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The Trilogy Wand

Prepare for home facial bliss!

Introducing the Trilogy Wand, a three in one in home facial spa experience. This do-it-yourself beauty wand is sure to leave your skin begging for more. The first of it’s kind, The Trilogy Wand is a way to enhance or extend the life of your skin care and or beauty treatments. This tool of WANDer will work in conjunction with your weekly, or bi-weekly or monthly treatments. Think of it like a home-helper.

Joshua Ross, founder and celebrity aesthetician is the brains behind this amazing non-invasive beauty wand. Josh is the owner of Ross Skin Lab USA in West Hollywood and Beverly Hill, CA. His passion for skin and symmetry fueled the Trilogy Wand. No appointment needed.

Joshua Ross

My mission with the Trilogy Wand is to make spa worthy skin accessible to everyone — no matter who you are or where you live. We all deserve to live beautifully, and the Trilogy Wand makes that even easier and more convenient for you! ~Josh Ross

A unisex, hand-held skin care device for all skin types. Use the Trilogy Wand on your hands, neck, decollete’ or face.

Trilogy Wand System with Skincare Kit


This warm setting feels luxurious while tightening the skin and improving circulation which promotes collagen. Using the skin care included, simply smoothe on the firming gel primer and massage away. The Trilogy wand has an auto time off after 10 minutes. I typically set a five minute timer and massage one half of my face followed by the the other side. I usually reset the wand and finish with 6-10 minutes on my neck.

The results are immediate. The appearance of fine lines are less obvious. The easy to use massage guide gives a step by step “how to” that works.

Small gentle strokes and or circular motions make for a sweet relaxing experience.


Use the cryotherapy with blue LED in combination with the Soothing Toning Mist for 3 minutes to soothe and tighten skin. The cooling blue light is excellent for reducing puffy tired eyes. I use it for sinus pain and headache. It’s also great for spot treating pesky red spots or zits.


Use the ionic massage for lymphatic drainage modality in combination with the Leave-On Deep Hydration Mask for 3 minutes to lift and reduce puffiness. The massager is great for decreasing stress and tension. In a matter of 10 minutes or less your skin will appear more plump and radiant.

What’s Included:

  • Trilogy Wand 3-in-1 Device
  • Firming Gel Primer 1 oz.
  • Soothing Toning Mist 2 oz.
  • Leave-On Deep Hydration Mask 1 oz.
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual & Quick Start Guide


When I use the Trilogy Wand on a routine basis (once or twice a day) I can tell my skin is reaping the rewards. I often use it before an evening out. I give my cheeks a quick warming LED Infrared massage and instantly, my face feels lifted and tight. The more you use the wand the more benefits you will see and feel. It’s almost a residual effect.

The Trilogy Wand is compact and light weight to pack for travel. I have whipped it out on an airplane or airport as a way to reduce tension and de-puff tired eyes. You will be shocked at the extreme temperature change between settings. The even heat distribution is perfectly powerful. It’s shocking to feel the rapid cool setting in a matter of seconds.

Feel happy in the skin you are in.



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