Bringing Sweaty Back

Long weekends

Don’t blow it!

Hands up for the three day weekend!

If you are currently in a “slim down” phase or FITness journey do not blow your progress!

Long holiday weekends do not have to be your demise! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the backyard barbecues and poolside or lakeside gatherings without packing on extra pounds.

One of my favorite ways to curb ravenous party hunger is to eat before the event or social function. Load up on a high protein low carb low fat something.  Try a gluten free ham or turkey sandwich, a grilled chicken salad or turkey wrap.  Creating a base will allow you to make better food choices if and when the time comes.

I always make a big batch of my zesty lite chicken salad! It’s a party favorite for those keeping it on the high and tight side!

If alcoholic beverages are involved, eating in advance will especially help curb the “under the influence” careless eating.  Beer and wine goggles have a sneaky little way of tempting us to make bad food choices.  If you know that intoxication kills your mojo then don’t drink.  Stick with sparkling water or club soda with lime in a wine glass!  If this is not a possibility,try and exercising some self control. Like a good pastor would say, “it’s not the first glance that will get someone into trouble. It’s the second and third look that creates a problem.”  Look and walk away! Look and walk away. There is nothing for you there! Go grab a large cold bottled water and drink it. Don’t loose focus. Nip all of that processed snack food and nasty temptation in the bud and walk away.

If you choose to eat at the party, stake out the high protein areas!  Make a high protein plate of food.  Steer clear of the dessert table. Stick with the deli and grilled meats. Take a hefty serving of salad and whole grain carb like potatoes or rice.

Start your very own healthy trend. Take your own food! I do this all the time. If grilling is taking place, take a few pieces of marinated grilled chicken or fish to toss on the grill. The grill master will NOT mind a few more things to cook. Don’t be embarrassed to bring a veggie tray or steamed vegetables. With confidence, plop a large bag of gluten free chia chips and salsa on the table. I promise you people will want to sample a healthier alternative. You could inspire someone at the party to live a better life.

People will as or should actually encourage your new healthy habit.

If you want to cheat on a hot dog or a cup cake by all means have a bite or two and toss it in the trash. If you need a reminder of how far you have come just look down or touch your waist line. It’s tighter and more firm. Don’t screw it up in lousy party food.

Think of this as a friend-intervention.

Don’t blow it. You will be free from snug tight clothes. Your muffin top will not be pooching out as bad. You can feel your waist instead of counting fat rolls!

Doesn’t that all feel so good!

Happiness and healthy ness is walking away feeling secure in knowing you kept it together. You didn’t fall off the wagon! You didn’t succumb to the party pressure.

You aren’t going to starve! You aren’t missing out on the fun!

Go home

Go to bed

You won!

Love, weekend, but keep it in the shallow end!


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