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When I was a young preteen I spent quite a bit of time on the beach. I almost always had a friend and together we had two main objectives which were, in order of importance, our tan lines and our dribble castles! Duh, we didn’t have cell phones. What we had was the beach and a bottle of baby oil. We slept late, laid on the beach, drank cool aid, dug in the sand, splashed in the waves and dribbled out hand crafted castles. At night we chased crabs with flash lights and nursed our sun burns with aloe vera.

But now we are SMARTER!  I still semi-worship the sun but I use 30 SPF!  I also still very much love the mind numbingness of creating a sand or dribble castle!

To this day, I get all up in the sand. I totally dig it! The sand in Seagrove, Florida was maybe the whitest, softest and most fine-grained sand I have ever felt! It was equal to baby powder and pristine sand castle material!  While making this masterful sand art my wheels started turning.


I got to thinking about how the beach, sand, and FITness sort of organically correlate. The similarities of designing a sand castle and creating a FIT lean physique are very much the SAME!

FITness meets you right where you are! Just like the beach, FITness is for anyone… everyone… young, old, purple or pink!

FITness, the beach, it’s for ALL of us!  The sun setters and the sun risers. It’s for the sleepy and the active. It’s kid and family friendly. It’s for the artsy and or the conservative.  The beach spans all walks of human life and so does FITNESS! There is something for everyone!

Whatever you’re willing to put in, FITness will accept! Listen up lovely, CrossFIT and figure competitions may not be your scene. Not to worry. Big giant robust muscles may not be your cup of tea and that’s cool!  All you have to do is find your FITness. If managing a healthy weight, and exercising on a semi regular basis is all you care about, that’s perfectly acceptable. Light lifting and a 15 min treadmill walk twice a week might suit your fancy and that’s pretty perfect!  FITness is big and vast just like a stretch of ocean beach front!  So start there…at sea level!


Look at all of that sand….so much sand castle potential RIGHT!

Now do me a favor beautiful, get up and stare into the mirror. Look at yourself.  Examine your body.  SEE yourself at eye level!  Look at your body and all of its potential!


Sand castles start with a base as do all FITness journeys.  Any sand castle professional will tell you… build up and carve out! A basic mound or giant doam of sand is imperative.  In this scenario, you. my dear, are the base. Your frame is the mound from which you will chisel and shape.

Start by carving out time use any and all surrounding tools! Your hands, body weight, a sturdy chair. When I make sand castles I might use an old cup, my hands, a shovel….other sand? Who knows? Use what you have! The dribble castle is fun to make because all you need is a deep hole with water and your hand! I grab handfuls of sand and let the water and sand dribble out and stack up.


The more and more healthy tactics you practice the more your efforts stick and stack up! Each workout, every high protein meal or shake adds up and builds a healthy strong energetic body! Every stair case you use, every mile you walk makes a dent in your frame! Every glass of water you inhale hydrates the body and flushed out toxins!  After a few weeks of slow and steady stick and stack you will find a groove. It will even start to feel serene just like the peacefulness of the beach but beware life isn’t alway a bowl of cherries.

Interesting to note, in sand castle constructing, many other factors such as wind, waves, rain, birds or pedestrians can easily hinder the process…much like REAL life. HEllO, happy hours, fast food, fried food, work schedules, kids, life!

Rain clouds appear and wind whips up waves that will come and wash away the castle. The tides roll in and out.  Things change. BUT YOU are strong.  You are fierce because you care about your physique!  Your body…your shell!  So you keep plugging along. Don’t stop! Keep doing something! Exercise, eating clean, meal prep, cutting back…it all stacks up! Every session on the stationary bike burns up calories.  Eating grilled chicken breast after grilled chicken breast holds it on!  Eating small high protein meals every 3 hours ignites your metabolism and burns fat! Saying no to thick creamy dressings and buttery sauces keeps the weight off of your midsection and thighs!

I highly suspect if you are human you will have a bad or hectic day and sometimes a slew of bad weeks that knock you down. When a wave laps up and messes with my creation I frown but begin again. Such is FITness. If you accidentally eat the pizza or gorge on the ice-cream get up the next day and burn it off.  Don’t lay there and whine like jelly fish, do something!


It’s inevitable that you will be faced with friends and coworkers slaying a happy hour followed by a late night Whataburger run. The Fall football days of GRAZE are approaching like a Texas gulf storm. You realize that this will tear out an entire wing of your FIT castle! So what you do, is choose! You are the queen of this castle! You choose to have a cocktail followed by a water preceded by a healthy meal at home and off to bed you go! Save the happy hour drink fest for something special! Don’t make happy hour a habit.

The castle may be squashed or even blown away but you my sweet friend have a rain coat and an umbrella. You aren’t going to melt. You keep grinding at the grocery store, building your diet on healthy vegtables and fruit. Molding and constructing your body with exercises and dumbbells. You get up and put on your tennis shoes and grin and bear it because by gosh you are the king or queen of your castle! You decide what goes in and what goes where! You rule the roost! And served up at your castle is salmon!  You may be sandy but you are made of true grit! Sunny days are on the horizon and you will be ready!


If you get knocked down you get back up!

What areas do you need to rebuild? Waist line? Under arm flab? Hips? Thighs? Mommy-mid section?

Log on today and get registered for my 6 week virtual training program. It works. It’s results oriented and I’m living proof!  Start today.

Love, feel dandy and keep it sandy!





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