Muscles and Mascara

Let’s talk about sex baby let’s talk about hormones and ME!

For mature audiences only!

After four or more years of listening to women discuss their hormone treatment plans, I made a calculated decision that it was now my turn. I felt an abounding need to have my very own hormone panel. As a mature 47 year old woman, I scheduled an appointment with LIFESTREAM , a local and reputable clinic offering a ton of health and wellness programs.

Hormone replacement, as they call it, requires giving/extracting blood to test and map levels of cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA Estridol.

Transparently speaking, I felt the urge to test because just maybe it would explain my low libido. For over a year before testing I felt it could use a boost. I had often questioned was my sex drive narrowing or is my husband just always…well you know…IN THE MOOD!??!

Could it be that Mr. Chicken Fry is so much the aggressor and never giving me the opportunity to actually want it or “make a move”?? Or could it be that really I’m low and therefore not super engaging? Only time and a blood panel would tell.

My test results revealed that I was in fact tanking in testosterone. OK OK – SO now what?

I made a choice, A CONSERVATIVE approach, to start slow with a daily cream. A once-a-day testosterone cream that I would rotate and rub in three different areas. (Inner thigh, lower abdomen, and forearms) It took about four weeks for me to notice any sort of change. Week 4.5 On a Wednesday, out of nowhere, there it was…a rush of what it must feel like to be a 13-year-old boy!

Let’s get it on and now! I couldn’t stop thinking about it and feeling that tingling sensation. WOWZA. Almost a little too much but apparently I had hit the sweet spot and the testosterone cream was doing its job.

After almost 24 hours of raging hormones, that funny feeling was gone with the wind! DISAPPEARED. What happened? Where did it go? I continued to religiously work the cream day after day and while my libido was increasing, it wasn’t surging. I would say it piqued my interest. I was excited about feeling aroused as opposed to getting it over with.

I have a Mirena IUD as a form of birth control. This device is medicated and helps me with estrogen and progesterone so my levels were semi-normal in those areas!

5 Major Menopause Symptoms


For some women, this word signifies relief from the monthly menstrual cramps, the hassle of pads and PMS.

For many others, however – this signals a long, roller-coaster ride of hot flashes, weight gain, bloating, joint pain and chronic fatigue…

I started this post in April. As of July 2021 I was experiencing zero change.

A year and a half went by. I felt no upswing or benefit whatsoever. I tested my blood again and I was right. I burn through the cream too fast so we upped the dose and changed to an oil base cream. Six months later still nothing! WHAT A BUZZ KILL!


WHAT does having bio-identical hormones even mean?

It means having the same molecular structures as the hormones your body naturally makes.

July 22nd I had testosterone pellets inserted into my buttocks. I opted for 150 MLG. (at my doctor’s discretion). This is based on weight and burn rate. Due to my active day job as a personal trainer, I burn fast with exercise and cardio. A conservative approach would have been 100-137 MLG.

A tiny incision is made and this ultra-small thin tubular bar /pellet at a 30-degree angle goes into the cheek of my buttock. Lifestream uses a numbing injection before the incision is made. Once the pellet is inserted, I was bandaged up and told not to swim or soak for 24-48 hours due to infection. It was also advised not to do a bunch of squats for 24 hours to avoid any tear to the incision site. It didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t feel a thing. PAINFREE minus the mini poke and minor burn from the numbing shot.


Hair Growth or Loss – Testrone can stimulate hair growth and come sometimes be seen on the chin, chest, nipples, and or lower abdomen. Females that convert testosterone may experience hair loss but it’s rare. Adjustments in dosage may be required to eliminate the problem.

Fluid Retention – testosterone stimulates muscle growth and water retention which can cause weight gain. This is usually temporary.

Facial Breakout – if testosterone levels were significantly deficient the changes in levels can sometimes cause pimples. This is usually temporary and can be taken care of with a good cleaning protocol.

Muscle tone – WHAT A BIG BONUS – Apparently the testosterone pellets help increase lean muscle tone. I’ll take this all day long!


Access to all of my workout recordings all month long! custom. personal training workouts to create lean muscle, increase energy and burn fat! Includes a meal plan



Day 7

I started to feel a small surge. Like energy and mild throb in the female sexual zone Could this be the pellet doing its thing and kicking in? I think it’s working.

Day 8

I start to notice a big zit on my right (facial) cheek. Next, I noticed a weird acne-like rash around my belly/ midsection. This came at a time that I started to wear leggings and chalked it up to heat. No itching or irritation just a mild acne-like rash on the torso.

Day 9

The surge is real! This is exciting! HUBBA HUBBA – Let’s get it on but…the rash has progressed to my pubic hair and inner thighs. The rash was pain and itch-free but ugly!

Day 11

The mysterious acne rash is gone. But the sexual SURGE remained. Feeling good.

DAY 12-15

Can I just say the urge and intensity is satisfying! I didn’t expect it and it’s a pleasant surprise.


Skip to a month….the improvement in mood and sexual interest is spot on! I did feel a bit of a bloating or distended belly for a few weeks but this could be food/wine related?

Feeling lean energized and never better!


The bio-identical hormone therapy was developed nearly 80 years ago and is safe and effective for hormone replacement. These hormones can improve your quality of life and increase your sex drive.

Who doesn’t need more energy and mental clarity? At age 48, I have plenty going on with a business and soon-to-be a college student. Not only do I need focus but physical stamina for the upcoming college parties. lol.

VITAL NUTRIENTS DHEA is a doctor-recommended daily (morning time) supplement. DHEA supports healthy metabolism and energy levels. I take these from Amazon one a day they are sugar and gluten-free!

I hear this will help improve my sleep, decrease night hot flashes, and even out my mood. There is also talk it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease, and Diabetes.

If you think you might be a candidate for bio-identical hormone therapy ask yourself HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Are you tired? Does your head feel foggy? Are you increasingly irritable and drained?

Are you experiencing hot flashes, sleeplessness or no interest in what once vitalized you? If so, you too might need a boost.

I’m overly excited about the positive changes taking place. A less aggressive mood can’t hurt a girl right??

I think the pellets are a game-changer for me. The upsides of muscle tone and sexual interest are a win-win for a 48-year-old female with a hot husband!

Love, try it, you might like it!


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