Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


It’s January 17th yall!

It’s mid month January 2018 and my question is, do you know where your kids what your plans and goals are?

See, either the thought that January is half over completely freaks you out becuause you haven’t even made a scratch or you feel pretty settled in for a long winters stride.


EVOLVE…this is my word for 2018.  This is the word I’m proclaiming as I swiftly move through this year.  I’m going to EVOLVE as a small business owner.  I will EVOLVE as a personal/ virtual/online coach and trainer.  I will further educate so I can keep up and challenge all of my Abercrombie and FITness go getters and workout warriors.  Lastly and most importantly I will EVOLVE in my relationship with Jesus.  I’m going to engrave scripture in my mind.

As you can see, I have plans and even some specific goals. I have a calendar and an unstructured, unwritten timeline in my mind of when I plan to accomplish this and that.  The problem is…’s FREEZING!  It was 19 degrees this morning.  It’s so cold my coffee won’t even stay warm more than 5 minutes.

It’s bloody cold in Texas and all I have wanted to do is sip hot tea or coffee under a blanket and read.  Just bury deep snuggled into the couch and read and write.  Brush up on my Bible study and highlight scriptures.

But I haven’t.

I have manage to train and workout.  I have cooked meals and made quick runs into the grocery store dressed up like the marshmallow man. I made my infamous HOBO Stew last night.  It got rave reviews and you can find the hearty receipe here…..→Hobo Stew But honestly, I haven’t been this unmotivated in a long time.  Particularly pertaining to my yearly goals.   So sue me!

Know what I’m going to do about it??  FITget about it!

I’m going to give myself grace until it warms up to at least 50 degrees.  I can get things done in 45 or above.  Until then I will practice patience and an occasional push up.  I will do all the things that I put off for a rainy/cold day like cleaning out a drawer or a closet?  Yeah that sounds productive.  The goal procrastination will end when I say so.  I’m the boss.

Organize my office?  I know, I will start a fire and shredd old documents.  I will write wonderful inspiring workouts by the glow of a blazing fire. After all, when I see a fire, I’m always inspired because to me a fire mimics a HOT fat burning furnace called the metabolism.  You can read more about it in the link above.

Ok so this isn’t exactly a radicle plan but my brain is frozen.  My fingers are numb and the end of my nose is turning blue.  I’m shivering sitting in my cozy office and I’m about to step out into the FREEZING ICY TUNDRA.  My gym heaters have been on high for three solid hours but I bet it’s only 34 degrees in there.  BURRRRR!

It’s all good.  We will warm up in no time flat.  It’s all mental right?!?!?

All, I’m saying is that the struggle to move, much less anything else, is REAL!  

January and February can be a beast y’all!

I have felt like a big ol bag of BLAH!  Every time I look in the mirror I see nothing but a bunch of blah.  I see creppy dry pale skin and staticky stringy hair.  My attempts at make up have been epic fails.  Nothing looks good.  I have humidifiers and diffusers pumping out essential oils all over the house.  I have exfoliated and scrubbed my skin and I’m currently moisturizing my entire body with grapeseed oil.   What is going on???

Who am I anyway?

Last night I made an executive decision to throw in the towel and put it to use.  I had been refusing to use any of my tanning cream products because really, what’s the point?  Why waste product on my skin when it’s all covered up.  I’ll tell you why…..because it looks better and it will make you feel better in your own skin that’s why.  I busted out my handy-dandy TAN TOWEL.  It’s amazing what a little color will do for a girl.  And just like that I’m feeling better.  I’m cold but goose bumps look better with a little color!   I may have a tint of orange but in my book it sure beats the alternative.

Lookie there…no filter and a shade darker.  More pep in my step.  Cheers to Wednesday!

How’s your hump day?

What’s your cure for mind winter blues?  Leave me a comment.  For goodness sake give me some feedback!

Love, grace and scrub your face!



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