Bringing Sweaty Back, Tid Bit Tuesday

Tid Bit Tuesday: Disposable

I have been thinking a lot lately about the world, technology and teenagers!  Mostly because me and Mr. Chicken Fry are in the “THICK OF IT” raising our one and only teen queen.   Y’all, school has come a lonnnng way in the last 26 years!   I would totally be an all A student.  Their work is so easy.  Who wouldn’t breeze through these high school assignments.   I could ace every CORE subject.  :\  It’s crazy what these kids can do with technology at their ever-loving finger tips. The projects and tools they use are quite astounding even for a tech savvy mom like myself.

Our high-tech world has populated a bunch of disposable creatures…me included.  Kids and adults alike have all fallen fast for the high-speed world and web. What we don’t use, we lose.  We trash it, toss it out, get rid of it, burn it, delete it and move on….hurry up already!  In this day and age almost everything in our life is disposable. (or so we think) Snapchats disappear in less than 30 seconds and Instagram and Facebook stories dissolve after 24 hours.

I would be shocked to find many millennial hoarders because the younger generation  doesn’t place a high value on “things.”  I mean, why would they?   We live in a world of disposable everything.  

From containers, diapers, razors, cameras, cell phones, to credit cards and even clothing.  Shoot, some of dearest friends even have disposable income. #GOALS!!  Another way to say this would be “PLASTIC.” We have plastic habits. We pay with plastic, we drink from plastic, eat from plastic and it’s highly likely the very reason most folks wear elastic. lol    When it’s all said and done we chuck it.  We dispose of it for a new model or better version.  It’s out of sight, out of mind.  The delete key is a thumb stroke away.

My fear is that this “DISPOSABLE” mentality has been lost in translation. Health is a commodity.  Our body, the temple, is a one time gig entrusted to us by God.  It’s not a disposable article of clothing from Old Navy or Target.  Sure we can make upgrades and remodel a bit but we can’t trade it in.  Yet some of yall treat yourself like a disposable pair of big girl period panties.  You left a big stain and you’re too lazy to do the woolight spot treatment and clean it up.

FITness is not disposable like your Walmart bra!  Believe it or not FITness works better layer upon layer.  Yessss,  layers of all things FITness piled high.  In the wide world of FITness, mobile HOARDING is a thing!  I just made this up!  If you want to get FIT, you have to stock pile protein, invest in weekly exercise, and build on your FITmentum.

​​​Every good healthful deed sown reaps a heart healthy and lean physique.  If you want a hard body, keep lifting weights.  Your bod is a hot commodity!  You want to drop a size,   plug into to daily cardio sessions. Every ounce of water you chug makes a difference.  Each bottle of water you down reduces inflammation and bloating.  It flushes away toxins.  Every protein shake you gulp and every protein bar you ingest fuels your metabolism and feeds your muscles.  It all works together to make you a happier healther person.

Never underestimate the power of one workout.   Most people think that one workout a week is useless.  (sure twice or three times a waeek is ideal BUT… one is better than nothing.  They think one solo workout is money down the drain which is  totally false.  Any activity is better than nothing.   Suppose this person has changed his or her eating habits.   They are mowing through grilled chicken green kale salads and quinoa. They are eating a brown rice, steamed broccoli and lean grilled pork tenderloin. They have given up soda for water and cardio for couch time.  One work out is going to invigorate their spirit and burn fat and calories.

The tedious weekly meal prep work is boring and laborious but every healthy food gets you closer to flat abs!  Every disposable zip lock baggie or Glad wear container you pack for lunch breeds consistent clean eating habits and keeps your fat burning machine revved up.  Each training session is like a knife carving off the fat.

The trifecta of FITness, cardio, clean eating and weight lifting builds melting fat and lories. Each workout stacks up and builds FITmentum.  Momentum leads to spunky stamina and weight loss.  Every egg white omelet you prepare is protein to feed your muscles. Every nutrient rich green vegetable you digest serves as a supplemental vitamin to your health.  Those $129 cross trainers or running shoes you purchased will earn their keep. When you loose the sweat on that high dollar sports bra, you will unleash endorphins that create stimulus.  Stimulus creates energy and energy burns fat.  See what I mean.?!?!?

“Your body is a commodity.” ~Angi Abercrombie  

Listen, I’m on to you just like I’m on to my teen queen.  See, I know about the FINSTA accounts and the private twitters these sly devils use to deceive us parents.  It’s a trick.    You think if you just have one glass of wine you will be fine.  Except that one glass of wine leads to a bottle and dark chocolate.  I also know that the bag of Cheetos and Oreos are not on the healthy meal plan.   The gout, the case of the frumpy frumps, the bra back fat and the muffin top will not have the last word.  The black cloud of depression you are under, the battle with fatigue and weight gain could very well be a by-product of stagnancy and cigarettes.

You need a revival and I have an idea.  Let’s take a tip from the teenagers and hit the delete key.  Bye bye bunt cake, adios queso dip and enchilada’s.   Farwell chocolate chip ice cream.  See ya later daily donut.   Good bye salads drenched in creamy fattning salad dresings.  Open up a new account.  Starting thinking in terms of FIT mobile hoarding.  Healthy meal frequency breeds a high metabolism.  Eat more?  Yes, a hungry body is a healthy body.   Hit the gym 3 or more times a week.  Trade out a few cardio sessions for  the thumbing through facebook posts.  The more sweat you produce the glossier your skin will shine. The tender muscles will be a warm welcome.  It’s the feeling of progress that buildsand spreads like a wild fire.

You are worth it.  You are a hot commodity.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that your health isn’t important or that a tummy tuck will fix your problems.  Save your money and change your mindset.  Now, turn on the disposer/disposal, run some steamy hot soapy water and get rid of the cigarettes, fatty fried foods, sugary juices, junk food, processed crap and lazy couch potato attitude.

Turn on your savvy skilled brain and get shaking!

Love, layer but don’t be a player?!?!

Love, FIT global hoarding and water boarding!  @?@?




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  1. Hi Angi, I have turned vegan 4 months ago. I run 4 miles 4 times a week and do power yoga once a week. BUT I am finding it very hard, like I can’t find my legs. I am sure I have lost some muscle even though i do take a protein shake (occasionally). Plus, I have started to take extra vit b. What more can I do to get over this? I am 40, about 5,4 and about 117 pounds. Thanks! Amanda from South Africa

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