Bringing Sweaty Back

Wednesday Rewind – wine – wind down

Sweater weather in Texas is a fickle beast.  There are months of agonizing cold dreery wet days and blistering brisk winds with sunny skies.  By my calculation as a native Texan, we have approximately 7.5 months of what I call tentative “sweater weather”.

As an active woman, keeping up with the constant temperature swings is as brutal as a moody hormonal teenager.  One never knows if they will need shorts with a light weight cardigan and a rain coat or a full blown heavy pull over sweater coupled with a fur coat and boots.

What’s more, any given day you could start out dressing in heavy cold gear but end with a sun tan and a swimsuit. (I speak from experience on this one)

So while this post may have some extremely diverse clothing options…it’s not to far fetched for a Texan.  I have literally been in flip flops, shorts with a pony tail around noon but bundled up in layers by a fire by five.

Speaking of pony tails.  I started using the TELETIES  a little over a year ago.  The are wonderful for SKINNY hair.  I was terrified at first to use them because I’m uber paranoid about breakage but these hair ties are crazy gentle.  I love how easy they are to handle and I can get a decent messy bun.  In my opnion they don’t stretch out.  The only problem is losing them to your teen daughter!  (SIGH)


  • STRONG GRIP – TELETIES have a unique spiral design made of firm, yet flexible material. This creates a strong-grip that locks hair in place with less slipping than traditional ties.
  • FEWER HEADACHES – TELETIES holds hair firmly in place with less pulling and tightening. Their firm yet flexible form provides greater hair support, reducing head and scalp tension.
  • REDUCES DAMAGE and CREASES – TELETIES spiral form and smooth surface mean less direct contact with your hair for an easier, smoother removal and leave less of a crease compared to traditional ties.
  • WATER RESISTANT – TELETIES are water resistant, so you can get them wet without worry. And since they won’t retain water, you’ll never have to deal with a drippy hair tie again.
  • SIZES – Tiny: For kids and tight braids. Small: For thin to medium thick hair. Large: For thick to super thick hair.


If you live in a winter weather state and you’re still in the thick of Winter weather or planning a spring break trip to the beach or the mountains you too might encounter mandatory SWEATER WEATHER.



I enjoyed wine-ing down with this color blocked pull over sweater from Amazon.  These neutral colors and pattern of the medium weight crew neck sweater is perfect for several seasons. It’s knitted and will pair with shorts or jeans or business slacks.  It’s priced under $35 and a heck of a deal.

These sweaters would be pair so well with these fab light weight ROXY Pants.

Take a stroll on the beach or lounge for a long lunch.

Roxy beach pants!

I adore these low waisted pants. They pack well and are so stinking easy to slip on over a bathing suit.  They can easily be dressed up with wedges for a casual dinner.  Relaxed fit, and so dang flattering.  I have back and white and have been wearing them for years.  The teen queen has several pair also.   Wear with flip flops or a small wedge.

I’m also the proud owner of the ROXY BEACH SHORTS in grey.  They are loose fitting with a banded drawstring tie.  Super easy to pull on with a T-shirt, sweater or to chill around on the couch.

(see below pareid with the color block sweater)   

 Under $25 and come in so. many colors (four pockets)


I’m not sure what I want more of…the sweater or the shorts!  Such a cool look.

Havaianas Women's Top Tiras Flip Flop Sandal, Rose Nude, 7/8 M US

Get a load of these HAVIANA FLIP FLOPS in rose gold only $19 This brand is my favorite for the everyday simple classic flip flop.  I live in them!  Much like I live in sneakers!

It’s hard for me to pass up a pair of new kicks.  I have had my eye on these Queststar Flows in grey and pink for a while now.  When the price dipped below $50 I snagged them up!

QUESTSTAR FLOW ADIDAS SNEAKERS  $45 How will you wind or wine down this Wednesday?

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Love, lose the weight and choose not to hate!

Angi xo


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