Bringing Sweaty Back

In your dreams

One morning last week I woke up mad.  Y’all, I was seriously angry, like hotter than a match mad, AT MY HUSBAND! (aka Mr. Chicken Fry)

I had a dream.  In this dream, things between us weren’t going so well.  I was very upset.

In actuality, I was in our bed in what I call the lullabye dreamy, REM, deep deep, slobbering, state of sleep.

From what I remember, Mr. Chicken Fry was unwilling to work on our marriage and he was leaving.  I was ultra irritated and upset at his bad behavior. We were fussing.  At some point in the dream, Chicken Fry was trying to calm me down by rubbing and patting my leg.

First off Mr. Chicken Fry never tries to console me in a real world spousal disagreement.  When we argue, we go to the extra prize-fighter toe to toe, fan the flames fight and wind up hitting below the belt.  There is no mature communication reinforced with a kind touch in our wedded world.

Then, from the dream sequence, I yanked his hand and threw if off of me in a violent aggravated dramatic fashion…only at that second, I some how came out of  dreamy “la la land” and realized I was actually in the confines of our bed snuggled up next to him.   WAIT WHAT?!?!

Okay…my sleepy brain is processing that the martial fight I just experienced was NOT in any way shape or form actually real.  Chicken Fry isn’t really having an affair and leaving me for a stripper.  Thank you Lord Jesus!  Check mark, high-five to that!

Wait a second, is Mr. Chicken Fry actually really rubbing my leg right now?  Am I still dreaming?

Wait…there it is again, he’s actually strumming his hand up and down my thigh RIGHT NOW!  URGHHH!

Dear Lord help us all.   It could have been 2am or 6am..all I know is that it FELT dark and I had been fully ASLEEP!!!!  I grabbed his hand and just like in my dream, shoved it away.  No words exchanged.

As I regained unwelcomed consciousness, a wave of heat came over me.  I was forced to peel the covers back a bit and hang a leg out.  I was disgruntled from the bad dream. Only to discover that the real nightmare was Chicken Fry purposely rubbing me, leading to massive distraction of blissful shut-eye!  He knows better!  I have trained him better than this.  Unless he is physically holding his decapitated head in his hand…he is NEVER to disrupt my sleep!

Sleep, in my book is more valuable than water, protein or exercise!  I place a high value on the time from which I physically get into bed until the time the devil makes a sound notifying me I have to get out of the soft sanctuary.


Sleep is an invaluable commodity that I deeply cherish and Mr. Chicken Fry is without question aware of my obsession!   For over 23 years now, he has been warned to NEVER disturb a sleeping Angi, unless it’s a state of the union emergency.  Our own daughter has been warned and I respectfully give everyone else the same courtesy.

Back to the story!

I was double outraged and what I thought to be true. Never fully opening my eyes…I laid very still in the bed, breathing deep to drift back into sleep.  I told myself not to harbor the growing resentment toward the maniac man beside me.  What only seemed like a few minutes later, was the alarming sound of my phone  like a siren, alerting me it was time to get up! URGH!!!  aslkdjf;oaiera;ekjrajk!!!! sdkjfa;dsjfaidsyfaekjhrlqk!!

I popped out of the sak in a terrific tantrum and a chip on my shoulder.  I was still mad from the bickering from the dream and now I’m mad my last few moments of rest were  disrupted!

This whole episode made me wonder…and think…how often do you wake up mad at your spouse from a dream?

It took me a while to shake it off.  I had to remind myself that he really wasn’t cheating on me and leaving me.  Although waking me was just as bad!

Do you ever have dreams that are so real and vivid that you wake up mad and it stays with you a while?  Or you really have to ask yourself if it was a dream or did it actually happen?

WEIRD huh!

One of my clients offered up a precious dream story.   If, in the morning she wakes from sleep and snuggles her husband tight, he knows!  He will gently cuddle her back and whisper… “so you cheated on me again last night?”  LMBO!

That’s so funny!


That made me laugh out loud.  Because dreams do have a way of getting into our head and making our moods swing!

Some times I wake up and thank the good Lord that it was just a stupid dream!  I don’t usually read much into my dreams unless I ‘m in deep prayer about a particular subject or person.  Then I might try to engage a bit more and interpret some partial meaning.

Which lead me on a dream quest!

I looked this all up and Lucid Dream Society has a very through set of idea behind our dreams! Click here ∇ to check them out!  They have over 100 dreams interpreted.


Marriage symbolizes the strong connection between two opposites.

The message from this dream suggests that you are trying to marry two pretty different aspects of your life.

This dream is drawing is alerting you to balance the promises that you made to others.

It can be easy to feel out of balance due to the fact that is hard to maintain all the responsibilities that you have.

To make the most of this dream don’t forget to think about your needs and goals.


In a dream, your legs symbolize your fundamental way of pushing yourself forward in your life.

If you feel that your legs are stuck, there is something or someone blocking your improvement, a wider situation is holding you back somehow.

With one step at a time, start setting some of your ideas into action, rather than guessing how things could be.

To make the most of this dream, you need to stop over thinking and do more actual work to get yourself moving further.


Being involved in a mad fight means that you regularly face your emotions of frustration and dissatisfaction in your daily life.

If you find it challenging to speak up your real problems, try to switch to a calmer approach.

Without angry yelling, try to claim your requirements until you feel that your needs are not being neglected anymore.


I think we all have some sequence of recurring dreams.  Most often I dream about my teeth breaking and falling out!

I also have dreams that I’m late to cheer practice or a football game and I’m wearing the wrong uniform or I have no bloomers on.  Yikes.  I sometimes have dreams about being in my high school algebra class and I fully realize I have not been to class in weeks/maybe months and I don’t know how to take the quiz.


I get stuck trying to get somewhere…or trying to hep someone…my feet melt into the ground and I can’t move.

I have dreams of flying and falling.  Sometimes I land and sometimes I crash and mysteriously walk away unscathed and keep going.

Who knows…maybe if you live long enough we have ALL the dreams.

In any case…I’m thankful all is well in our household.

I hope you have a dreamy Monday!


Love, dream and be a queen!


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