Bringing Sweaty Back

Prepare to Party

It’s party time with a whoopie tee doo and a dickery dock. The lights are strung, some presents are ordered and on their way and just maybe a few are wrapped under the tree.

But what’s more is that you’ve accepted the Christmas party invitation(s).   Your festive sparkly bling and fancy shoes are shined up and ready to get a groove on.

But BELIEVE me, you can easily put on some serious unecessary pounds during the glitzy holidays if you ONLY prepare the wardrobe.  

Party people are party prepared! Prepare to party.  

Much of what I’m about to about to preach is OVERLY redundant. You’ve heard it before but I’m a firm believer that repetitive positive affirmations and guidance eventually produce strong habits.  

Party Prep FIT tips for mounds of merriment and Christmas cheer.

  • EAT! By all means eat!  Eating before a party sounds ridiculous but trust me it’s NOT.  Don’t skip meals on the day of the party.  Even if you have an office lunch party, dont’ skip breakfast! Eat your regular normal (whatever that looks like for you) daily intake right up to the event. In other words, don’t skip breakfast and lunch and the mid day snack before a big party or holiday dinner.  NOT EATING LEADS TO OVER EATING!  What you don’t want, is to be famished when the food is served. The key is to be selective and mindful not ravaneous. Who knows, you might find yourself in a heavey appetizer situation.  If you have not prepared for this kind of event you will literallty be starving if you didn’t eat before the party.  Most likely you will make terrible forced food choices and gorge on the greasy cheesy hordeaurves.  So eat before you go so you don’t over eat.


  • VISIT.  Talk.  Chummy chum chum it up!  Go ahead and gear up for some small talk.  Give it a go and really connect with your friends and or your co-workers…or for that matter (gasp) strangers.  Why not?  It’s the holidays for petes sake.  What’s so wrong with yucking it up and gabbing. This is the time to celebrate, connect and enjoy quality “special” time with people. This means all human beings.  Yes, I’m talking to you too Mr. or Mrs. Introvert.  Think of it this way…chit chat is way better than ogling over all the food and desserts.  Awkard small talk burns calories!  Get to know your co-workers boyfriend.  Step out and introduce people that aren’t acquainted.  This kind of face to face dialogue is good for the heart and soul.

  • TASTE AWAY.  If you are looking forward to Bob’s Steak and Chop House garlic buttery mashed potatoes or Betty Lou’s Christmas caserole, by all means have a taste!  Eat a few bites.  If your mouth is watering over the signature dessert such as creme brûlée or tiramisu by all means have a hefty spoonful.  There is great satisfacation with the taste or few small bites!  I promise, food doesn’t taste any better the more you eat.  You’re waist line will thank you.
  •  DRESS TO IMPRESS. I’m from TEXAS and when I was a little girl, I use to hear older women say “I’m wearing my big dress or my elastic pants to the party.”  This meant they would wear their stretchy loose fitting outfit so they could pig out and not feel constricted.  Have you ever?  Girls, I want you to feel constricted if you eat too much! Wear something tight and form fitting that makes you THINK about every singe morsel you put into your mouth!  I bet you make a sweep by the veggie tray and deli meat area before the cheese or cookie tray!  And that goes for you guys out there too.  Heck, wear something that fits snug or just right. Your form fitting dress or jeans just might make you rethink the bad choice or over eating.  Dolling up!
  • STICK TO YOUR GUNS.  Your heavy, overweight, Aunt Ethel doesn’t necessarily mean any harm, but family and close friends WILL put pressure on you to let the guard down over holidays. Don’t you dare let anyone guilt you into an extra helping of grandma’s gravy or the corn casserole sufloee if you don’t really want it!  Don’t let your pushy co-worker nudge you into the fried egg roll or fried calamari if your not feeling it!  You already tasted the cream spinach and sauteed mushrooms just politely say no thank you and keep passing the plate.  No one should “shame you” into trying everything at the pot luck or the buffet line.  Ultimately it’s only you who will be in the gym burning off all of those extra calories. Not your friend or cousin. Be polite but agressive and stick to the plan!

  • SPIN DOCTOR – Reverse it.  Be the positive enforcement at the office party or family gathering.  Encourage your friends to chose the lighter fare on the menu or suggest drinking a glass of water before moving to the dessert table.  They may roll their eyes and make a snide remark about your FIT physique and thats A-OK.  You work hard for that figure by gosh by golly!  Keep your head in the game and your lifestyle will spill over to others.  You are not purposely guilting them with your grilled chicken and vegetables!



  • HYDRATEand don’t over calorate.  I just made that up but what I mean is don’t waste your hard earned weight loss and work in the gym by ruining it with sugary drinks or mixers.  A vodka O.J,  cranberry or grapefruit are loaded with sugar and empty calories.  And don’t get me started on margaritas.   A better bad choice would be a vodka soda with lime or a whiskey and water.  Light beer is alwasy preferred.  Free loading is also cool.  Iced tea, coffee and water with lemon are FREE99 and sideeffect free!
  • SHAKEyour groove thang!  Don’t be shy to get on up on the dance floor and do a little dance!  It burns calories, it’s fun and why not, it’s a holiday party!  Everyone loves the dance floor (even the shy folk) so this is your chance to leverage the guilt and get them grooving.  Look for the friend who is buzzed on champagne, wait for a great up beat song, grab their hand and off you go!  Don’t waste that hot outfit and those flirty holiday shoes…cut a rug cutie!  Even if your attending a small house party suggest some uptempo dance music and initiate a bust a move break dancing competition.    Just dance.  Committ to it and give it a minute or two.  You won’t be alone for long!

RECAP – Not night cap!

Enjoy but don’t DESTROY.  HYDRATE and keep your head in the game.  EAT so you don’t over eat.  TASTE and move on.  ENCOURAGE and by all means DANCE!  

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Love, eat the cherry and be merry!



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