Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

A sincere Sugarplum thank you

Approximately six weeks ago I received a call from my beloved friend and soul sister, Cassie at Hi Sugarplum.

Little did I know she was about to brighten my day with more than just her sparkling personality. She was calling to see if I would train and host a LIVE Saturday workout for she and her followers! With zero hesitation I blurted out a big whopping, “when do we start?!!!!” 

First off I wouldn’t miss a chance to work with this talented shining star not to mention I’d love to see her sweat!  (lol)   I was literally pinching myself and trying not to smile so hard she could hear it through the phone.  What an incredible opportunity!

Before Cass called, like many self employed Americans, I was in a semi nose dive into the depression dumps. The covid19 quarantine was in full place (about week 2.5) and my private training studio had officially been shut down. I was perplexed and super unmotivated. 

I was churning and mapping out a survival plan.  The reality phase of the stay at home order was kicking in and I knew I had to pivot and change my business model. First plan of attack was to advertise my pre-recorded virtual program and my all new live ZOOM workouts.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


At that time I was not completely confident that my existing clients were going to be interested in the long haul home workouts.  I was fearful they would take time off from exercise.  I had no clue who would be willing to get on the virtual bandwagon.

So suffice it to say, queen Cassie’s call was a giant glimmer of hope. In a matter of minutes we discussed a few minor details and just like that I was back in the butt kicking business!

Cassie’s gracious heart was invested in keeping the moral of her audience in a positive state of mind.  She was concerned about your well being.  Cass had her mind focused on ways to bless others during the virus pandemic. YES, I believe that she too needed some accountability and motivation as we all did when this first occurred.  More than anything she wanted to include all of y’all! I mean come on on… we see her precious figure every day.  She’s a complete doll and could afford to skip workouts for a hot minute. 

That first Saturday Mr. SP joined the total body 30 minute session.  I had a little stage fright at first but then I settled in and did my thing!  It was strange not being able to see or talk to all the people online with us.  Im so use to seeing and or being with people to answer questions and correct bad form etc. When we finished Cassie proposed the idea of three days a week and I was over the moon!  By the time I came in and told my hubby the exciting news, my phone beeped with an alert. 

Minutes after our first Saturday half hour session she blessed me with a Venmo payment. I called her immediately threatening to give it back. I didn’t want her hard earned money. The opportunity to work with her far outweighed a financial blessing. We butted heads for a while and she insisted on doing it her way. So with that I had some insisting to do as well. I demanded that the three sessions we agreed on would be 30 minutes a pop. We said our love ya’s and a deal was a deal and done!

I was committed from the get go for the sheer joy of running her ass through the ringer but also meeting new friends.

I was as giddy and nervous as a school girl. I’m well aware of her loyal audience and fans. I did not want to disappoint her or her adoring fans. I set out to bring my A game! No horse play on my watch.

WE have done it!  WE have all put in the time and the sweat!  WE have had fun and put on some lean muscle to boot!  We are stronger, we are motivated and we are almost out of this mess!  

Special thanks to Cass for  blowing me away with her bright idea to get us all moving and off the couch for an hour and half a week!   This random act of kindness will never be forgotten I’m every so grateful.  


The world will slowly crank back up and life will resume in a somewhat normal fashion.  But keeping distance and germs will forever be a new real thing.  If you are not sure about going back to a big box gym or your country club or an apartment complex gym you have some choices.  And like Cassie proposed, a time saving choice.  At home workouts via zoom with yours truly…ME!  

Ladies and gentelmen I’m taking my business LIVE!  Zoom has been a game changer for me and I plan on using for all it’s worth.  I can record my workouts, take you on the road or vacation with me and no one has to miss out on exercise.  All you have to do is go to the link above and create a FREE account.  As your trainer, I absorb the monthly fee for Zoom for all my people to have a full hour sweat session.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a certified personal trainer.  I own a small private training studio in Coppell, TX and train about 40 women a week on average.  

I specialize in private and group training formats.  If you choose to do a group zoom hour session you are hiring me as your personal trainer.  I will evaluate your wants and needs and factor it into the workout.  You will lift weights to burn fat or add lean muscle or drop inches or stay healthy or keep the blood pumping or whatever it is you need exercise to do for you.  All FITness levels welcome. I train a ton of high school and college girls. As well as women in their 30,s 40,’s 50’s and 60’s!  I’ve seen it all and have a super sonic success rate.

I’m standing by to keep kicking your butt and challenging your body.  Weather it’s health, weight loss or overall muscle tone I can help you transform your body. 

Cass, thank you for making such a difference in my life and trusting me with your body and your audience!  I’m making new friends and clients and I’m beyond words grateful and thankful.  From the bottom of my heart thank you!

Also… this girl almost always answers my late night calls for a late night concert.  

I love you! 



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