Bringing Sweaty Back

Amber: An Ambassador of Pure Energy

It’s a funny thing to say…”but from the moment we met online we just clicked.”

I met Amber online through my virtual workout program. There is a very specific vibe of cheerful happiness in Amber’s presence. You will see it in her pictures and I felt it from the second we connected on Zoom for workouts. Amber has that special aura of a “girl’s girl”. She’s like that special, patient best friend every girl can’t wait to hang out with.

During my Zoom workout sessions, Amber was always quite communicative. I knew right away we had much in common. Besides travel, lake life and FITness, Amber is also a working mom with two kids one of which would soon be graduating and going off to college. To me, it felt like we became fast friends. And although Amber is just up the street in McKinney, TX we have never officially met in person.

Here is a quick word from Amber about her Abercrombie and FITness experience .

As a business owner and a working mom with two teenagers, time is certainly my most precious commodity. It has ALWAYS been difficult for me to make time for exercise and self-care. When Covid changed our world in early 2020, my regular gym was forced to close, so I knew that I needed to find a way to stay physically active or the sedentary lifestyle would quickly get the best of me. 

I found Angi Abercrombie via @cassiesurgarplum on Instagram. I have followed Cassie for some time now, and she is always so great at sharing her life’s “tips and tricks” and additionally was kind enough to introduce Abercrombie and Fitness to her followers. I started my journey with a drop-in session and was quickly hooked! Angi Abercrombie is a true fitness professional. She has such great energy and is thoughtful in creating unique workouts that will burn calories – QUICKLY – which feels like a very efficient use of my time. Angi is dedicated to her content and is always mixing things up, but she also does a great job at creating a “tribe-like” following that makes everyone feel like they are working out with a group of friends. 

Over the past year, I have tried the sugarplum pass, all-access pass, and the workout warrior pass. All options are fantastic and FLEXIBLE! As a working mama, I am often shoe-horning a workout in between client meetings, Zoom calls, and shuttling my kids to various activities. I’m also a frequent traveler, and having the recorded sessions has been a saving grace for my schedule (and my waistline). I’m ever so grateful for Angi, and I truly love feeling like I am supporting her passion and her small business, while also getting a GREAT workout! The weightlifting and custom-created sessions are tailored to ALL fitness levels and really do drive results.

Do yourself a favor and try a drop-in session. I can’t recommend Angi more highly, and I hope you find an easy answer for a quick and efficient workout program that makes exercise easy and enjoyable.

Thank you for the sweet endorsement Amber!

You are a joy to train. She’s spunky and genuinely has a undertone to be healthy and active. Her dedication to the program has kept her lean and energized. I’m thrilled that my custom workout program has kept her boosted and sporty!

Life is all about balance. Work hard, play hard and exercise like a boss!

Get on the workout wagon and join me and all the other girls each week for a LIVE or workout recording. We lift weights and challenge our bodies with cardio in between sets.

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