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Want to impress your teenager?  Just causally ask, “sup, so uhhh what’s your highest streak?”   All the kids are crazy strung out on “keeping the streaks.”  It’s a major hip fad in the Snapchat realm. I think my teen queen has up to a 469 streak with several of her besties.  WHATEVER floats their boat!?!?  BTW, if you are on Snap Chat…follow me @abercrombiefits.  I get all kinds of silly and whack a doo.  It’s like being the star of my own hit reality TV series cartoon!

ANWAY…this post is not about teenagers and their persistent streak tally.  What I want to  boast is a bit more intimate and sophisticated.  More like a 21 and over streak.

Many of you hooligans have inquiring minds!  My clients, friends and family keep bugging and want to know about my alcohol streak.  I have been asked no less than a thousand times if I’m still on the wagon.  So to clear the air and set the record straight, YES, I’M STILL ON THE WAGON!!!  It’s true.   Today is officially the 60 day mark, clean and clear, one hundred percent alcohol free.  Jaw dropping to some of y’all I know!

What initially began as a FITness decision to quit drinking wine during the week, took a sharp turn into a full-blown FAST from alcohol for Lent.  Believe it or not, I did it.  I made it the full 46 days without a single drop of alcohol.  Why stop there?  It has carried over and what’s so crazy is,  I still have a pulse!  Not to mention, contrary to popular belief, a thriving social life and clear head!   Who knew???  What I don’t experience anymore is dry cotton mouth, a dull headache and groggy foggy brain. #perk

Now listen, I don’t mean to brag….well yes I do, but I feel AMAZING!! 

During my 60 day stint away from wine and champagne I have learned a lot about myself.  I have pushed past my social fears and stood up to peer pressure.  This alone is a high.

As an habitual nightly wine and social drinker, I’m USUALLY the first to crash and burn.    Remarkably, now I stay up past 10:30pm and still wake up at 5:30am and not want to die!  It’s almost like I gained hours in my day that I didn’t even know existed. This whole new nightly vagary brought on a level of productivity that was usually lost to my wine coma. It’s also pretty cool that I happily volunteer to drive the teenage night shift with a clear conscious.  #Parentperk!

Hello hard body!  My arms, legs and abs are rock solid. I’m lifting more and feeling strong. Bloat be gone. No more puffy yucky feeling. #perk 

I have also experienced some mini milestones and sober firsts. I spent 4 whole days at the lake house without wine!  What?  The last time I did that I was pregnant with that baby girl. The lake and alcohol just seemed to go hand in hand. Guess what…it was just as much fun if not more without alcohol. Certainly more restful.  #perk I also experienced a girls night, a few happy hours and other social events all alcohol resistant.

I will say I have taken the tongue lashing.  It’s so interesting how intrigued people are with drinking habits.  People are fascinated that I could really withstand 60 days without alcohol.  Does this mean they thought I had a major problem?  Did my sobriety stint make them question their own habits?  At first it seems folks are generally interested, or acting as an undercover investigator because the thought has crossed their mind.  How are you doing it?  Is it hard?  Are you miserable?  Do you feel good?  Have you lost weight?  Do you think I would lose weight?  Is Mr. Chicken Fry still doing it too?  Is it easier with a partner?  What do you order?  Are you sleeping better?


I’m drinking all kinds of water.  Coconut water, fruit infused water and sparkling water. I invested in a Pressabottle .  This bad boy lets me create all kinds of flavored water combos.  (Ps, enter promo code: AbercrombieFIT for a 10% discount) When dining out I step it up a notch and order a club soda with lime in a wine glass.  #cheers

I get it. I was the crazy cat with like 20 million questions, when my friend went cold turkey for 118 days last year. I kept swarming her with a cross-examination of self worry, fear and  relevance.

There comes a point when every person on an alcohol free sober journey crosses a line.  For me it was at the end of week two.  For folks who are only social drinkers like myself and are not true “alcoholics” we cross a line. A line of clarity. A line of where weekend tasks or week night tasks happen naturally without even a thought about wine or alcohol.  Just like that…one day the urge or habit has vanished into thin air. After about 10-12 days the trigger was gone.

For me the toughest part was Friday!  For years Friday night was an absolute drinking fest. It was an natural unspoken given.  I was dependent and excited about popping a cork and pouring a tall stem of beautifully crisp bubbling champagne. It was my thang.  Jumping the Friday and Saturday evening hurdle was big but I made it over!  FOR ME,  there was a strange two hour window of  temptation time, between 6-8pm or 7-9pm.  Once I got past the time frame I was FINE!  So, I got busy doing.  Preoccupying myself with things like getting my nails done, make phone calls, taking a bath and catch up on Netflix.  #perk I actually able to finish a movie without falling asleep…(which really has nothing to do with alcohol and Mr. Chicken Fry can attest to this fact)   #perk Speaking of, we spend alot more time behind closed doors…if ya know what I mean.  xoxo #doublebonus #perk

The sun is shining brighter, the grass looks greener and I think my friends still like me!   #perk  I’m still the same cheesy chick with or without wine. Who knows, maybe they just use me as a designated driver? lol    I do love that when I’m ready to leave a party, I drive home carefree and totally uninhibited.  #perk

I’m all about belonging. Being sober 60 days or 600 days is like being in a unique club of people who understand only something someone can know who’s experienced it. Even after only 60 days I feel apart of something ultra cool and accomplished.  It’s like walking barefoot on soft green grass in the Summer time.  It feels really good and child like.  It’s logical and makes sense.  I exercise self control and dicipline. 

Now,  with my 44th birthday approaching I wonder if I will break the STREAK and raise a glass and toast to another year?  Will I feel guilty?  Will I like it?   Will my taste buds have changed?  Do I even want to drink one or two glasses?  Is it even worth it?  FOR WHAT???   If I do, I lose my STREAK!  Are streaks important?  I guess it all depends on who you ask!!!

Either way, It’s been an awesome and smooth ride on the wagon. If you have been wrestling with the idea, I highly recommend it!  Try it.  See how you feel.  Push past your comfort zone and see what’s on the other side.  There is never a “perfect or good time.”  You just have to go for it and step up and go for the ride.   All you have to do is make up your mind and commit.

Click here to see what my first steps were and how I got over the hump….The STRUGGLE is REAL!  !

Love, don’t be weak, keep the STREAK!  

Angi xo


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