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5 things a trainer wants from YOU!

Hello Tuesday and mid August. Does anyone else feel like the Summer zoomed by?

I have another Tid-bit Tueaday for ya!

Since I’m basically being forced into the whole back to school routine I want to discuss it and how it relates to working out. How you can make training work for you.

As a successful and thriving trainer, I have major high hopes for every single client that enters my door!  My passion is never NOT brimming with zeal to greet the unique challenge that each client presents.

Contrary to popular belief, no two FITness motives are ever the same!  Some folks hire a trainer because they have absolutely no idea what the crap they are doing. You have seen this on social media I’m sure!  Many young ladies (and fellows) hire good-looking trainer simply because he or she is hot, ripped and it’s a potential date opportunity!  Others have a true desire to lose weight and need a nudge!  Often times I have students who merely need accountability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent weight gain.  Most athletes train to perfect their game or sport by working on explosive movements and some just want to increase energy and stamina.  You get my point.

Trainer client relationships are not single sided.  As a FITness trainer, I also have an agenda.   I desire full-out commitment and dedication to the goal.  Operation YOU!

Here are my top five “in returns” 

1) commitment to FITness.  I want YOU to make FITness a permanent priority.  I want you and FITness to be stuck together like Gorilla Glue!  I don’t mean to assume that you will have a personal trainer for the rest of your life…although it’s not a bad idea.  What I’m saying is that I want my people to make FITness a HABIT!  Master the FIT lifestyle!  Don’t treat or view FITness and training sessions/ cardio/ workouts or the meal plan as a quick fix!  This kind of futile thinking will get you no where!  It’s straight up “doomed for failure” mentality.  It’s dumb and illogical. It’s never worked before and with that kind of grumbly attitude it never will! So change your mindset!  Trainer or no trainer, exercise, healthy eating and FITness should be a LIFESTYLE!  I want it to become a part of your natural weekly routine.  It’s like working, cleaning house, and putting the kids to bed.  It should be right up there with deodorant, brushing teeth and mouthwash.  Make it a lifestyle. Sure it’s a hassle at first, so what!

“Everything is a hassle before it becomes a habit!” ~ Angi Abercrombie   

2) do your homework!  If I ask you to do two cardio sessions before your next workout session, then do it!!  If I ask you to do 3 sets of bicycle crunches every night before bed, I trust that you will obey!  You hired me to help YOU!  You’re actually paying me to give you sophisticated expert advice!  I’m telling you what to do only to get you where you want to be at a safe but decent rate. I would only assume one would want to make every single day count so by all means do the freaking homework 📚!  You expect kids to do their homework assignments…and so should you?   It’s exactly the say thing only THIS IS YOUR HEALTH we’re talking about here.  If I tell you to clean out the pantry, ditch the Doritos and throw out the Ben & Jerry’s it’s for your own stinking good!  I don’t assign busy work. I ONLY give DIY homework that when actually applied is 100% effective!

3) eat like I’m standing over your shoulder!  Imagine it.  Picture it! Every. Single. Time.  The one thing I can’t do is eat for you!  I can tell you how to eat!  I will show you how to eat!  I can write out diagrams, flow charts, strict meal plans and make snack suggestions. I even go to the extreme and video my meal prep routine anticipating that you will follow my lead!  I haven’t but I would shop for you.  I would stock the pantry and frig full of the good stuff!  I will help you memorize a script for ordering meals at any dining establishment on the planet!  So when I ask you to eat within the very lenient, broad healthy guidelines…just do it!!!  I have NEVER asked anyone to starve!  In fact my mantra is exactly the very opposite. I believe that a hungry body is a healthy body. Therefore eating small high protein low carb meals all day is encouraged. In other words…Oreos are not to be anywhere near your mouth until I say so! If every time you take a sip or take a bite you would imagine me (or your trainer) at the table with you…things might tighten up and I’m not just talking about your muscle tone!

4) tell the truth. Be honest!  The proof is in the pudding!  Plus, I already know.  I can totally tell when someone is not doing what they are supposed to do! SO don’t /why lie about it!?!?  What’s the point???  If I question you about the weekend food intake for Pete’s sake, just be truthful.  I’m only asking so I can give valuable pointers to modify or make a better bad choice the next time.  I have a simple savvy selection technique, the SSST, which is helpful for sticky transition type situations.  If you had a cheat weekend and let it rip, spill it!  I doubt it will change the workout but at least you won’t be riddled with guilt.  What’s done is done.  Admit it.  Fess up and sweat it out.  It happened, now work it off!

5) give me a heads up.  If you’re going to be late, a heads up is common courteous.  By late I mean over 10 – 12 minutes.  Also, if you have not been feeling well and have been on medication such as allergy medication or queasy tummy meds, tell the trainer.  This type of information is welcomed upfront.  Here’s why.  Certain medications effect balance and coordination. If you’re not 100%  I can modify the workout so that it doesn’t make you feel worse. Feeling nauseous and working out are not a pleasant combo.  The last thing any trainer wants is to make their client puke!!!  This is not ever my goal!  Nor is causing pain.  Yes, workouts equal discomfort but not sharp throbbing pain.  A full injury report is always pertinent intel.  Bad knees, back surgery, or shoulder issues are the three most common ailments people present.

The trainer client friendship is an open two-way street.  It’s a give and take on both ends.  The trainer client bond is built on integrity and trust.  It operates on an unbridled level similar to the doctor patient privilege. It’s an important relationship.  I repeat, It’s your body/health we are talking about.  I take it super serious and so should you!

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I handstand by all of my work as a virtual and physical training professional.  It’s what I live for! I don’t beat around the bush… I just go to work on you!  Operation YOU!  Don’t you think it’s time for real CHANGE?


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


I know my program/system works!  You know how I know this??? Because I’m walking talking living proof!

Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo

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