Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

God Winks

We have a saying here in Dallas, Texas and that is, "if you don't like the current weather conditions,  just wait a minute." This is because Texas weather changes as fast or faster than a female can change her handbag.  One minute it can be miserably cold and rainy and in less than an hour… Continue reading God Winks

Bringing Sweaty Back, FITogether virtual training, Muscles and Mascara


  When I was a young preteen I spent quite a bit of time on the beach. I almost always had a friend and together we had two main objectives which were, in order of importance, our tan lines and our dribble castles! Duh, we didn't have cell phones. What we had was the beach… Continue reading Castles

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

A storm blew in…

Last Saturday afternoon the skies were clear with solid sunshine.  There was not a cloud in sight.  Out of no where, in less than 45 minutes, everything changed.  The sky turned dark grey and the wind began to howl.  A big storm sporadically popped up and had it way with the DFW metroplex.  I'm talking… Continue reading A storm blew in…