Bringing Sweaty Back


Want to know the the secret to a fantastic workout? It’s all about the warm up!


20 push up

20 prisioner squats

20 jumping jacks

This little diddy is sure to fire up the core, upper body, lower body and the heart!

While getting started is almost always the hardest part, the warm-up is where the magic begins. It’s in the warm-up that you get your mind right. I always start off with some self positive pep talk. “Girl, this is your hour.” “This is all about me time.” “Finally, my happy hour has arrived.” Within minutes, my blood starts circulating and I can feel my heart thumping. WAKE UP body…it’s time to go to work!

Other idea include:

Jogging in place, or kicking your own butt.

Treadmill, spin or eliptical for 2-3 minutes.

I do not advise a pre-workout stretch sesh. Reserve stretching for after or during the workout. It’s more important for the muscles to be awake and warm than to be stretched right off the bat.

Don’t pre-load on a ton of water. Hydrating is fundamental but limiting your water intake before a workout is advised. Reserve water drinking for in between sets and post-work. Too much water before a workout can make you feel bloated, heavy, and or interrupt the session. Feeling the water slosh in your stomach can make you feel nauseous.

Don’t over caffeinate or overeat. These two items can come back to haunt you with a vengeance. They often involve nausea, upset stomach, and pain. It’s a no-no!


Speaking of WARM – My Mr. Chicken Fry is in the construction business. He’s a general contractor specializing in roofing and remodels. While sourcing for a client, he found an amazing AMAZON buy on outdoor patio heaters.

Infratech WD5024 Electric Quartz Patio Heater

Mr. Chicken Fry says two or more of these babies, (depending on the space) are the ticket to outdoor living life! Take your workouts outside under the heaters! (YES PLEASE)

Fingers crossed, we will be installing our electric heaters this time next year. We are in the planning process of our very own remodel.

When it get’s cold, I literally have to gear up. I stumbled upon these FLEECE LINED Leggings YES GIRL, they have the side pockets and everything. I actually packed them for the ski trip and they worked perfectly over my base layer. Only $25 a pair!

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants - Yoga Pants with Pockets Tummy Control, 4 Ways Stretch Workout Running Yoga Leggings

Once your warm and ready to shed a layer – Check out these darling workout tops!

THE TWIST TANK – Four way stretch moisture wick fabric. I’m wearing a size small.The TWIST TANK also comes in black and flamingo.

This long sleeve 1/2 zip with front pocket in salmon. Waiting on mine to arrive so I’m showing you the models. This is a great piece for layering. It’s thin enough to pair with a puffer coat or a vest!

MIPPO BACKLESS WORKOUT TOP Only $16.99 – I purchased coral and white.


After a workout, the optimal cooldown is a light, nonstrenuous stretch. Gentle enough to stretch out the muscle groups that you just ripped to shreds. Stretching followed by a protein-packed feeding! The cool down calls for fuel. A grilled chicken or grilled salmon salad, skip the cheese and dressing. Turkey, avocado, lettuce wraps or chug a lug on a protein shake. Click The link to see my favorite protein shake, I prefer vanilla the team queen prefers chocolate.

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