Bringing Sweaty Back, Metabolism Monday

Is it true?

There is so much crap out in the market place.  FAKE NEWS, industry lies, gimmicks and off the wall ridic quirky quick fixes with false promise.

How can anyone know what is good or bad or true or false?  

Today I will attempt to indemnify some of your failures and answer some of your enquiring “FITness and Health”related questions.   After all, just because a vegetable is green and nutrient rich doesn’t mean it comes without adverse side effects!

Does broccoli cause bloating!  That’s a big fat YES!  And while you’re at it, add cabbage and kale to the list. 

Kale, broccoli, and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables, which contain raffinose, whatever that is!  Lol. I won’t leave you hanging, raffinose sugar that remains undigested until bacteria in your gut ferment it, which produces gas and, in turn, cause bloating. But don’t shun the healthful greens just yet. 

So keep eating the green stuff, but keep the portions in check. Just because veggies like broccoli and kale are “healthy and fiber rich” doesn’t mean it’s ok to gorge.   If you absolutely can’t part ways with even a gram of kale, steam it!  Steaming veggies pulls water from the vegetable and shrinks the portion as some of the water cooks out.  This takes up less space in the GI tract.  It certainly doesn’t eliminate or prevent bloating, but it may make some veggies easier to digest. 

Does drinking beer contribute to weight gain?  It most certainly can. (this is basically a yes) Beer is liquid empty calories that contain a lot of wheat and barley.  Beer drinkers who consume more than 5 beers a week (which we all know is really one trip to the bar, one football half, one two-hour dinner, one baseball game) are at risk of gaining, bloating and extra mid section weight.  Another shameful side effect for beer drinkers is the munchies.  Grazing and beer consumption seem to go hand in hand.  Drinking beer at the tail gate type sporting and social events seems to lead to bad eating.  It’s hard to tame the munchies once the beer goggles are on.    Cheesy jalapeño nachos become suddenly irresistable as does the greasy Whataburger with double fries.  

Does asparagus make everyone’s tee tee (aka urine ) stink? That’s a smelly hold your nose YES and almost on contact!  Asparagus is a natural diuretic and lives up to its funky shew wee name!  Aspartic acid which is basically asparaGAS!  No matter how you prepare this long-stemmed green veggie, it’s a genuine guarantee that 10 minutes after eating you will notice a foul urine smell.  But who cares, no one is smelling it but you.  Grill, broil, steam or cut up fresh asparagus and eat up.  It’s loaded with iron.  

Is Oscillococcinum just a placebo?  No…not at all! It’s real and it works for me and my family. Introducing Oscillococcinum (still don’t know how to pronounce it) which is a natural medicine.  I take it at the immediate onset of fatigue or flu-like symptoms.  It will stave off an illness like nothing I have ever tried.  I feel like it helps me get over the hump faster than traditional medicines.  I don’t need scientific evidence.  The proof is how much better I feel when I take these tiny crystal granules.  

Is ginger really good for sour tummy problems?  TRUE!  Ginger is a natural spicy root that has unexplained super hocus pocus medicinal uses. It’s often acts an anti-inflammatory and despite its pungent taste, soothes a sour upset stomach in no time! Peel and add some slivers to water or a hot green tea.  It punches up the flavor and is a common cure for tummy and cold related virus.  

Is brown rice better to eat than white rice? Most definitely YES! Brown rice contains fiber, bran and germ.  It’s higher in nutrient content.  While considered a carbohydrate it’s a good car because it’s a natural earth grain!  Grains go down and digest way better than complex 

Is it better to eat bland unseasoned food?  NO NO NO. On the contrary.   Live it up on the spicy side of life.  Adding peppers and savory seasoning to any or every meal will help speed up the metabolism.  Ever seen some break out in a sweat while eating a spicy dish?  What’s happening?  The peppers naturally elevate the heart rate which can cause perspiration.  Word of warning, if you suffer with repetitive  heart burn be cautious of triple xxx peppers like a serano, Habanero or jalapeno pepper.  Stick with a subtle chipotle or tomato based salsa.    

Doing Cardio (for an hour a day) is the fastest way to drop weight?  FALSE, with a capital F!  Cardio is important. It’s heart healthy and it does help burn up some calories but… you don’t have to run or log one cagillion miles to drop unwanted pounds.  To lose weight you have to burn fat and in order to burn fat you have to lift weights and sculpt and chisel out lean muscle. Cardio has its place.  It’s good to get the blood pumping and keep the body fluid and active.  But the secret to true weight loss is in the IRON.  Pumping iron, burning fat and consistent eating!  Eating a clean proper low carb,  high protein diet. #ahungrybodyisahealthybody

Nuts are a bad fat?  No, not necessarily. Nuts offer protein and fat. Like certain fruits, I steer clear from some more fatty nuts like pecans, macadamia, peanuts and walnuts!  My munch of choice is almonds, pistachios and cashews!  Don’t be shy and make a little trail mix with, raisin, cranberries, pumpkin and or sunflower seeds!  All nuts in moderation of course. 

Crunches are the end all be all to get sculpted six-pack abs. Nope!  Abs exercises are vital and have their place but eating a lean clean diet is where the magic is!  You can crunch till the cows come home and leave again but if you’re not eating like a champ your abs are not going to show. Sculpted abdominals require a high protein lean clean diet married to weighted ab exercises.  Equally yoked.

Is it true that FITness competitors eat a greasy high fatty meal the night before a big event or photo shoot?  YES! I have not personally competed but I understand the science behind it.  When a competitor has been eating a steady ultra, most likely no carb clean diet with an enormous amount of beast like training, the body needs a trick. Most likely the competitor has dropped water intake to a crawl and has been physically lifting and training in excess.  In order to get the muscles to dehydrate and shrink-wrap if you will, competitors or fitness models the night before a shoot, eat a big greasy burger, fries candy, and drink a beer.  These foods deplete the muscles (momentarily) and give the illusion of tighter toned physique.  Adding carbs and small amounts of water, will swell the muscles with glycogen, the stored sugar that you use for energy.  It’s not healthy or recommended for common repetitive use.  


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Have more health and FITness related questions?  Industry secrets exposed?  

Don’t be shy? Ask and if I don’t know I will research study and find the answer.

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Love, be FIT and LIFT!

Angi xo

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