Bringing Sweaty Back, I don't cook

Did someone say desert??

The quick whisper of crisp Fall weather came and went like a decent house guest.  Just when I was getting use to it, it vanished leaving me sad and lonely.  It’s plain ole Hot in Dallas, Texas.   So instead of gawking over cute boots and jeans, I’m still dreaming about  cold and refreshing deserts.

Y’all…I’m such a sucker for yummy delicious sugar loaded desert, particularly anything flavored lemon or strawberry!  I make ample space for certain frosted, iced, sprinkled, oven baked, graham cracker crusted, fruit filled, sweet treats that during big family style events and activities might show up!  Cross my fingers hope to die stick a needle in my eye if my aunt Paula’s coconut cream pie doesnt’ make an appearance.

Mr. Chicken Fry stole all of this rubbish from my cousin at our last infamous family soiree.  He thinks he’s so cute.


While on vacation in Florida at one of our glorious loud, seriously sarcastic because we know no other way, family dining experiences, my cousins hubby, aka Bobby Bushay, busted out a decadent desert that even an anti-cook like me can whip up!  It was as if I had been reunited with a soft childhood blanket!   With one swift spoonful my mouth and taste buds demanded more… like the whole serving bowl!

I might have gone a little over board when I tilted the bowl for the last drain of sweet ice cream so sue me?!?!? I  got busted by a cousin…what a low blow.


I call it “Bobby Bushasy saves the day” easy breezy desert!

While this desert may not scream “football season” comfort grazing food, I doubt it would disappoint.  This CHEAT treat would work at a tailgate type set up assuming you have space in a cooler.  It could be the halftime extravaganza or the touch down strawberry celebration.  Call it whatever you like honey child.  You could also save this party favorite for a birthday or family gathering.  It’s loved by people of all ages.  Serve this notable dish with a spoon and a coffee cup, or small bowl.  A little goes along way.

So, ready or not…here it is!

Cut up fresh strawberries, add sugar and toss and mix the sugar and strawberries in a large bowl. Ladies even those of us who “don’t cook” can do…or buy a bowl of fresh-cut strawberries.


Once the strawberries are coated, add a thick layer of vanilla ice cream!  Buy a gallon of Blue Bell or HALO TOP to save/cut back on calories.   Then add another layer of fresh-cut strawberries and chill it in the frig! So that’s strawberries coated with sugar, layer of ice-cream and a second layer of strawberries.  VANILLA+BEANTwenty minutes before serving time, remove it from the fridge to slightly thaw and melt into a sweet tooth’s mouth watering heaven.

It’s cold, it’s over the top sweet and utterly a BIG CHEAT!

If you haven’t discovered Halo Top ice cream you haven’t even lived a decent life.  What I meant to say is that I discoverd this treasured gem sometime over the Summer and my life has not been the same.  Say hello to my little friend.  Halo Top Ice Cream is like stupid good.  I have to be careful and monitor my intake spoonfuls.  I do this little cat and mouse routine in my head.  I actually pretend that I didn’t buy my favorite yellow pint with the shiny gold lid in Lemon Cake flavor!  If ever I was home alone I could go off the wall and completely gorge out and eat the entire pint in a hot 10 minutes flat. BRAIN FREEZE! This stuff is WAY better than the competition but should be carefully hidden out of plain every day site and used only as a specialty cheat time.  This is by no means a nightly endorsement. Check out the facts and see for yourself!  If you are interested in or about my stance on “Cheat Meals”, click the link “speciality cheat link” above!  

Nutrition Facts


Right!  This is a big improvement don’t you think?  I’m impressed and give it the Abercrombie and FITness seal of approval. #abercrombieFITnessAppprovedfood

The teen queen seemed to think that the chocolate flavor tasted a bit protein-ish but aside from that,  it’s been evaporating around these parts.

Have a cool weekend friends. I think I’ll be serving this up for a rat pack of teen girls that are planning to invade our house some time Friday night!  YEE HAW.

Love, beat the heat, feed the teens and eat the treat!  








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