Bringing Sweaty Back

A prediction on restriction

I’m about to say some things about the D-word. DIET.

A lot of what I’m about to harp on you already know to be true. What I hope is that maybe my direct words and approach will enlighten you when it comes to DIETING.

A huge problem with RESTRICTIVE diets or dieting is this, “if it worked, you would already be doing it.” You would have reached your full potential. You would be rocking and rolling your goal weight.

Restrictive diets may work for a little while BUT…

Restrictive diets have a super bad rebound effect – a boom a rang that comes back and throat punches you in the GUT.

Crash diets are often panic infused and occur just before a vacation, a holiday or a special occasion. THESE DIETS work against you.

Ask yourself:
Did I gain all of my weight back plus some?
Did I hate not eating carbs?
Did I experience notable bloating once I got off the diet?
Was I hungry and famished?
Was I moody?
Did I feel energized?

You might actually lose weight and see an improvement after your diet. You restrict carbs, or sugar, and whatever else BUT THEN…two weeks later the weight you lost is back times two. You have tried the KETO, the juice cleanses, HCG injections, supplements, and the starvation diet.

A proper (healthy) diet should make you feel good! A balanced nutrient-rich diet should have you feeling energized. There should be an almost immediate up-side in your mood, sleep, and body!

Maybe what you are lacking is BALANCE!

Did you try to exercise and eat balanced nutritious meals every three hours?
Yes, it works and what’s more it’s sustainable. NO MORE YO-Yo up and down dieting. JUST EAT! Eat healthy food when you feel hungry.

The expensive fad diet was a waste of money.
The fat-free diet caused a major crash.
The stand upside down and suck water through a straw didn’t work either.
Most of them don’t because they restrict your life and we all know restrictions are HARD!

Restrictive diets don’t work long term. You’ve tried them all remember!

Now, if you love food that is a good sign. We can’t exist without it. In fact, we are built for food. Our bodies demand fuel and command it often for optimal operation. A hungry body is a healthy body.

Protein is a source of fuel and the more you consume the fuller you will feel. Diets high in protein are positive.
When you marry a balanced meal plan with exercise the rewards are off the chart. You will experience true weight loss the healthy way.
YES it’s hard to start a new way of living but soon a habit will be formed. Don’t diet. Don’t do it to yourself again and again. Do something that actually works.
Eat well and exercise.

Abercrombie & FItness Meal Plan & Eating Tips

This is your ticket to maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle. My meal plan has over 15 different low carb, high protein recipes and much much more!


Add some resistance training to a high protein healthy diet and watch and the fat melt away! If you have two hours a week or even 90 min a week you have time for an Abercrombie and FITness sweat sesh! They are fun, fast, and will tighten and tone your whole body!

Real sustainable weight loss is possible. I promise. Give it a shot! Register now for one session and tell me what you think. The camera on camera off live or pre-recorded session.


Using dumbells and the floor, join me for a workout. An hour session – LIVE or pre-recorded camera on or off! Burn fat, lose weight, tone up, increase energy and much more.


There are too many delicious savory foods for you to miss out on such as juicy pork chops, potatoes, avocado, vegetables, grilled fish, gluten-free pizza’s piled with. chicken and veggies. Sushi is a fun mainstay as are grilled chicken fajitas, salsa and corn tortillas, tortilla soup and more! Eggs, gluten-free toast with jelly and oatmeal. See, I told you it wasn’t restrictive.

It’s not because it doesn’t have to be. You can lose weight by eating the right healthy foods. TRY ME!

Love, be sweet and eat clean!

Angi xo

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