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Boredom breeds browsing

It’s been exactly 15 days since I tested positive for COVID-19.  That’s 15 days of full blown boredom browsing!  I found myself surfing the internet from the confines of my media recliner. There was nothing to do but BROWSE and BUY!

Why not make good use of the down time and give my active wear an update.  And while I’m at a maybe a few fun items in hopes of a family beach vacation.   That is…fingers crossed, we all get cleared for take off.

First, I came across these adorable “all the time” canvas sneakers. Click the link below to see the huge variety of styles and colors.

These canvas sneakers are just simply darling don’t you think?  For all ages.  There are a bazillion colors and styles so you must click over to see the choices  Laceless loafers make an easy slip on shoe option for vacation, road trips and or running around town.


This nostalgic T-shirt made it just I’m time for July 4th, AMERICA’S INDEPENDENCE!!  This is a women’s fitted T-shirt and it’s 100% cotton so size up.   For all of you Top Gun fans, the Top Gun sequel (MAVERICK) is scheduled for debut Summer 2021.  If you’re more of a Maverick or Goose lover…you can choose your favorite call sign on the back! And who doesn’t love to support the NAVY!

Speaking of Val Kilmer, he recently published a memoir and I purchased it immediately.  VAL KILMER I’m Your Huckleberry  

You can find it here in the link above hard copy, Kindle or Audio book.  I of course ordered a hard copy not only because I love to turn pages and hold a book but because I adore Val.  I even have a autographed copy of his art with hopes to purchase another piece soon.  CHECK out a full collection of his art work at

Women’s cute lips graphic T!
I thought this cheetah print retro T-shirt in pink was priceless.  It will be fun and sporty to wear with jean shorts, white shorts, or black cut offs!

Or pair it with these slip on ROXY BEACH SHORTS that I LIVE IN!  (I’m wear a small) I have three or four pair.  I recently purchased in white.  I also have the ROXY BEACH PANTS in black and white.  You will never go wrong with these for slip on cover up or dress up.

To see more of my casual attire looks I love CLICK HERE ANGI’s Amazon Storefront.  You can click and shop so easy!


For a fill glimpse of what I’ve been reading this summer CLICK HERE! 

Now…I get a ton of questions about the daily devotional that I read from. Years ago a dear friend sent these to me and I can’t get enough…the gift that keeps giving!

AT HIS FEET by Chris Tiegreen is one of two daily devotionals.  It’s straight up biblical truth backed by scripture.  Both books continue to bless me and never tire.  A WALK WITH GOD is the second book!

Better than soaking salts…The new Blue Emu bath recovery bombs are the real deal. They are not for sale on Amazon just yet but here is a direct link to get your recovery on! The smell is strong (in a good way) and the benefits are plentiful. Soft skin, menthol, deep penetrating muscle recovery! It blows Dr. Teals soaking salts away!!!! Coming to a WALMART near you soon! Check this link for Walmart restocks!!!! The recovery bath bombs will blow you away…fast acting for student athletes, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue, Covid-19, or an invigorating bath experience! Wait for it…the end result of the bath bomb will surprise you!!!

I took note that the Ab DOLLY is BACK IN STOCK!

 TELETIES have taken my messy bun up a notch.  Now if you have a teenager or even if you don’t…like all hair ties…these are bound to disappear so you might as well buy two sets because at this price it’s worth it!

HOLY BIBLE  This version is a modern day New Living Translation, easy to read and understand version of the Bible.  It’s not a watered down version of scripture rather a translation that reads more like a story.

I have trained myself to have time in the word.   Much like brushing my teeth, I have to do it because it makes me feel good and refresh’s my soul.  Speaking of teeth, this toothpaste by NuSkin is the ticket to a bright white smile. I stocked up on it while on house arrest.  This is the toothpaste.  None before or after it in the toothpaste whitening world.  It will take your smile to a whole nuther  level of bright!   Click the image for a direct link.
My family has been using this toothpaste for over two years.  Check out my toothpaste tell here…NUSKIN. It will change the color of your teeth by at least two, maybe three shades whiter.  It’s incredible.

Next up is my favorite FACE tanner on the planet. Who doesn’t want a sunkissed hydrant glow ….year around!! COOLA just nails the non-greasy, non smelly self face tanner.   I go as far as smearing this across my chest and decollet’e’ because it doesn’t streak.  It goes on clear (like a gel) and dries very quickly.

COOL LA Face Tanner

 Click on the iage to buy BLUE EMU cream.  This is a game changer for sore tired muscles.  It will help your tender muscle cramps and joint aches with daily use.  What more is there is no odor or icy hot tingling.  Just pure deep penetrating glucosamine cream.  In the winter or summer months this prouduct is also a fast acting chaffing or chapping cream.  It’s my 20 year go to for so many skin related issues.  

COFFEE CONFESSIONAL….Look at this bright shiny beautiful yellow coffee mug!  Doesn’t it just scream happy!!!  Who doesn’t love a wide and tall coffee/tea mug?  Recently all of my go to coffee mugs have suffered trauma so I want on a hunt for the perfect daily cofee mug.  Im not a tall tumber coffee drinker.  I took a change on this simple classic mug and it’s the bomb!  It’s not hefty or overzied but it ‘s not too small.  It comes in a variety of colors and we all know you can’t ever have to many PERFECT coffee /tea mugs!

I told you I was bored.

Coming up later this week a side by side comparison on workout wear!  I ordered some Amazon CORE 10 products that will surprise you and won’t break the budget.  I also took the liberty of looking at Lululemon and found some hot items that you won’t want to miss!


Love, slay and have a blessed day!

Angi xo

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