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Spring Break Testimonial 

Adulting is so overrated!  If I could regulate the free world as President,  I would mandate a daily recess rule.  At minimum,  5 days a week, an alarm, giant gong, bell or emergency alert would sound.  This would free adults world-wide to take a break.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  A mini 15-20 minute time out could do wonders for people. It would be like a little dose of elementary school every single day!   FREE play!   All in favor please leave a positive comment in the space below!

Why is it that once we finish high school or college “breaks” as we once knew them as a care free student are long gone?  It’s because we tend to get all serious about careers and making money. Or maybe we jump right into start a family.  We all know that breaks with toddlers and teens are not really breaks. lol  Adulting breaks are much different.  Sure some folks get company accrued sick days and the “use it or lose” it vacation time but statistically people don’t always take the break, which is downright CRAZY to me!   Things that make you go hmmmm!

As a working mom and business owner, the FITness business is steady in the spring.  Not big break for me!  This past week I was blessed with an abundance of workout warriors hungry for FITness.  The best part of last week was when some of my college crew surprised me for a work out.  One particular go getter came in just to show off!   This, by far, is the BEST part of my job!  Introducing Conner Lasater. Conner is a junior at Alabama. Below is picture of Connor (dressed in white) from her Freshman year of college.  This is before we met.

This is Connor now and over 30 pounds lighter!  Doesn’t she look amazing!  Rocking some highlights and a smile!

Connor has been an Abercrombie and FITness training client for almost two full years.  Conner began her FITness adventure in the Summer of 2015 just before the beginning of her Sophomore year. Like the majority of college freshman, Connor had let way to loose and packed on some unwanted pounds.  This precious outspoken smart girl came to me starving for change.  She worked hard during  that 3 month stint while home.  She nailed it and dropped about 18 pounds before heading back to school.  That second fall semester she violated some of her new-found habits. Connor got tangled up in some old ugly habits like not exercising and eating crap.  At Christmas she came back to the gym.  Together we unraveled her 10 pound weight gain. And what do you know, by the new year she went back to school with a healthy happy mindset at her original starting weight.

By spring break she was back and persistent to keep the FITmentum rolling.  She managed to make it 3 months without gaining a single pound.  Connor maintained her weight loss and we went back to work summer of 2016.    I could see the fire behind her eyes.  This was the year. She was (still is) determined to get more weight off and rock her sorority party dresses.  She embraced a healthy meal plan and stuck to it.  She didn’t put her hopes into false instantaneous dreams.  Meal by meal, workout by workout and little by little Connor made strides.

Now others get to see what I already knew.  This at first glance shy girl,  isn’t really shy at all.  She a super bright, funny and confident young lady.  She knows what she wants and she will not stop until she gets there.  Connor’s weight loss has boiled down to cardio, weight lifting and diet.  The trifecta of FITness!  She burns fat every time she pumps the iron.  As the fat melts away she is building lean muscle.   She is now walking to class and doing dedicated sessions on the elliptical.  She eats a diet high in protein and  low in carbs.  She isn’t starving or taking diet pills.  She’s progressing slow and steady.  She’s posting pictures, smiling, syling and profiling!  She’s representing all that Abercrombie and FITness offers!  Beautym brains and brawn!

This girl has lost a total of 35 plus pounds.  She is working the program like a boss.  She is busting her chops and will make a brilliant lawyer one day!  I’m so proud of you Connor Lasater.


My spring break consisted of a NICE long extended weekend.  Me and Mr. Chicken Fry loaded up the truck like the Beverly Hill Billies.  We had our teen queen plus her friend, the dog and a truck load with bags of food and clothes.  The finicky Texas weather had us perplexed on what to bring.  Sweats or a bathing suit?  Uggs or flip flops?  Hoodies or rain coats?  To know us is to know that we pack it all!  We can’t help it.  It’s who we are and we have accepted this about ourselves and so should you!  We don’t care that other people can pack a weeks worth of business clothes into a tennis ball can!  WE DONT CARE!!!!!!  WE like  options and we want our stuff!

Cedar Creek Lake is only about 50 minutes from down town Dallas.  It’s a wonderful get away to relax and chill. We sort of unplug from the city life and spend time where we like it most.  Outside and near the water.   We grilled out every night. Chicken, steak, ribs and sausage. I hammered the chicken of course.  We roasted vegetables and made do with what we had.  We made eggs and waffles for breakfast, slept late and laid in the sunshine.   We wore almost all of our random packing.  It was brisk and chilly on the morning walks and in to the evening.  It actually warmed up enough that I put on a swimsuit for the first time this year.  YIKES!  The teenagers rode the jet ski until their fingers cramped and lips turned blue.  We rode bikes, took long walks, tossed the football and kicked back. It was more wonderful and even more restful than it sounds.



I never said I was athletic.  I only look athletic!  As Mr. Chicken Fry would say…my muscles don’t really work and I throw like a girl so sue me!




We were blessed with a brilliant warm sunset every night. Watching it glow against the water is serene.  I have to admit it I had some champagne triggers.  We usually have a toast while watching the stunning sunsets.  I diffused the hankering to drink an alcoholic beverage.  Instead, I poured my favorite flavored Lacroix water into a stemless wine glass and topped it off with fresh fruit. Chicken Fry sipped on non alcoholic beer as we drifted on the boat and toasted to 21 years together!  What’s more, we kept the drinks flowing  all day and all night minus the headache!  All we woke up to was the sound of the birds and a pink sun kissed skin!  CHEERS!

When it’s time to leave we clean. Folks,  if you are looking for some old school cardio, just get to work.  House cleaning will keep you in check.   I mean dig deep. Sweep, mop and vacuum.  Reach high and clean windows and mirrors. Wipe down the tub and counter tops like you mean it.  If your heart rate isn’t up then you aren’t doing it right.  Put a little elbow grease into it. Spring into action or is this just a trick back into adulting??!?!?


Remember, you deserve a break.  Take some time off to somehow unplug.  We all have different versions of rest and my  unplug may look different from your unplug.  You may want woolly bully wilderness and that’s totally cool.  Me, I like knowing there is a quick speedy mart at least half a mile away just in case I get a case of the munchies!  lol

Speaking of munchies, be sure to  stay TUNED for tomorrow’s post on Mindless Grubbing….trust me you do not want to miss out on this one!


Love, pray and take a break!





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