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Ladies ladies enough with all of the breastions…I mean questions!  (lol)

I’ll get straight to the point.  YES, it’s true, the “tata’s” are usually, (but not always) the first to go bye-bye when the weight comes off.  

I mean, really darling, what did you expect?  The mammaries are milk producers and full of fat.  It’s not a bad thing.  It just is, WHAT IT IS!

Now that I have cleared the air and most of the men from the page, we can talk and chit-chat like school girls.  Some of y’all are GONE.  Out the door.  You’re lacing up your shoes faster than a speeding bullet and sprinting for the streets.  But for others, this is super DEFLATING news, no pun intended. :\

Let’s address the breast…the twins, the girls, the hooters.  It just so happens that boobs are a recurring hot topic in gym conversation.  One on one sessions and/ or group talk, seems we fem fatals are never really satisfied with our God given chest area.  Women are always wishing for bigger, less or cultivating ways to conceal, boost or create more that our natural state.  I hear ladies bragging about their new wanderful push up bra or begrudingly begging for more lift.

Here are my answers to some of the most comical yet relevant busome questions.

  • Every woman is born uneven. No female on planet earth has perfect symmetcrial boobs without going under the knife.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes!  Top heavy, bottom heavy, armpit boob, major cleavage, all chest no peck…all different.
  • It’s not uncommon for a women to have one or more nipples per breast.  Believe it or not, I was one of these girls.  I had a small (looked like a mole) nipple located in the crease, at the base of my right breast.  I had it removed for aesthetic reasons when I had my breast augmentation circa 1998.  Post matrimony I might add!
  • It is SAFE to breast feed after a breast augmentation.  TRUE!  I  personally opted not to breast feed but I have numerous girlfriends who have successfully breast fed with implants and their children have all been PERFECTLY fine! (lol)  More importantly, their boobs bounced back just like everyone else who chooses to nurse their infants.
  • Will lifting weights, make my make my boobs bigger?  Yes and no. The muscle under the breast the chest muscle can certainly be worked and tightened to give the illusion of firm perky breasts. However there is no exercise that will increase the actual breast tissue.
  • Genetics, mother and father, generally dictate cup size. Like mother, grandmother and daughter!  Look at ladies on both sides of the family.
  • Rumor has it you shouldn’t or can’t work the chest muscles if you elect to have breast enlargement surgery.  This is false.  It is true that you should respect and listen to the doctors orders.  It may be recommended to wait on lifting for 6-8 weeks or less.  The doctor may also advice to start light and gradually work up to lifting and pressing heavy weights.
  • What’s the best sports bra for support and good looks?  The consensus at Abercrombie and FITness is the underwire sports bra by Victoria Secret.   I have female clients swear by it’s comfort and cup. It has a back hook clasp and I must say it looks great on all of the gals that show it off.  It seems to provides a shape and does it’s job in the apparatus department.
  • You don’t have to wear a bra once you have experienced a breast augmentation.  FALSE!  Look at it this way, we are women and will/ should always wear a bra.  It is what it is.  I personally wear a bra to defy gravity.  Gravity is always on the prowl.  A bra keeps the tata’s in place.  A sports bra simply prevents bouncing which can lead to sagging and droop.  Might as well wear one to prevent breast tissue breakage particularly if you are uber active!  
  • Breast reductions reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.  I don’t speak from experience but I hear that the tension release is quite substantial.  
  • What is the difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation.  A breast augmentation typically refers to adding inserting an implant.  A breast lift involves cutting from the bottom of the breast up to the nipple, removing skin and breast tissue, lifting, replace nipple and suture.  A more invasive surgery for those who don’t require an implant.  

Elective Enhancement

I was a married 25 year old-young woman when I first realized I needed/ wanted an enhancement. I was lying on the ground in my bathroom doing sit-ups and I casually glanced over into the mirror and realized I looked like a boy in my sports bra. I was flat as a pancake.  How/When did this happen?  I was as shocked as anyone because I come from a long line of big breasted women on both sides of the family. At one point I actually had decent sized “boobs” but this was pre-workout Angi.  I began using all sorts of industry gadgets.  Rubber insoles, double padded push up bras, and even a pair of shoulder pads!  So sue me!

This is me before!  I’m full blown wearing pads with insoles and an over the shoulder boulder holder guaranteed to lift and pull!

As I became more addicted to exercise and lifting weights, I began to lose body fat hence my girly bits…the beloved breasts. With an already boyish figure, no hips and no waist,  I felt that having a tad more on top would give my body some feminine shape.  Against Mr. Chicken Fry’s wishes I made an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and scheduled an appointment like a big girl. (He’s more of a booty guy if you know what I mean.)

I did it and for me, it worked like a charm!  My FIT physique was way more shapely and curvy.  I felt more comfortable and proportionate in clothes.  I do have to say, there was a small downside.  In public, at first, I was not confident with my new look.  I wouldn’t say I was shy by any means but I started to notice that men were looking down instead of directly in my eyes.  It was way way awkward and weird.  I hated this part of it.  Back then I was in a corporate environment and I just recall suddenly feeling dirty.  In any case, I got past it and the rest is history.

Words of Wisdom

It’s important to note a few things before you gallantly run off and about breast enhancement. I honestly thought that by getting breast implants that I would automatically have/gain cleavage.  Pre weight loss, I had decent size breasts but I never had cleavage.  I always used a bra to hoist them together to create the look of cleavage.  Post surgery, to my dismay, I didn’t have cleavage!  What I learned and know now is that having a boob job only ENHANCES what you already have. I opted for an under the muscle implant.  There are placement options for the implant i.e. under or over the muscle.   There are also variations of implants such as tear drop or pear shape implants or round and silicone vs saline.

I have a friend who has a ton of side boob.  Basically her breasts naturally fall away from center.  Like me, she thought that by getting implants it would give her more centrally located boobs and that wasn’t the case.  Sure surgery enhanced her chest by gaining  firm, larger breasts but they still pulled toward her arm pit.  IT is what it is!

Boobs Before Babies???? Babies before boobs????

I did not wait.  I had my breast enlargement long before I became pregnant.  I had a few motherly figures in my tribe try to tell me to wait.  They advised me to wait and get a breast enhancement after I had children.  I wasn’t even hearing it.  At that stage in my life I was 4 years away from pregnancy.  However, once I became expecting I totally understood the wisdom.  My boobs were super swole.  Gargantuan y’all.  I looked like Anna Nicole Smith.  WHOO-wee!  I thought forsure they were going to explode.  And when my milk came in, while at the hospital, I thought I was going to die.  The pain was so severe that tears were rolling down my cheeks.  But you live and you learn and you make decisions and life goes on!

This is me and my baby girl one year after delivery!

Today I’m still happy as a clam with my choice.  I didn’t over or under do it so to speak.  I wanted a natural ENHANCEMENT.


Here are a few basic chest exercises to keep the pecks perky! Pre-and post surgery.  *please consult with your doctor about any form of exercise before or after surgery.  Angi Abercrombie is not liable for any injuries or damages incurred while using these workouts or exercises.   

Chest Exercises

Chest Press  – play with incline and decline bench positions

Chest Fly’s

Push ups – elevate your feet or your body to change-up the push up!

Cross over push ups

Did curiosity cure the cat?  I hope this helped or answered your questions.  If you have more to add, by all means, I would love to hear from you.  

Love, keep it real or add a tad!   It’s up to you.







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