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Rat Pack

Hello fellow workout warriors.  How was your weekend? I’ll get to mine in a minute.  First things first…get your week started strong with this power packed workout. See the video below or ←click here and follow my instagram meal prep story.  I did a whole bunch of videos yesterday on handy dandy meal prepping.  I was a meal prep maniac.  Hurry and catch it today because it only lasts for 24 hours!  

The following workout is  sure to fire up your triceps, legs and core.  You will be begging for me for more!  If you want more resistance,  hold dumbbells while performing the lunge series.  Good luck butter cup!  A little less talk and a lot more ACTION!

Tricep push ups with shoulder taps

Tricep dips

Jack knifes

Front lunges

Step up hike knee, step down back lunge

Mountain climbers

Repeat 4-6 sets

I wish I could pretend that my weekend wasn’t weird.  Not in a bad way weird, but in that way that you wish you could go back and re-do some areas.   Do you know what I mean?  I was a busy bee running and gunning all day on Saturday.  I was racing around doing all sorts of errands anticipating a lazy stormy Sunday.

Workout √

Mani Pedi √

Return at Target √

Pick up Car from dealership √

Get a birthday present √

Feed and take teen queen to Lacrosse √

Speaking of the teen queen, it’s at this point that I must interject a side bar.

Mr. Chicken Fry nor I  taught our child to bite.   I didn’t just decide one day to sit my bitty baby girl down and give her a lesson in biting.  Can you even imagine?   Picture me with a stuffed animal, “now angel…when Billy from Pre K takes your toy, you bite him in the arm just like this….”

It’s unimaginable that any right-minded parent would teach biting or any other tantrum type behaviors.  Call me crazy. but I think the same goes for lying.  I’m certain that the majority of good parents try to honor the lie lecture. The one where we parents plead with our teenage offspring to be truth tellers.  To be open and honest. To be people of their word.  To tell the truth no matter what consequences may come to pass. No matter how big or how small,  to be a stand up person of their word.

I just can’t picture parents drilling their kids with..”the truth is over rated kid, just lie your way out of it.”  I don’t think for a second that “good” parents are rightfully teaching LIES as a second language!

Here is where it the weekend got weird.  While I was out shuffling around town teen queen requested a drive and drop.  Naturally, I ask before I left to retrieve the spawn, if the parents are or will be at home.  This was the big big mistake….I trusted a teenager!  

I should have known by the way she said “thank you MOMMY” and kissed me on my lips when I dropped her off.  This girl hasn’t called me mommy in years. My mommy radar was buzzing. I was totally suspicious and should have gone with my gut instinct to text the parent/mom.  I noticed cars in the driveway so I let it slide.  I should have trusted my conscious but I didn’t.  

After all, I was pressed for time to be cute and out the door to retrieve the birthday girl.  I had a date with the dames!  I couldn’t wait to be out celebrating with a rowdy bunch of my gal pals.  This birthday was basically a reason for all of us to hang out, eat good food  laugh, cut up and catch up!  Like the teenagers we run in packs…like the Rat Pack of old, we mom’s stay tried and true.


Our dinner destination was at Table 13, a cool restaurant in Addison, Texas.  The place was packed and hopping.  It’s a jiving joint and throw back to the original Rat Pack…who apparently dined only at booth/table number 13!  A little fun fact know and tell.  The walls are lined with couch style circular booths.  GOSH I just love a booth!  For some reason, even in a loud environment, a big booth just feels so posh and intimate.

The ambiance and novelty were superb.  They had me at “LIVE” music, dancing and dining music dedicated to the rat pack error.  Table 13 is stamped with charm and class from the menu to the glass.  It’s more than just dinner,  it’s an experience.  Needless to say, we had a big big time.

Table 13  has a fancy cocktail menu.  Back in the day those stinkers drank the hard stuff.  You can order a martini just about any way which way you want.  I ordered a mock-tail…which was code for a club soda,  lime and a splash of bitters.    I’m still on the wagon and feeling GOOD!  img_8833

It wouldn’t be a party if someone didn’t cause a commotion.  One of our fem fatales had a red wine blow out!  As we were divvying out debit cards to pay the bill, one doll tipped her glass causing a red wine reservoir.  To make it worse, she was wearing white jeans!  Lucky number 13 or april fools??  


Me and the birthday girl shared the crab cake appetizer and the breaded lemon chicken entrée.  On account of sharing, I didn’t order low cal.  I did however, to the best of my ability, scrape off the sauce and breaded layer.  I ate all of the chicken and left the pound of mashed potatoes on the plate.  I was saving my calories for the dessert menu!  Holy smokes this plaes does it right.  They offer the traditional flame bake bannanas foster and other sassy ooey gooey optons.  I dove into the nothing BUNT vanilla cake and bread pudding.  It was fabulous!img_8837

img_8839Right as we walked out the door, one of the girls announced that she just received a phone call from her hubby who basically busted a group of our filthy animals teenagers.  GULP…BUZZ KILL!  My happy meter melted a few notches.

Apparently the dad’s were in charge of picking up the kids.  This one brazen dad had a  weird feeling and trusted his instinct to further investigate.  He knocked on the door and walked in.  What he found was a bunch of teenagers with NO ADULT supervision.  Rotten  scoundrels.  BUSTED!  Not a single one of our kids is allowed to be in a house without adult presence.  By adult presence I mean 25 years of age or older.  No high school senior or college age supervision counts as lawful accountable watch dog.  Mr. Chicken Fry who was waiting outside to scoop the teen queen came eye to eye with the bold foot soilder dad.  Mr. Chicken Fry humbly thanked him for his service and encouraged him to rip into lecture the young rat pack at once. Any adult who confronts our teenager in a compromising situation is completely allowed to act on our behalf and fullfill the authofirty figure role as it pertains to the bad behavour of my teenager.

What we have on our hands is a bunch of tooty teenagers testing the water and pushing the limit. A little sneaky rat pack conspiracy and I for one fell for it. I asked my teen queen if the parents would be home and she said YES! She said yes….AHYYIIEE YII YIIEEE! I take some of the blame…shame on me.  My bad….my fault for not reaching out to call or text the parent myself. But she told me  a lie bold face lie….something I NEVER taught her to do!

The silver lining is that thankfully no other hideous crimes were committed.   No alcohol, drugs or signs of manic mischief were found.  No sex drugs and rock and roll were captured.  Not yet anyway!  Jesus please have sweet mercy on teenage rat packs everywhere and for the parents of these fools!  

Sorry Frank, you got it all wrong pal…  “I feel sorry for parents with teenagers.  When they wake up in the morning they have dingbat teenagers to deal with.”  ~Angi Abercrombie


Despite our rowdy bunch of teens, we laughed, we sang, we danced and we made a mess…so sue us!  We are moms!  We are a pinky promising rat pack of parents.  We are doing our best NOT to raise a bunch of thieving, lying, biting teenagers!

What would I redo? In hynsite I wish I could go back  and follow my maternal instincts and do the follow up.  Either way she would still be busted for lying.  

Aww the joys of parenting!  The show much go on!

Love, double check and run with your rat pack!    



P.S .  FYI…teen queen was rightfully stripped of her cell phone privileges as well as all social activities for a week!    

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