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Good Friday morning friends!  I’m happy to report that I’m home from California and feeling soo much better.  Thank you all for your kind texts and messages.  It was a brutal 52 hours.  Me and Mr. Chicken Fry hit the ground in Dallas, Texas dropped our bags and the teen queen walked straight back out for  TEX-MEX!  Tex mex makes everthing better.

So get this…Getting FIT, losing weight, trimming and leaning out, is NOT about TRYING HARDER.  It’s about SMARTER!  Trying something else, something different!  Isn’t this logical?  When something doesn’t work you try a different approach.  It’s smart!  It makes sense!

If you have tried to lose weight and quit, listen up.  If you have lost weight but failed to keep it off, stick around.  If going to a gym makes you want to poke your eye balls out, keep reading.  If you think “working out” in general just isn’t your thing there is a smarter solution…you just have to find it.  

But whatever you do, don’t QUIT!  Quitting is for losers and losers are not your crowd.  

Let’s get one thing clear, I’m NOT suggesting you hit up every fad diet and attend the hottest boutique FITness classes in search of perfection.  I’m merely saying that you have OPTIONS!  The reason you continue to relapse is one of two things.

You quit before the hassle became a habit.

You didn’t see immediate results.

There is a theory that people are either book smart or street smart!  Neither one of these scenarios is a bad deal.  What’s bad is choosing to do nothing about your health.

Starving is stupid!  It doesn’t work!


If your workout regimen is non-existent then your diet MUST be impeccable.  I firmly (no pun intended) believe that anyone can their way to a tight core.  The something smarter is this…once the diet is in check it’s only inevitable that exercise will follow.  It’s comparable to socks before tennis shoes.  You might try the sock and sandal look but in the end you know it just doesn’t feel or look right.

Is this making sense?

Something smart would be to drill down on your diet.  Get ALL UP in the protein.  Start packing in the grilled chicken, turkey, tuna and pork like it’s going out of style.  Protein is filling and when mixed with fresh vegetables, and brown rice you will be unstoppable.  You body will react. Smart right!

The metabolism is a built in fat burning machine!  Smart is putting it to work.  Just like a fire, the metabolism can be lit up like a blaze of glory with steady frequent healthy food.
Eventually you will notice your jeans aren’t quite as tight and your t-shirts aren’t as snug.  Soon, you will be eager to get on the field and into the game.  Don’t go back to the gym if you hate it.. Don’t invest money to the fad fancy barre class or hot yoga if you dreaded the whole scene.  Do something smart…try something different.  Make up a new trick play.

Kick up your cardio kiddo. Try the treadmill or elliptical. Chances are you have one collecting clothes in your bedroom!  Hit the streets for a power walk.

Change your music.  Refresh your playlist.

Coerce a friend to walk with you every morning or evening.

Join a group training class.

Watch your favorite Netflix show while your on the treadmill.

Hire a virtual trainer!  I happen to know a GREAT one!  (Hint hint)

Do something smart!

You’re beyond capable!  

Second scenario, maybe you have the whole exercising thing down pat but you suck on the nutrition side.   You must learn how to quiet silence the persuasive, negative voice in your head.  Trust me I know this not easy to do.  In a world full of candy isles, store shelves stocked full of processed foods, and fast food drive thru windows, airport terminals with fatty burgers…it’s tempting!  But you know better!  Youve been down that rocky relapse road!  Talk back!  Tell that voice that says “it’s ok, you’re on a massive time crunch. Just whip in and order a greasy jack in the box taco.”  Tell that voice its dumb and unintelligent!  

So what, when are you never not in a hurry?  Just because you are in hurry doesn’t give you permission to treat your body badly!  

Do something different. Whip in to a Salata,  Zoe’s Kitchen, Jason’s Deli or grocery store salad bar! Load up on protein and vegetables and skip the dressing!  An alternative method is make your lunch the night before!  

Make every Sunday, Monday or Thursday, I don’t care pick a day, your meal prep day.  Go to the store…this takes an hour max. Meal prep for one 1 hour max.  Investing this time is a smart way to shut up the voice.   Doubt Eat like a healthy workout warrior all week long.   Meal prep also makes for quick healthy snacking!  

Do another something to help you push past the plateau.  Find another tool to use.  Look in your handy dandy tool belt and see what else might work.   You’ve been hammering away but maybe it’s time to incorporate the power drill.

Maybe you have had a FITastic lean summer.  For three months you have maintained a workout regimen, followed decently clean diet and exhausted the cardio equipment. But now, it’s hot and the Pino Grigo is cool and going down smooth.  The wheels are wobbly and coming undone.  You’re up 3 to 5 pounds.  How do you pick it back up?

You do! You take action!

You get out another tool and work smart.  You join a gym with air conditioning.  You get up earlier to get in your cardio because you know that you will not do it after work.  You get your booty to the grocery store and stock up on fresh produce and lean meats.  You MEAL PREP!

Why because this is smart and smart is how you roll!

No more relapse smarty pants!  Make this the Fall that the weight actually falls off and stays off!  No more teeter totter tales. Maintain the weight loss by doing it the smart way!!

Okay smarty get ready to party!  Check out my virtual training program. Real results!  It’s totally doable and I speak from personal experience. No matter where you are on the globe you can get FIT!  Just because you can’t physically get to me doesn’t NOT mean you can’t get lean!  My program is consistent!  It’s smart!

The summer sale price ends August 15th. Don’t delay!  Think about it then click it and stick with it!

Love, eat and beat the heat!

Love, lift…catch my drift!

Angi 💋





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