Bringing Sweaty Back


If my sneakers could talk they would have a smorgasbord to brag about! Mainly our. relationship. Me and my sneaks are friends. They are like my daily ride or die buddies. My sneakers are like a tribe of their own. I rely on my sneakers just like we rely on our best friends word of wisdom when all is going south.

So yes, if my sneakers could talk they would have much to say. My sneakers might ramble on about the professional perks of being worn by a fitness trainer/ influencer. They might bitch about the long work hours and the sweat intake but that’s what good friends are for right?!

My flavor (pair) of the week is generally to many sporty events including some all expense paid vacations and super fun activities. You might hear my shoes whisper and wimper about all the miles, walking, jogging, and or city street strolling they endure. AND ITS ALL TRUE!

Like good girlfriends do, we wear each other out. I put them to the test and wear them to the nub. The parting is NEVER easy. It feels like a bad breakup. I grieve and think on all the places we have been and the workouts we pushed through. I generally can’t part super fast and send them to the “garage” to stay in the rotation of outdoor chore work sneakers.

It takes less time to buy a new car than it does for me to find two pair of perfect sneakers. I have high performance expectations. I live on my feet. I stand over 80 percent of the day. My shoes must support the long hours and accommodate my flat narrrow feet.

I look for max cush/cushioned soft souls and demand full ankle support. I don’t want or need a high arch support but I do want a tight fit. I appreciate color and style in the mix and will shop till I drop to find the best. AMAZON is the bomb!


APL – Athletic Propulsion Lab is a brand that I have long admired. These shoes are super cute and bold but they do not provide enough support for my flat feet. I do however have numerous clients who swear by them. There are many many colors and styles to choose from. CLICK HERE to check it out. I like the laceless shoe because it’s so easy to slip on and slip off!


Why did I wait to buy a pair of these sneakers? YALL, they are the lightest shoe I have ever felt in my life. To me they look a bit chunky due to the scalloped bottom but don’t let it fool you. These sneakers ONCLOUD FLOW are amazingly light and fab for running or jogging. The textured bottom has grip for all surfaces. There are at least 6 more color choices. While pricey, they will treat your feet like a queen. No shin splints or. foot cramps.

Leggings by ZYIA ACTIVE These are the metallic #4084 I’m wearing a size small. 5’4 125 pounds.

Adidas UltraBoosts 21

For training/ weight training and working out, I can’t find anything on the market to beat the Adidas Ultraboost 21. This will be my fifth pair. They are a little funky and chunky in the heal but I have grown to love it. Don’t let the husky look fool you, these sneaks are super light and supportive. They come in so many neutral or bold colors. Grey, tan, white, black and in between. The laces are stretchy and stay tied which is a bonus.

Adidas UltraBoosts 21

The SHIFT PINK is so pretty! These sneakers have a touch of metallic gold in the back. It gives the shoe a little bling and sass! I’m living in these sneakers.

Leggings by ZYIA ACTIVE gold leopard #1681 Firecracker light n tight high rise leggings #1983

Spring into spring with a new pair of sneakers and some printed leggings. New active wear always gives you pep in your step and sets you up for action!

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Love, lift and be FIT!


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