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The FITting room: Winter Wardrobe

Somethings never go out of style.  Trends may change but there are a few staple pieces of  active wear that will almost never let a girl down.

Being a FITness professional, I know all too well the ins and outs and boredom of wearing  workout clothes 24/7.  Like any job, we humans can grow tired of the same ol same stuff week in and week out.  I’m no style fashionista.  I’m a good copier!  I pay attention to what the younger 20 somethings are wearing and try to adapt accordingly.  The coolest part about being middle age is that I already know what trends will and will not work for me.

I have a few super simple techniques that help me punch up a winter FITness attire without breaking the bank. Before you panic, this is not a sales pitch.  First stop is your very own closet!

We aren’t going for glamour queen…this is workout wear we are talking about!  A lot of the gear you already have is most likely stuffed away in a box, folded up high on shelf, rolled away in a drawer or buried in the back of the closet.  Get it out and take a quick inventory.

Do your best to draw some parameters around the colors that you love most.  This helps you get the most bang for your buck because after all black is slimming, it never goes out of style and it matches everything!

I usually keep to three basic neutral colors.  Not for any other reason other than I happen to love black, grey and blue.  I accent with pops of color like pink, green and purple by wearing a bold ball cap, scarf or my bright loud tennis shoes.

So you’re in the closet and you have laid out all of your leggings, capri’s, sweat shirts, pull overs, fleeced lined jackets, scarves etc.  Now you pair!

Be VEST-ive

A light weight or heavy puffer/down vest works wonders.  NEVER purge a cute VEST!  Even if  your vest was once a piece of a your nice “casual” sporty look” keep it as a promising piece of active wear.  I’m not a huge pattern girl so I tend to keep my leggings and tops in the neutral zone with basic colors.  But it is fun to sport a fun camo or animal print every now and again like my friend Cassie atHi Sugarplum.

This here vest is about 20 years old.  It’s Calvin Klein and reversible.  (don’t even try and judge me right now)  I have used it off and on for two decades and it looks brand spaking new.   Recently I brought it out to wear in the gym and what do you know it totally FITS.


I also have this reversible faux fur vest from Old Navy that I bought forever ago.  I just love it!  It’s warm, its cozy and I get so many compliments on it!  I can layer with gray, turquoise, pink, black or brown.  It’s a forever keeper!

Layer upon layer.

The Vinyasa Scarfis hands down one of the best investments for a girls winter wardrobe.  (secret tip, you can and will wear this amazing scarf year around)  It can be worn like 10-12 different ways and is super functional for layering.  img_8472img_8475

The Vinyasa scarf is basically a long piece of material with super easy snap closers.  The snaps allow it to be worn as a scarf, wrap, head-dress, vest, halter top and much more.  It’s FITastic and has its own You Tube video.  Click here to see it! As you can see in the picture above it fold ups, rolls up and or packs super light to carry in a travel bag, purse or tie it on to your handbag!  It’s life a soft cuddly blanket to always have on hand! I personally own three vinyasa scarfs.  When I’m training or walking in the mall or in a doctor’s office or grocery store, I can throw it over my shoulders fasten one or two of the snaps and in seconds have a halter wrap made that keeps me warm and looks super stylish like I actually tried.

Temperatures vary depending on where you live.  Right now in Texas it might be super chilly in the morning and 78 in the afternoon.  Layering is the only option.  SO I always wear a sports bra or workout top, some sort of pull over or long sleeve zip up and maybe a vest.  Some days I opt for capri’s because it’s just too hot for full-out long tights.


Pictured above are the new lululemon jacard speed tight leggings and a zip pull over with rulu stretch fabric.  I have these pull overs in a variety of colors.  They are warm and layer great with heavy jackets for out-door sporting events and games or long cardio or hiking sessions!



T-Shirts are timeless in and out of the gym.  Long sleeve or short sleeve a t-shirt is a girls best friend.  Yall, right now,  nothing is off-limits, the hole-lier the better! The more ripped or cut up the T-shirt, the more vintage it looks! So go with it. Look for some of your oldie but still goodie, not so favorite anymore t-shirts.  I rock some of my old worn out college T’s which make great carefree shirts to cut up!  Make a crew neck, a v neck or cut the sleeves off for a tank top!    Cut it off for a fun current breezy mid drift.  Boom, just like that four new tank tops! There is also a big “tie a knot” in the back or on the side look right now that’s trending.

Color combo’s that blend beautifully for a workout winter wardrobe sure to keep you motivated and up beat!

Navy and coral **** One of my favorites

Blue and green

Grey and purple*** Love me some purple

Black and grey

Blue and pink

Grey and black

Black and white

Maroon and Grey


I realize that I’m not winning any big style awards and making brave new never seen before choices.  I’m just a gal trying to make the most of what I have and build on classic timeless pieces.   I try and buy two pair of new leggings a year.  But more about that tomorrow.  Stay tuned for Inventory Lover!

Love, layer and always say your prayers!





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