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Intention is purpose! Intention is something that one hopes or intends to accomplish.

My 2023 word for the new year is INTENTIONAL!

Former NEW YEAR word post EVOLVE

Former NEW YEAR word post DELIBERATE


In 2023 I’m going to be more INTENTIONAL with…




On a plane recently, I sat beside a young female medical student. I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful linen planner. At the time, it was pretty much a blank slate and she was forecasting for the new year! She told me she purchased it from Amazon and it came highly recommended from a professor. I HAD TO HAVE ONE and ordered it before take off!

It’s called the FULL FOCUS Planner by Michael Hyatt. The size is perfect! It easily slips into a hand bag , tote or small brief case! This planner/ inspire journal is perfect for the achiever who wants a clear and concise goal-setting system packed inside a feel-good, cloth-coated cover.

Each page in the Full Focus Planner is built on our proven Full Focus System—the goal achievement framework that’s helped over 200,000 achievers accomplish more in less time.w. And it’s not limited to professional goals. Planner features include Life Domains, Self-Care Planner, and Daily Rituals to keep you focus on what matters in all areas of life. YES PLEASE! I specifically love the motivational quotes at the top of each day!


As a personal trainer and FITness professional I run a tight ship and schedule. Once my morning workout sessions are done, I have a big break in the day. It’s then I usually tie into other things such as ritual house work, errands, and my side hustle as an Amazon influencer. During the mid day hours, I study new products and active wear, place orders, sift through the orders, make videos, try on sessions and more! This is where I. struggle and often the wheels come off. I need to manage my time better and intentionally set a schedule. I need to treat this aspect of my life more like a structured business. It’s not a typical 9-5 type of gig!

Two hours of video taping

hour of video editing

time it takes to upload to social media and Amazon

What I do right is…start my day with intention…and for me this is all about my faith. My quiet time with GOD!

My go to devotional is so rich and full of truth. AT HIS FEET and A WALK WITH GOD both by Christ Tiegreen are deep. A 365 page a day educational read. A scripture and application all scripture based! And just like the WORD of God, these devos never get old!


Who doesn’t want to save more money! I want to be purposeful with spending and saving. Making sure that if and when I buy that the product brings value to my life. I’m not a super frivolous person in general but I know there are ways to cut back or make better choices. We have invested in some money saving subscriptions on Amazon and deleted a few TV movie apps.

I intend to cut back or cut out alcohol during the week.


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