Bringing Sweaty Back

Road Map

It doesn’t begin with a highlighted road map to destruction.  Not at ALL.  Your departure into the depths of stress, fatigue, laundry piled sky high, bills, work and stubborn weight gain was totally random.  At one point you were all IN!  You sold out on the proverbial “road trip” and mapping our your desires for a happy healthy life.  You got this.  Somehow, each stretch of highway was a series of shady greys and mixed dreams.  The nuances of temptations had a way of making the slightest wrong turn look right and even more appealing.

Subtle forks in the road and unexpected construction zones, aka REAL LIFE, mixed with a lack of exercise eventually cause you to hit a road block.  You thought you had a handle on it but somehow life and the larger than life road side billboards seduced your way of thinking.  You got caught up in the easy breezy drive with your handy dandy WAZE app!  You got comfortable with the air blowing and your seat heater on.  You’ve had amazing moments with the windows down, gas tank topped off, radio cranked and your favorite playlist locked and loaded.

This is your life!!!  Your health!  Your body.  Your choices.  You mapped it out remember?  You got the degree, moved out, nailed the interview and landed the perfect job, met THE ONE, paid the student loans, purchased a puppy, traveled a bit, bought a new car or put a down payment on a house, married the man/woman of your dreams, qualified for the promotion, made some investments, had 2.5 kids, bought a bigger home, etc, etc.


BUT, the truth is, you’re completely lost.  You demand a U turn but the fog is thick.  The map which was at one point so vividely clear suddenly lookes like Japanese. You can’t remember where you originated or why it’s even important.  All you know is you want to turn around and go back home.   The joy ride is over.  Cruise control is shut off and you’re broke down on the shoulder.

Don’t fret sweetie, I see you waving your hands stranded on the side of the road.  I’m aware of the blow out.  I see the TIRE around your mid section.  I don’t even need to look in the car for evidence of the junk food wrappers and fast food paper bags.  It’s okay I’m not judgemental.  Grab your gas can girlfriend because WE are about to embark on a FITastic journey.

A FIT lifestyle is intentional and vigilant.  It requires taking time to care for yourself.  Your health!  Heed this warning.  THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS.  However, I do know a beautiful scenic route with some clever farm to market back roads you can take.  No need to stick out your thumb and hitch hike.  This next series is on me!  Jump in sister.  It’s not to late.  Allow me to naviagte your way back to a healthy weight.  Waiting for you is increased energy, lower risk of heart diesease and diabetes!  If you follow my directions you should wind up in a much happier healthier state.  It’s going to take some time so buckle up butter cup.

You’ve been in the drivers seat for a long time.  So the good news is you get to ride along and be a passenger for a while.  I’ll take the wheel and steer you on a course for success.  You must pay attention and not dawdle off.  You’re role for the next few weeks is going to be very very important.

LANDMARK – Get your bearings

SURVEY – Diet and Nutrition

NAVIGATION – Metabolism and Exercise

CHART – Progress

ELEVATION – Challenge Phase

Sweetie,  you’ve seen and heard alot of conflicting stories on your journey up to this point.  Not all of it has been true.  Some of those big city slickers were just out to take your money.  Trust me, I’ve been there bought the T-shirt. The big box fancy gyms and thier membership fees, diet supplements, monster energy drinks, “healthy’ pre-packed foods, kickboxing shadow dancing barre combo classes.  I’ve been down every one of those streets.

In the last 5 years however, I discovered that the small town back country road mentality isn’t all that bad.  There is alot of truth to a more organic approach to a healthy FIT lifestyle.   Don’t freak out.  I’m not going to make you wear Birkenstocks and drink wheat grass shots.  All I’m suggesting is that during this ride you do some deep reflecting.

The earth was created by design.  It had all the things we ever needed.  Vegitation, minerals, oils, plants, animals, etc.  All of these things were to be used to sustain our lives.  Most of today’s microwave culture is sooo far removed from this and it’s crazy obvious.   Just open your eyes and look around.  For the love of goodness we now reference fat rolls as a muffin top to make it sound cuter.

Yesterday as usualy, I was rushing through the grocery store.  A lady saw me paused and dazed at the meat section.  I was in a tizzy choosing between turkey pattys or ground turkey.  She must have been disturbed by my glazed over appearance.  I snapped out of it when I heard her say, "honey, have you tried the frozen turkey patties?"  Oh hello!  Earth to are not alone.  "No, I have not."   Follow me, she said.  At the time I was operating on auto pilot and left my cart to follow a total stranger to the frozen food section.
"This is my favorite," she said, pulling out a frozen box of breakfast sandwhiches.  "The cheese, sausage, jalapeno one is the best."  I politely thanked her and pretended to be interested.  She kept pushing.  "They also make a great frozen cechie with cheese and ."  I stopped her right there.  "thank you so much...this is not really my style of food."  I prefer to  makey my own breakfast sandwhiches.  She smiled and nodded her head.  As she walked away I couldn't help but notice her body.  She was about 35 pounds over weight.  And while she was incredibly sweet and kind I wanted her to know that there is a BETTER WAY!  

I casually walked back to my cart where she was standing.  "Excuse me, but have you ever thought about making your own?  It saves money and calories plus, it really doesn't take that much more time and it's so much better for you."   She was listeining and at that point I knew I had captured her attention.  I introduced myself and explaind my position.  I was straight forward and honest.  "Scrambling an egg takes about 2-min.  Buy a bag of english muffins for less than this box of processed crap.  Buy some turkey sausage and grill a whole batch of use fresh deli turkey as a substitute.  I personally don't eat cheese but add a half a slice of cheese and boom, save calories, fat and money.  Plus it taste so much better!  If you like spice, add some sliced avacado and tobasco."

She was receptive and amazed.  Like most folks, she too had completely bought in to the  microwave, faster is better, quality doesn’t count, fast food, pay more, care less cycle.

We are constantly romanced by advertisers.  We watch commercials of happy FIT families whipping into fast food places and young adults eating candy, chugging beer and mowing on a hamburger. This is all FAKE! It’s a joke.  No one is getting FIT and losing weight eating at McDonalds.  It’s as big of a lie as you have to eat like a bird to be skinny or FIT or lose weight.

My mantra is a hungry body is a healthy body.

Tomorrow we will get your bearings.  Create some boundary lines and plot out your next move.  I’m excited…how about you?

Love, don’t hide and enjoy the ride!  

xo Angi


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