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What’s crack-a-lacking?

Back to school is in some what of a swing.  The back packs are stuffed, lunches are made and the kids are out of your hair, the house!  It’s a perfect time to kick back and RELAX get things back in order.  One of your main core subjects just might be taking charge of your HEALTH!  

Before I go off on a tangent, I have to show off a quick pick of my teen queen’s first day of HIGH SCHOOL!!!  How in the world is this possible??

Okay…so here WE are.  Kids are back in school.  Everyone will have to find the rhythm of the school schedule but it’s not just the students who need to do a little homework.

To supplement or not to supplement? This is a big question in the minds of my readers and clients. Should or shouldn’t you invest in supplements? This, my dear friend, all depends on YOU and where you may be lacking!

LACKING???  That sounds rude and ugly!  Listen honey, this is a safe place, there is no shame or judgement here!  The truth is, no one is getting any younger and as we, ahem ahem, age, mature we could all use a little extra help!  Know what I mean?

Let’s first identity what a supplement actually is.  A supplement or supplements, in the FITness industry, are vitamins / minerals to be taken as an oral add-on.  A supplement  basically supplies a nutrient deficiency!   A few simple examples are  but not limited to, protein supplement, Iron or vitamin C.

Some of yall think that taking supplements is going to make you SWOLE and BIG!  Y’all thinking that supplements are what got Lance Armstrong in a lot of trouble. WRONG O! Supplements are NOT steroids, diet drugs or harsh chemical stimulants.  The general population would presume that supplements are only for the muscle heads, figure competitors and pro athletes.   This is false information.

Any chance you have ever fought a dastardly cold or needed an immune boost?  This would be a situation that would call for some extra vitamin C.  A little something something besides orange juice to help you over the hump.

Supplements are not for everyone and what might work for me may not be an issue for you.  Our bodies are constantly changing and as a result over time we lose certain support and supplements are there to cradle us like a baby.  Like a good neighbor supplements are here such as calcium, B-12 or Vitamin D. The list is long I could go on…Magnisium, Iron, Potassium, and Folate.

At the beautiful age of 44, I do confess to taking a daily dose of supplements. I usually pop mine about mid day after I have had a few meals!  One thing I know about my digestive tract is that I CANNOT take vitamins or minerals on an empty stomach.  Taking any form of vitamin with out at least one decent hearty meal in your belly can cause a queezy nauseous tum tum!


I personally take three supplements on a daily basis.  First up is the ever important BIOTIN, aka muscle for my mane.  I overdose take a double dose once a day.  I primarily take Biotin for my skinny hair woes!!  The purpose, in my case, is to reinforce the actual hair strands that I do have and to ensure that my skinny strands remain as strong as possible.


Chromium Picolinate is one of my favorite supplements.  Although there is no scientific research to back up the results I still BELIEVE!   Chromium Picolinate is NATURAL  It works with insulin in the body to metabolize carbohydrates.  Hello who doesn’t want help in this area??  It’s made by combining chromium with picolinic acid which helps the body absorb chromium. Therefore aiding in digestion which promotes weight loss in come cases.  I usually take one in the morning after breakfast and just before or after dinner.  I personally feel that it helps my body digest and breaks down food faster and easier.  I also encourage my teen queen to take one before dinner.


Anyone else experience a mid day lull?   Give me some energy and fight fatigue with B-12.  I get up at the crack of dawn so by 2:30-3pm every day I’m yawning like a son of a gun! A few years back I was really feeling wonky and sluggish every day and so my doc advised me to take B-12.  What do you know it helped! Vitamin B-12  helps to sustain my energy throughout the later part of the afternoon.  A lot of people use it as a mid afternoon boost.  B-12 comes in a buffet of forms such as yummy gummies, tablets, pills or liquid.  I like the sublingual liquid because I think it works faster. The downside is the flavor is uber tart.

As a rule, it’s best to, ” EAT IT BEFORE YOU POP IT,” approach.

 ~Angi Abercrombie 

If you suspect you have a nutrient deficiency, I strongly advise you to talk to your doctor. There are blood tests that drill down and determine specific deficiencies.  Most likely, if you are, the doc might refer you to a registered dietitian for supplements.

The best way to avoid or remedy nutrient deficiencies is to make sure you are eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.  I stand by my quote and always encourage food first!  However, if you are at an increased risk of a nutrient deficiency, you may benefit from taking a multivitamin. And those at risk include vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant.  Foods like spinach, bananas, green vegetables, carrots, and broccoli provide nutrient rich sources of vitamins.

Many women afar the age of 45 can become calcium deficient.  Milk does the body good and that’s why I drink from the jug!  If you are not a fan of cold delicious milk, you can get your calcium source from yummy carmel flavored calcium chews.  Shoot in this day and age we can supplement just about anything.  I will save the hormone supplement talk for another time. Mainly because I haven’t crossed that bridge yet but it’s coming.

Now that you have a wee bit more time to think…make sure you put vitamins and supplements on your grocery list. Better yet make an appointment to visit your doctor to run blood work and figure out what might be going on!

Here is a great total body workout.  Do this set 5-6 times with 15 reps of everything! Keep the weights between moderate and heavy.  GO GET EM TIGER-ress!


Never underestimate the power of regular exercise!  Exercise creates blood flow and endorphins.  DUH…doctors typically advice patients to begin a regimented weekly workout routine because it increases circulation, it’s heart healthy and aids in digestion.  The more you move and eat a prodominately healthy diet the less vitamin/pill popping you need to do.  The organic approach is always better.  Do yourself and your body a favor.  Eat healthy, workout and when the time comes take a vitamin.  Keep calm and carry on!  It doesn’t hurt to laugh and pray so you can go out and slag your day!

Crack is whack BUT supplements make up for what the body lacks!








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