom food and everything smelled of spoiled fish. We tried putting bathing suits on and laying in the cool morning sun. This super virus had come at a very unopportune time and we needed to snap out of it soon. I recalled there was a Subway nearby and took one for the team!  I left yet again in a motorized vehicle to retrieve bowls of chicken noodle soup!  It had been 24 hours since any of us had eaten food!  

Our first meal was ginormous. Unfortunately it wasn’t a cure. This type of monster had to run its course. Oh boy bob!  Since we were up all night in severe pain we all took a long hard nap!  The eerie sick feeling would not go away. No matter what we did the hits just kept coming!  When we finally came together from separated naps, we reevaluated our numbers.  Poor Donna had gone down down from an 8 to a 3!  I was up to a hard 4.5. Mr. Chicken Fry and Mark were doing swell standing at a hard 8.5!  It seemed we had a little momentum so let’s make the most of it and attempt a trip to Hermosa Beach?!?   The one good thing was at least we had each other. In a weird sort of way it was nice to be going through such a traumatic battle with fellow wounded warriors!

My heavens this was torture. I could not imagine having to get on an airplane. No way Jose. Before I even brought it up, Chicken Fry was on it!  He had American Airlines on the line and bought us an additional day!  What a man!  What a sigh of relief!

We made our way to the Hermosa Pier and mosied into Henessey’s Tavern for French fries!  Potatoes will surly make us feel better.  French fries usually seem to make people feel better?!? At that point we would do anything A.N.Y. thing to feel better. Maybe the fresh coastal air would make some sort of dent!  Thank the Lord the teen queens were spared from the virus. Was it the fish?  Was it a cruel virus?  It’s a mystery but a real life nightmare for us four!

Donna and I made it about five feet into the sand and called the squat!  It was all we could muster!  Our bones ached!  We still had the chills!  We were in such a bad way we couldn’t walk out to the water.  🤢😷

This bully had stormed in and taken two days of our vacation.  This virus took two days of beach workouts from me!  It even took two bottles of champagne the boys had bought us!  You know it’s bad when a girl can’t have a cocktail on vacation!

Listen guys and dolls…I realize that this is not a motivational post but it’s a post to say that when on vaca push through!  Add a day!  48 hours is a life changer and dont don’t take your health for granted!!!!!!    When you feel good enjoy it!  Viva vacation!

Here’s to a better day!  🌈 We took to the streets today!  What’s better than RODEO Drive baby! 

Love, LIFT and try not to get sick !!!

Angi xo ❤️❤️❤️

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