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Core Power Yoga

What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s something you might find funny…  I don’t get invited as often to normal activities such as Bible study, book club, bunko, happy hour, or even lunch.  I mostly get invited to try new tantalizing forms of exercise and I absolutely love it. If I had accepted every invitation, last year, I would have completed 6 5k’s, a marathon, a mini triathlon, two spin classes and joined a tennis team.  Apparently I attract like-minded FITness freaks phenoms like myself…so sue me!

I may not always be up for EVERYTHING…but I NEVER turn down a power walk, friendly jog, sweat session, cycle class, Pilates, zen flow, barre, kick butt weight training session, antigravity activity or a free yoga class! Mixing up my program keeps me on my toes and breathes a much needed fresh wind into my sails.  It’s exciting!

A week ago today, I was invited to Core Power Yoga in Dallas, Texas. I was psyched to try something new. After all,  I don’t always get the chance to be the student. I left all expectations at home. I went into the opportunity with a complete open mind and no preconceived idea. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Mocking Bird station location to find a giant sign which read “FIRST WEEK FREE”!


To cut to the chase I completed 5 sessions in 7 days!  How’s that for an endorsement!!!  #abercrombiefitnessapproved

Me and my girly friend bee bopped down town in her covertible chit chatting up a storm.  I didn’t think twice about the fact that I had completed a rigiourous weight training session, (for an hour on my own) before I we got our zen on! And either I’m getting old and can’t hear but I didn’t recall her mentioning this was a HOT yoga class!  GULP!  I guess I was expecting a light weight level one yoga flow that would really stretch my uber tight muscles.

On the way to Mockingbird station, I learned there are three Core Power Yoga studios in the Dallas Metroplex.  The studio was contemporary professional, clean and friendly. Not like some uppity yoga studios. The check in process was swift and efficient. In about a 6 minutes or less I was rolling out my yoga mat in studio 2!


I was pleasantly surprised to find the room warm and smelling of clean eucalyptus. I came empty handed. I wasnt thinking.  I forgot water, a towel and a yoga mat!  Thankfully for $2 I was able to rent a mat and for $2 additional dollars I got an oversized clean white towel.


We hit the 11 o’clock yoga flow and we were joined by about 10 other women of all shapes, colors and sizes. I got a few butterfly’s before it began. It’s been over a year or longer since I took a yoga class.

This was the real deal. The instructor would walk around the room using verbal commands. Which for a beginner yoga gal, the pressure was on. Hello excuse me but I need a cliff note cheat sheet o brush up on my yoga terms.  Now I was nervous because I’m a rookie but y’all I think I head my own.

15 years ago I went to Bikram yoga classes for a month.  I loved it but at that stage in my life the hour and 20 minute classes and location were not conducive to my lifestyle.

After just one hour class at Core Power, I felt complete euphoria.  I was sweaty, detoxed and energized.  I was whited eyed and bushy-tailed for more.  My interest was peaked.

I’m in all kinds of love.  I would do what ever it took to make space in my day to try another class.  The newness, the hot room, the yoga pants, the space, the instructor Debbie! (she was my absolute favorite of the five) The spirit, the challenge, the workout was incredible.  The sweat is severe!  I now know that I’m a two towel girl. After about 15 minutes my body begins to perspire from pores I didn’t know existed. I’m literally soaked from head to toe. I take a dry change of clothes and catch a rinse in the ladies locker room.  I kind of like it…makes me feel a little country club ish!

I have it down now.  I pack a small change of clothes, two towels, yoga mat and a big bottle water.  I bring my PressABottle up in there and get my infsion and yoga on. Every yogi needs a Pressabottle to stay hydrated.  The ladies locker room is decked out with hair dryers, hair ties,deo dorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.  It’s a first class operation.


The ONLY downside for me is the undesirable location. The nearest studio to Coppell is at Preston and Forest in Dallas. So for me it’s a two-hour commitment. 20 min there, hour class, rinse and drive back. The thing I like best is this studio offers classes at 12, 1:30 or 2:30pm. Which is when I have day time down time.

I finished 5, C2 sessions and every class was crazy unique. I was twisting downdogging, chatarungaring like a boss. I was shaking like a leaf holding warriors and more than once, had to compress into child’s pose and begin again.  My abs were so sore from the third session I felt bruised. Total greatness. I tried poses I had never even heard of like side crow, pigeon, and dolphin to kick forearm head stand. I felt like a yoga rock star.

The classes weren’t so stiff that I felt I couldn’t talk or laugh. At all times someone was wiping sweat, taking a drink of water, falling from a pose or pushing through a pose. It was casual and relaxed. Just my speed.

I’m would barely call myself a yogi. I think that term is earned, but I’m determined to get there. Quieting my mind. Allowing my self to be the student. Focusing on my breath and the flow of all of these cool new moves. It’s like I’m in and their world. I’m transported and single-minded on the postures. I feel taller, longer and like I’m lengthening of my life.

I’m sold.


Core power offers a c1, c1.5. C2, C3, cool sculpt, Core Restore, Hot Power Fusion and Hot YOGA.

There are Core Power Yoga studios all over the United States.  Click here to find the Core Power nearest to you.

Thank you Core Power Yoga!  Namaste.

Giving, sharing, loving, sweating, stretching

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Love, lift and be FIT!






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