Bringing Sweaty Back

Novaturient (online boutique)

I’m going to keep it real and keep it in the family. And by family I mean, my tribe, my friends, my goal-getters and girl gang workout warriors here is a little something different. Today is an all inspiring post about a bad to the bone female who can’t be stopped. A girl who genuinely creates to empower women from tip to toe.

My FUN, FIT, fab cousin Da’Neille, started NOVATURIENT BOUTIQUE, over a year ago. It’s an up and coming hip online boutique for women. She caters to females in the 20-50’ish age range. NOVATURIENT is all the current trends and quality without the sticker shock of pricey boutiques.

MEET Da’Neille. She is a 48-year-old actress and entrepreneur. She is married with three children and grandchildren. Da’Neille has an inherent organic flare and eye for style. She brings such a graceful and semi-edgy vibe to her boutique. Like me, she loves earthy tones, all-natural textures and FITness. She is active and spunky.

She also understands women and the benefit of EVERYDAY beautiful everyday clothing. As women Da’Neille knows that we come in all shapes and sizes. Her goal is to style a female leaving them confident, looking and feeling their best…even in sweat pants! I hope you will take a gander around her online store and find something fabulous for yourself or a special friend.


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I’m keeping it cozy in the softest – fluffy – PJ, lounge wear pants on planet earth. I love the ribbed flare detail at the bottom. I was super cold and paired it with this (pre-tattered) rockin sweater.


This GAME Day sweater – turtle neck pancho style pull over is side line sporty! It’s easy to slip on and off for layering.

I’m a fan of a V-neck and this silky top hit the spot. It comes in three colors, mustard, navy and cream. This top is a classic keeper to wear with jeans or leggings. This silky T is so versatile and would pair with a blazer or a leather motorcycle jacket. $65

Let’s talk about the copper button fly jeans! They are stretchy, mid-rise, skinny at the ankle and officially my new favorite pair of jeans!

I’m a sucker for an UNTAMED dressy tank top. I just love the high neck style and tie in the back. It’s not to dressy for jeans but would also be appropriate for office or business attire. It is one of many prints.

I love clothes that make you feel happy in the hanger. Novaturient Boutique’s pieces motivate me to get cute! When I catch a glimpse of a new sweater or top I get excited.

Where are we going? I’m not sure but when or where I’ll be wearing the goods but I’m going to be ready.

There is some fun stuff to shop don’t you think? I’m so proud of her work and attention to quality and affordable style.


If you like what you see and or want more style motivation follow NOVATURIENT Boutique on Instagram!

Iron sharpens iron and Da’Neille does that for me. She inspires me. She shares her love for healthy food, to be a fearless Christian and girl boss. She encourages me and lifts my spirits with her smile.

Don’t we love women like this?

Love, share the esteem and dream!

Angi xo

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