Muscles and Mascara


Last week I had a routine mammogram. It was time to check the “tatas” and do my female due diligence.

I drove to Plano to a new diagnostic radiology clinic and by the time I was finished, I was starving to death. Hangry is more like it.

I was looking around trying to find a decent healthy place to eat when I noticed a Market Street grocery store. It would only be sensible for me to whip into Market Street, feed my hunger pangs and pick up the three items I forgot the night before.

I drove across the street and to the right of the grocery store practically calling my name was the all alluring Nordstrom Rack!! I did what all practical famished females would have done. I shoved my hunger pangs to the side and let my shopping endorphins carry me right into the double doors. We all know that shopping stamina trumps hunger in a hot minute.

In less than 30 minutes I had three pairs of shoes and one killer pair of white jeans in my hands.

Lucky for me, I had happened on a very cute pair of flat sandals but the mark down price was only $79. I reluctantly lugged them to the check out line in hopes of a price check.

With a shy smile, I kindly asked the clerk to check the price of the SUPER darling suede tassel flat sandals. With no hesitation the clerk explained that all items are pre tagged with the lowest price but he would double-check. He flipped the sandals over and

to my chagrin, announced they were only $29. Well color me happy, that’s more like it and I’ll take them.

In the next second he scanned the tag and said, “Miss, I was incorrect, these shoes just rang up for one cent!!”

What??? I couldn’t even process his words.

“Like a penny? You’re telling me that these once marked $150 sandals are only going to cost me a single penny?” I say in a jubilant tone.  I was ecstatic and perplexed and so excited about my penny purchase.

In some euphoric spirit filled state I immediately phoned my Mr. Chicken Fry to announce my good fortune. Here is where it gets funny folks so please stay with me!

I told him that I was on my way to the grocery store to pick up three missing items from the night before.Now before I could go on, in an abrupt manner he rudely interrupted my exciting news.

“What were the items you forgot from the store?” he asked.  Annoyed at his question, I quickly I rattled off the short list, “turkey, dog food and water for the gym, why?”

“Turkey,”  he barked back?  “Didn’t you just make our daughter a turkey sandwich this morning with the turkey from the fridge?

“No,” I answered, “I made her a ham sandwich, but why does it matter?”

Before he could answer I offered one more tid bit of information.

“The turkey in the fridge is old,” I said.

I heard a loud, “OH NO,” come from his mouth.   “How old?”

Mr. Chicken Fry begrudgingly confesses to making a turkey sandwich even though the turkey smelled funny.  He further goes on to admit that while eating the sandwich, he kept telling himself that the pungent odor was most likely caused from the fact that his wife buys all kinds of weird, off the wall, special skinny FITness food.  He figured that the turkey but be some kind of “special dietetic turkey” so it smells funny.  FITness food does stink sometimes, so I’ll give him that.  (click here to ready more about that)

By this point, I can’t disguise my obnoxious laughter so I just let it exploded.  In my high-pitched laughing voice,  I’m trying to tell him that it wasn’t but a few days old but he hung up on me.  Now I’m really laughing thinking he made a big whopping turkey sandwich with questionable turkey.

Seconds later he called back.

“Why did you leave spoiled turkey in the frig?”  “Why didn’t you toss it in the garbage?” he asked.

“Why didn’t you check the expiration date dude?”, I say with a light chuckle.

Click, he hung up again.

My giggles were still bold when he called back seconds later.  This time he was  more concerned, “I think I’m going to be sick, why would you feed me spoiled turkey meat.”

“Honey, you never make your own sandwich, (because I do it for him) so I wasn’t concerned.  I was going to toss it out when I got home with the fresh replacement.  It’s NOT my fault you ate slimy spoiled funky turkey.”  At this point I was STILL laughing and being kind of cocky so  ‘m sure you know what came next.


Luckily, Chicken Fry didn’t die or get sick.  He did have a few other minor mental breakdowns over it but all in all he was just fine.

I did…finally get to share my one cent purchase story with Mr.chicken Fry and he was impressed. Later that day he sent this photo. Maybe this person has experience the one cent sale at Nordstrom Rack.

Also, the store clerk told me that evidently, Nordstrom Rack has merchandise all over the store that’s miss marked and will ring up for a single penny! It’s a needle in a haystack but hey…it’s a chance! Who knew?!?

The moral of this true humorous story is, when in doubt, ASK!  It’s okay to ask or question expiration dates and or ask for a price check.  You never know….it just might get a surprise and or you might avoid making a mistake.

If you have questions about diet and or how to begin a new exercise regimen I just might have the answer you’re looking for.  I have 20 plus years of FITness experience.  I’d be happy to spoil you with my virtual FITness program.


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Love, don’t wait and check the expiration date!

Angi xo

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