Bringing Sweaty Back

FITness holds a candle

I relish candles.  There is something expressive about a singular flame slowly melting wax away and I like it.   It’s captivating and makes me happy!  I’m wildly attracted to the fragrant scent of citrus candles. Call me crazy, but occasionally I will light a candle and burn it all day and night just because I can.

Candles are cool because they create an immediate mood.  They set a tone whether it’s day or night.  With one match strike a votive candle will transform a bath or a bed room experience.  Gentleman listen up….this is good FREE romantic information.

Candles enhance romance, invite you into a space, inspire a dull office, create illumination at weddings and do a whole lot more than just light up a birthday cake.  Candles have a way of making us FEEL.  For me, I light candles to feel fresh fancy and free.

The downside to candles is their often hefty price.  I’m a frugal franny and while I love the glow and aroma of a nice scented candle, I do hate paying a sky-high price.  It’s wax and a wick in a glass jar for goodness sake, why does it have to cost so many dollars?  I start having conversations with myself about all the other things I could spend money on.  But when I fially stock up on candles, I’m as giddy as a kid in a candy store.  I look forward to positioning the candles all over the house and lighting it up like the fourth of July!

Now I’m no candle connessieur but all of this candle love got me to thinking. In the same way that I abhore paying $15-$25 for a candle, you may feel the same when it comes to paying for training sessions or gym membership fees!  Am I RIGHT?

People dread investing money into exercise and or healthy eating.  They love the idea of a FIT healthy body but when the rubber meets the road or in this case a moth to the flame, they back off. They pull back and over analyze in the same way I do about candle spending.

Suddenly the risk isn’t adding up to the reward. They start asking themselves questions about budget and time and all the other things and ignore their health.

Learning to live a healthy lifestyle doens’t have to melt your credit card.  The only thing that should be burning is the fat from your body and celebration candle by the bath tub when you soak your sore fatiqued muscles.  


I have learned that sometimes I have to go out of my way to find good, long lasting candles at a discount.  I shop places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Ross, and T.J. Max to find a good wheel and deal!  Listen up lady friends, I know many of you are driving crazy miles for a weekend shopping extravaganza at a far away outlet mall.  I also know that you will drive 15 miles out of the way for a Nordstrom Rack or a Neiman’s Last Call.  My question is, why won’t you go out of your way to shop for healthier food or meal prep?  You won’t take 15 minutes to boil and peel eggs or blend a protein shake to keep the muffin top at bay but you sure don’t mind driving 30 minutes for a giant cardigain to hide it!  It’s mind blowing to me!


Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!


Snap out of it girlfriend.  Try out my meal plan.  It comes with the workout program (see below) or sold separately.  Learn to ignite your fat burning machine, aka your metabolism, and burn fat by eating a healthy diet.  This doesn’t mean starve, it means cleaning up your greasy cheesy diet.  You can actually learn to eat your way to a healthier body.  Think about it this way, you can spend money on perscription medicine like blood pressure, cholestrol, depression, etc or spend on hour working out?  SAve money and do it the natural way.  Spend your money wisely.   Don’t burn it on prescription pills that are going to keep you bloated and tired.  Do it with natural fruits and vegetables and some exercise.  Keep your body burning bright.  Stock up and get giddy with me.  Before you know it you will acatually look forward to coming home and meal prepping for the week.  You will be busting with glee to fill up your frig with containers of pre-prepared snacks such as chicken breasts, rice, vegtables, nuts and berries.  Want to know why? Because you will feel good.  Because you will notice a change in your waist line and your breathing.  You will sleep better, have more stamnia as you become more active.

In the way a candle can transform a mood, exercise can transform your body. Exercise is stimulating leading to blood flow. Blood flow and oxygen bring on endorphins which make you feel alive. The more awake and present you are the more aware you become of how you feel. The more you exercise the better you feel in turn recognizing how bad you had been feeling. Exercise can bring your body out of a numb state.

Working out can also be an anger management life line. You can be mad at the world and just after tackling a few sets of dumbbell curls, push ups, squats and abdominal crunches your attitude is different. The gym absorbs the stress you release leaving your body and mind in a lighter state.   Have a bad day at the office?  Wound up tight from a day with toddlers?  Need a break from house work and bills?  Take it out on the gym!

Exercise, like a candle, can set the tone for your day or even week. Start the day with a 30 minute cardio session and power through your day like a boss! An evening yoga session can deepen your mind and help you rest and relax. Who knows, the new weight loss and activity just might spark more than a burning candle!  Exercise is good for a lot of things!

Like the candle, the flame burns bright. Eating healthy coupled with workout creates a fat burning pilot light.  The wax drips and so will your sweat.  It’s not going to be easy but  it will transform your body and your mind.  I’m sure of it.   I’m living proof.

If you don’t know where or how to begin try the Abercrombie and FITness 6 week workout program.  I have done the leg work for you.  All you have to do is invest in yourself.  Make this the year you blow out the birthday candles with vigor and excitement celebrating a healthier YOU!



All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


It was Erma Bombeck who taught me that it was silly to save the candle lighting only for special occasions.  She encourages us to live in our homes, use the china, sit and hang out in the formal living room, light the candles and LIVE life to the fullest!

It’s true.  No more waiting for company to arrive.  Take your  health back!  Don’t let the doctors put you on a bunch of meds.  Don’t wait for the doctors to tell you it’s time to exercise.  Take control of your health and light up your life!

Love, lift and be FIT !


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