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Whistle while you workout! 

Why not?

Some people can whistle like a hot tea kettle. It’s a genetic predisposition built in to their pucker!  I have watched people manipulate their fingers and lips only to blow a loud whistle that left me half def in one ear!  It’s fascinating. My daddy is a whistler. In fact from a young age my daddy had me trained to listen for his special custom whistle. I could be in a store or crowded parking lot and hear his infamous whoo hoo whistle, a high to low pitch sound, and know that my daddy was nearby.

Personally, I can’t whistle well!  For the love of me I can’t figure out how to put two fingers on my tongue, blow and make a masterful sound. I’m more of a light baby bird type of whistler…I barley make a sound but I try!

I do get an A for effort because I practice!  That’s the whole POINT!  I don’t have a boisterous whistle mastered but I can at least make a sound.

So this is where I draw the parallel you are waiting so patiently for!  Working out is exactly the same way!  It’s a constant work in progress!  Each time I step foot into the gym I treat it like a rehearsal/ practice! Each new client who comes in for a training session is there to practice exercise.  Just like a broadway musical we rehearse. We work all the muscle groups slowly perfecting the shape!  We clinch our butt cheeks at the top of a squat and eventually we reap tight toned derrière. We build upon keeping the belly button drawn tight into the spine to build a strong core!  We repetitively maneuver quick 1 min interval cardio blasts to fire up the metabolism and burn calories.

This workout video contains five exercises in a series!  PRACTICE, polish, and sharpen the butt, chest and shoulders!  It’s gonna hurt the next day!  Your legs will be sore and your shoulders might feel bruised but tight!  Push through!  The results are beautiful sculpted shoulders and toned legs!  Do it, do it again, over and over!

Starting with a squat and circular shoulder move!

Start with 12 reps 6 each way.

Bar squat presses do 8-10 reps.

Push ups 20

Weighted ab crunches 20 reps followed by dumbbell chest flys.

When the whistle won’t blow?!?

Not all days are perfect. Often food, environment or a combo of things can get the best of you. Medicine and travel can do a doozie on the intestines. Here is a natural remedy to combat bad belly syndrome.  Did you know that a table spoon of baking soda, fresh squeezed lime juice 🍋and water is calming and helpful for a sour stomach? 🤢It aids in balancing the alkaline in the intestine. It can rid nausea, gas and bloating.  Try this next time you feel yucky.  Rock and roll working the  foam roller and expel the gas right out!  🤔😬😳.

Here’s to whistling and lifting!  Here’s to making a dedicated effort to practice whistling and exercise everyday!  Why not?
Love, lift and be FIT!



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