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This is no choke 

Let me clear my throat.  Couch couch…Ahem, hem.

Dear ones, have you ever experienced a guttural, offensive, it came out of no where choking episode?  Say you swallowed water or for gosh sakes, took a deep inhale down the wrong pipe and the result was a near death experience?!  It’s for real, it’s no joke and straight up savage!

Choking causes so much commotion. In seconds, the body is thrust into super survival mode.  It’s scary.  RIGHT?  Have you been there before?

The worst is when it happens in front of actual people and it almost always does.  Not even at a family gathering where it would be slightly ignored and acceptable.  No this sort of unpleasantrie occurs like at church or in an important business meeting.   URGHH!

It’s immortal what happens to one during a no joke choke. For one there is sheer terror and powerlessness with each gasp coupled with the fear of probably choking out in front of the whole room.  Ones entire face is a toss-up color somewhere between red and purple.  Plum!  Wet from snot, tears and sweat beads it crosses your mind that this might be the big one!   Headlines flash through the brain,  “Nameless women dies after choking on her very on saliva or was it her breath?”   This is so silly, you think, but at the same time it’s also very real!

After two or more minutes of the near vomit / cough attack you manage mild composure hoping it has passed. People have now gathered offering nurturing unwanted assistance.   At this point your eyes are still bulging from the lack of air in your wind pipe.  Face is now beat red from embarrassment and heat.  Your heart is racing a mile a minute.  Water is usually offered first which at this point you know is impossible because you can still barely breath on your own.  With a cough and a polite gesture you try to excuse yourself from the room and spare a smidge of dignity.

“Are you alright?”   You can’t even answer…”I’m blue…do I look alright.”  At this point all you can do is shake your head in every direction because truth is you aren’t sure yet if you’re out of the woods.  A small sip of water and nope here comes the string of choking/coughing again.

The human body is fragile.

It’s so bizarre how one tincy wincy little particle or grain of rice can cause an uncontrollable choke/cough to bring a grown man or woman to his/her knees.

Choking is no joke.  It’s a very serious traumatic experience that one is never fully prepared for and it can happen to anyone.  It happened to my teen queen in the car this Summer.  She choked on a sip of water and it was bad.  Her strong active teenage body was struggling for air.  She was fighting for a sliver of breath so she could to move past the choking episode that was on her.  It was frightening to watch.  I tried pounding on her back then chest unable to really help her.  I opened the car door bent her over my knee as I told her to throw up and get it up and out.


What is worrisome is when this happens to someone in poor physical shape.  Their body doesn’t respond well because there is too much extra weight or fat.  The heart may not be in condition to sustain the over exertion which only adds to pressure on the lungs.  The person may not be able to get themselves in position to cough up or clear their windpipe due to their size.

If you’re or know someone who is one cough away from a heart attack or stroke, help them.  Speak up and tell them the truth.  Take them by the hand and encourage this friend, co-worker, family member, roommate, partner, child or colleague to change their lifestyle.  You may even play an instrumental role in guiding them toward a steady plan of health.

Many people who are in bad shape, poor health, inactive or over weight are just dying for some friendly encouragement.  They feel helpless, embarrassed or have no clue where to begin.  Instead of inviting them to happy hour offer up an invitation for a sweat session at the gym.  Talk and walk, take the stairs and bring your lunch from home kind of stuff organic approach. Encourage this person to pick the grilled chicken salad no cheese no dressing rather than the cheese burger and fries.  Stop being worried you will hurt their feelings.  It would be worse to lose them to a choking accident or heart related something that could have been prevented.

While you are at it, take it a step further and email them about this FITastic virtual trainer you know…ME!  You just might get their FITmentum rolling and it could save their life.

Say you’re in moderate shape but want to tighten up.  You want to get a more pronounced bicep and round out those shoulders.  Maybe you want a flat tight tummy.  I offer and do it all.​




I work with people all over the United States who come to me in all shapes and sizes.  At first heads are hung low because of no self-esteem, low energy and humbled at their out of shapeness.  But together…FITogeher, we keep pushing and taking baby steps.  We dig out of the fast food rat race and learn how to eat and fire up the metabolsim.

My fat burning FITness program is no choke/joke.  It’s for all FITness levels and can easily be modified for the very new beginner.  All I ask of anyone to bring to the table is a ready and willingness to commit and work the FITness program.  In exchange, this person will begin to create a new fat burning metabolism by eating healthy small meals throughout the day.   Combo this with my weight lifting exercises and workouts and in 4 weeks they will feel and see REAL RESULTS.

Together we can save some lives, and make america FIT again! I’m not joking.  No more games, placebo tricks and trendy diet fads.  FITogether is the real deal. 

Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!


Love, lift and be FIT!






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