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The FITting Room: swimsuit edition


This is the year of the swimsuit!  No matter what style you prefer the odds are it is in style or back in style.  The looks range from 1940 pin-up girls to bo ho 70’s hipsters.  You can cover it all up in a high-rise bottom or show it off in a skimpy little nothing….you can truly have it your way.  Tankini, one piece, two piece or more…it’s time to shine.

Today’s post comes to you from the confines of my home FITting room.  I have some  swimsuit shopping tips and sizzling hot summer finds from Amazon. Shocker right??

Who buys swimsuits from AMAZON?

I was skeptical too at first because I’m very funny and particular about my bathing suits. I consider myself to be somewhat of a bathing suit connoisseur.  As an avid outdoorsy gal I spend alot of time in a swimsuit at the lake, in our pool, vacation, beach, hot tub etc.  I very much appreciate soft quality stretchy fabric that does its job.

What I look for in a swim suit first and foremost is that it covers all of the parts and that there will be zero chance of a mishap!

When we women put on bathing suits not only do we want to feel comfortable…we also want to feel COMFORTABLE!  There is nothing worse than a swim top that slips down or straps that dig into the neck or a bra top that pinches the back fat!  We women don’t like it when a swimsuit cuts off our circulation so comfortable is a quest!

But…before I get to the good stuff let’s talk swimsuit shopping tips 101.

Know your style and body type! If you know you need to cover or enhance a specific area don’t try on a suit that isn’t going to help!  if you have a large chest most likely, a bandeau top is not for you.  If you like to hide tummy stretch marks, a one piece or tankini is more your style.  Solid colors usually help stream line the body and cinch in the waist.

Go Alone!  Swimsuit shopping, in my opinion, is a DIY day.  I don’t like to feel pressured on time or to show off or be asked a lot of questions because I think we females usually know what we like and what we will wear and what we won’t!

Shop on an empty stomach!  Swim suit shopping should be done before lunch.  I think in a woman’s psyche this helps us not feel bad about what we just ate and maybe you feel just a tad lighter.

FITTING room. Try to pick a large enough fitting room where you can spread out and examine yourself in the mirror. Keep in mind that lighting in most dressings rooms isn’t always the most flattering…which is flabbergasting to me!  Downlighting and shawdows can throw a women’s mental state off balance for weeks.  It’s not you it ‘s the bad lighting!

Remember…bathing suits generally expand in the water so its better to fit a little snug rather than sag because it’s too big!  A semi tight fit should give a little after contact with water.

The following swimsuits are soft, comfortable and amazingly affordable.


This red number was unique and out of my standard wheel house. I was afraid of the bandeau style but it ties in the back for a good snug feeling. The ties are soft which is great and the bottoms don’t feel extra snug and tight.


This ring detail brings a little extra to the suit but not something over the top. The top and bottoms are fully lined.   img_8266.jpg

Sorry about the sports bra lines!  I was in a hurry!

Next up NAUTICAL STRIPES!  Also purchased from Amazon.

I’m not usually a big fan of bold wide stripes but this suit looked nautical and sporty.
I so see this suit for the active mom who’s frequently at the pool or local water parks.  A mom who’s got no time to bother with slippage or accidents and young toddlers or kids pulling and tugging in the wrong spots.  This suit is fully lined with removable pads. The fabric was decently soft but not super giving.

The top fit exactly like a sports bra. So I felt right at home!




I have not worn a once piece bathing suit in 23 years. But since they are making such a comeback I ordered this one and it fit like a glove! Literally felt like I was wearing a comfy leotard. Purchased from AMAZON!

So the reason my hand is behind my back is because I had a problem with one strap.  I could not for the life of my fasten this on my own!  OOPS


This suit with the key hole accent and the strappy back didn’t tug or push in.  It was uber   flattering and fit comfortable. I love the shape it gives my no hip frame a nice silhouette figure! It’s a one piece with a hint of pizazz.

Another once piece I loved is HERE! 

Ok all of those suits were less than $15 a piece.  What a steal!



From Saks off 5th, this swimsuit fits like butter! The softness is superb. This style of bra top is usually nor my style.  I typically wear a halter triangle style because I need something around the neck to tie and hoist the twins up.  However, this fit like a regular bra and held me in well.


I love the little bit of white in this suit that makes it pop!

Here is the link to a swimsuit close to it by Tory Burch!

Also by VIX at Everything But Water.  


This Target suit was about $40.  Isn’t it so cute?


This is so fun and colorful. I love the stitching, vibrant colors and texture. I’m not a big fan of tie side bottoms but with this suit it seemed to work and was the only option in my size!  lol .

This fabric doesn’t have a ton of wiggle room. It not as forgiving as the others.


Solid bra top high rise bikini 

Sexy Womens Bandage Bikini Set,Kanhan 2019 Waist Swimwear Beach Swimsuit Monokini Pink

Crochet cover ups in a variety of styles and colors

Another cool tip for cover ups is to wear an over sized light weight Summer sweater.  Something that covers just below the bum and is slightly see throught and breathable.

Some more pricey brands and options from NORDSTROMS.

Becca Tankini (love these colors and this design is so flattering and figure enhancing!

Next week I’ll be doing a try on session from Suit Yourself on the Go and Old Navy so tuned!

Are there any styles you want to see more of ?  Does price or quality matter more to you?

Leave me your feed back in the comments section below!


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Love, lift and be FIT!



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