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Blue Apron

Have I not told you about Blue Apron?  Folks I know that my name and the word apron don’t exactly align but… just hear me out!

First please forgive me, I have been crazy busy in the gym with all of the Christmas go getters…but listen up this is good news!

My heavens yall Blue Apron is an efficient gourmet food service and a game changer in my world.

Last January I began experimenting with some of the new faddy food services being touted on social media.  I might as well say that the first two I tried were total duds.   Disappointed and deflated I had lost hope until someone told me about BLUE APRON.

Hello Blue Apron and where have you been all my life??  This is the real deal.  Blue Apron isn’t trying to capture your attention with suave modern packaging.  They aren’t trying to glamorize the art of cooking into something it’s not.  It’s just farm fresh food ready to prepare and it taste like the picture looks….scruptious and yummy!

Blue Apron is for the on the go mom or dad.  It’s for the serious regimented gourmet cook.  It’s for the business traveler who, when home, wants an above average home cooked meal but doesn’t have the energy to shop.

Blue Apron has got it going on and is the best bang for the buck.    Blue Apron partners with farmers to deliver high-quality ingredients, carefully curates each recipe, and delivers delicious meals to your door that will have you begging for seconds.  Did you hear that…DELIVERS RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  Every little item you need is in the box.  All of it.

Pick from a  2 person plan or a Family Plan

A menu choice comes to your inbox eery week.  You have the luxury of CHOICES!  Click directly from your email onto the site and pick from a range of weekly recipes.  SO SIMPLE!


Does now trending Beef Medallions & Brown Butter Caper Sauce with Italian-Spiced Potatoes & Turnip tittle your fancy?

What about ??1218_2PP_Chicken-Potatoes_96354_SQ_hi_res

Seared Chicken & Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Pan Sauce.  This is right up Mr. Chicken Fry’salley minus the green vegetable (healthy) part!

Have a look at the customer Favorite.
Spicy Smoked Trout Sandwiches with Roasted Sweet Potato.  This taste incredible.  Of  course I swapped out the bread for some a gluten-free bun and only ate half!


Also on the menu are quick and easy 30-Minute Meals!  HOORAY for efficiency.
Basil Pesto Pasta & Broccoli with Roasted Carrots


Let’s all be honest here.  If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!  The directions are easy. to read and legible by even 44 and older squinty eye balls.  I may not make it look just like this but all i know is it sure taste good.

While every meal may not be Abercrombie FITness Approved food,  Mr. Chicken Fry and the teen queen LOVE IT!  Drop the mic!

So, whether cooking is a passion, or you’re simply looking for a push to expand your cooking ability,  Blue Apronis the ideal gift this holiday season.

Have a friend or family member who loves to cook?  This is the gift for that loved one.  A Blue Apron Gift Card is your ticket and makes for the perfect holiday gift for that person on your shopping list.  I’m telling you folks you will not be disappointed.  Try it…you  determine how often and when you get deliveries and you can cancel anytime no questions asked.  

Love, chow down but hurry and order now!



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